Mexico Blames Biden Administration for Border Crisis

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador

With a drastic change along the border going from strict enforcement of border control to almost no control over the border illegal immigrants are pouring across the border. With some detention facilities reportedly at 1500% capacity, immigrant children are going without food and and shelter.

Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador came out in a speech on Tuesday and made it clear the the border collapse was the fault of the Biden administration. He went on to say the the border is a full blown crisis and that it will only get worse unless something is done. He said that this is a direct result in a shift of policy from the Trump administration’s stiff stance on immigration to an almost “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy the Biden administration apparently has now.

Illegal immigrants see Biden as the migrant President, the one who let them become a citizen of America. They come there for the free healthcare, low cost housing and the subsidies they can get. They come because it is easier than settling in Mexico or another country where they would have to work and would not be given as many things for free.

While many immigrants say they come from places with high rates of violence or war, there are no active wars in these areas, there are however gangs and drug cartels, but those things exist here as well. None of those things allow them to come here and break our laws in order to get in and stay here. None of those things are exceptions to existing international asylum laws. We have violence here too, we have gangs here as well, and we have drug cartels.

According to Border Patrol Agents so many of the detention facilities are full that these criminals are having to be housed in hotels. Many of them away away from these areas once they are unsupervised, it is estimated that more than 125k illegals have walked away from custody since January 2021. No one knows where they are, they have not been given court dates, many have not received Covid testing, they just disappear into the interior to be absorbed by the infrastructure. Arizona and Texas are both reporting overwhelmed medical and educational services, they report massive housing shortages and in some places a lack of food.

The Biden administration of reportedly paying $395.00 a day to house, feed, and clothe each immigrant in Hotels. They sure are spending a lot of money on these criminals for someone who owes me $1400.00.

Mexico’s President went on to say that the United States and Mexico need to work together to stem this flow of criminals, saying that this business cannot be tackled in a day. Central Americans in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, all see Biden as their meal ticket to a better life in America, one in three are children, many of them unaccompanied and many reporting having been sexually assaulted on their way here. Not stopping in Mexico to request asylum as would be normal when someone was fleeing violence and happy to get away, they want the “free stuff” the U.S. is giving out.

Written by Stephan Ball

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