Illegal Aliens Committing “Insurrection” in D.C.

Illegal Aliens block intersections and riot outside of the Whitehouse, committing what the Democrats define is an insurrection

As Dozens of illegal aliens gathered in Washington D.C. Many of them blocking intersections preventing the movement of the President. Members of another country who are in our country trying to disrupt the transportation of the government in order to. This would be an act of war, thus an insurrection by people who have no right to protest under the Constitution of the United States of America. These are a people who are breaking the law with their very presence in our country.

Many of them receive benefits from the government and will continue to do so under Democrats even when they are arrested for committing what some would call an insurrection. Democrats call the incident that happened on January 6th, 2021 an insurrection, which did not involve delaying or preventing the President from any movements and were U.S. Citizens who were protesting as is protected under the Constitution of the country.

Ashli Babbitt, a U.S. Air Force Veteran was blocking the doorway to the House of Representatives, she climbing through a doorway no weapon and not a threat when she was shot to death by the capital police. Democrats call her an insurrectionist, but when illegals, people who are not even American are committing acts designed to disrupt the country, Democrats listen to them.

Written by Stephan Ball

Kerry’s Loose Lips Harm Israel.

John Kerry met with Iran during President Trump’s administration in direct violation of the Logan Act.

As the “Climate Envoy” whatever that is, Fmr, Secretary of State under Obama, John Kerry has committed direct violations of the Logan Act under Trump. It was reported that he had met with multiple world governments on behalf and on the behest of Joe Biden while Donald Trump was President. This is a direct violation of the Logan Act, and a felony to which John Kerry will likely never face the music.

John Kerry has done something worse now though, with a leaked tape being released showing John Kerry informing Iran of Top Secret information concerning Israeli attacks on Iranian forces in Syria.

“Buried fairly deep in The New York Times’ story about a leaked tape” is news that former Secretary of State John Kerry informed Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, “that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times,”. “Was it official US policy to inform the Iranian government — most certainly not an ally — about the covert military actions of the Israeli government — most certainly an ally?” Tehran “probably suspected the Israelis” anyway. Still, “just what was the objective of telling the Iranian government this?”

While it is unlikely that Kerry will be investigated for the release of top secret information to an an enemy of the United States, it does show you the true colors of the Biden administration and the staff they employ.

Written by Stephan Ball

NY Times false allegations on Trump and why we can never trust “Independently Verified” ever again.

Biden has media silence on US Boarder issues but was outspokenly wrong on US Intel

Biden basically ran with false US Intelligence about bounties for US Service Members. NY Times and others who are pro Democrat rhetoric ran with it. Independently Verified will never be able to be trusted as we now know just how bogus these stories are. There is no retracting that allegations made by NY Times against Trump who we see now downplayed the threat after it was unable to be “Verified” at all and still cannot today by Biden’s Intelligence, if you can call it that.

Allegations and completely false stories made up by these so called Journalists isn’t gonna stop or even slow down under the Biden Presidential Term. In fact we believe that it is actually a push from his administration to strategically place stories by leftist media outlets in place of real stories that are unfolding daily about crisis in the US like the Boarder and the millions of Illegals that are pushing homeless Veterans and Foster children out of homes to make room for the crisis that Biden started. Biden has even restricted cameras in many areas media does wish to show people when running with a story. Seeing hypocrisy is moving to most. If citizens of the US can’t see it they won’t be upset by it.

No telling what laws Biden Administration feels the need to enforce but we can be sure that it’s not truth based or for the good of US Tax Payers. Creating new Executive Orders that infringe on our rights while the truth is taking a back seat for the next 4 years.

“I don’t understand why this president is unwilling to take on Putin when he’s actually paying bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan,” Biden said of President Trump, speaking to Kristen Welker of NBC News during the Oct. 22 presidential debate. Putin responded with “We wish him health” after The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says Biden is in cognitive decline. It is hard to watch Biden in any unscripted setting and not 100% agree with Sheridan.

From the press wishing to ask questions who must first submit the questions and agree to have the Biden press agree to answer it scripted. It is almost impossible to find a situation where Biden is willing to discuss anything where he has no script to respond, and if he does it is always incoherent.

Many people we spoke with said how can you trust anyone who can’t answer basic questions without it being written down and rehearsed ahead of time. The Biden Administration isn’t fooling our viewers and now Intel is showing you can absolutely without a doubt not Trust the Leftist Media. Are these stories ran as smokescreens?

You can’t trust media outlets who have their stories later debunked. Stories who they claim to have been independently verified reads very similar to “we made it up”. Who is verifying these stories? Anyone have a clue?

Written by Marie

Resisting Arrest, Assaulting the Police, are not Reasons to Riot.

May be an image of text that says 'It is NOT an officer's duty to die so you can comfortably resist arrest. Period.'

With so many arrests in the country for resisting arrest and assaulting the police that go without a fatality, we hear about it when the unfortunate does happen, when those arrests do go badly, when the accidents happen, and sometimes when nothing is in violation of policy or law it just fits the narrative of the Democrats.

Ultimately it is the Democrats plan to disarm, and control the American People. They first have to defund the police, the disarm the citizens, then and only then will they control the only people who have the guns. Sound familiar? It is the exact game plan of the Fascists in 1932, and it worked until the world stopped that evil. What is to stop this evil, the evils of the Democratic Party and their attacks on police and citizens? With near nightly riots in Portland, with a drastic reduction of funding nationwide for policing, and with no end in sight, what do we do? We the people are digital soldiers, we can get the word out to those who are misled by the Mainstream Media.

Whenever a person fights from the police or runs from them in a car, they have an intention to get away or to harm the police officer. While many people do not think running from the police is likely to injure the officer or suspect, they are wrong, many foot pursuits end in injury to the officer or suspects, many vehicle pursuits end in injury and/or death of suspects, citizens, and police personnel.

Think of law enforcement as a cog in a wheel, a piece of the machinery that makes the system work, remove it and the system breaks down, which is evident by higher crime spikes in every jurisdiction that has defunded police. With many of those jurisdictions no calling to reinstate police funding. Think if you will, imagine if you can, a country without policing or jails, where the worst of us can do whatever they want to the least of us, the ones we are supposed to protect will be victimized over and over.

With 90% of all homicides committed in the country being committed within the same racial group and with black males 4 times more likely to be murdered by another black person than that of another racial group, where is the true failure. The failures evidenced in the violent crimes in America are solidly placed in the Democrat run inner cities of the 20 most populated cities in America, with 19 of them controlled firmly by Democrats, with Democrat laws, and Democrat gun control, they are simply put a failure.

Adding social decline of the family unit, and lack of economic resources you have the recipe for high crime and poverty. But hey! Lets blame Republicans for Democrat failed policies, and the media buys it, worst of all the people buy it, Black America buys it. 59% of the black population in America is for less gun control not more, 64% say they want the police to stay the same or to add more. Mainstream media remains silent except with a black male is accidentally shot, or overdoses in the custody of the police.

While in most states fleeing on foot from the police is a misdemeanor, in a car is a felony, and assaulting a police officer is a felony in most places, Democrats almost encourage black people to resist (#Resist.) Remember resisting arrest by fleeing and/or assault are crimes, so when you see these videos of these so called heroes (criminals) resisting the police or assaulting and sometimes injuring officers, remember the Democrats want this, the White elitist Democrats want this. Not because they want racial equality, but because they want less/no police, and they want to disarm the American population, because once the police are gone, who is going to stand up for you besides you? They want you disarmed for this very reason.

While the majority of the rioting in Portland and Seattle is done by white people in the name of black Americans, ironically the white knight saviors were the same party who created the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, same white knight party?

Written by Stephan Ball

MLB and Blacks in Atlanta are Victims of Democrat Wokeness.

More than100 years and MLB has not taken a political stand, until now!

Being woke will cost Atlanta 190 million dollars as Major League Baseball has decided to move the All Star game outside of Georgia. With voting laws in New York, Delaware, and Oregon much stricter than those enacted recently in Georgia, Democrats are showing their racism again by insisting that a boycott be in place to cheat the Atlanta, which is a mostly black city out of their turn at the All Star game.

It was expected that they All Star Game would bring much needed dollars to the Atlanta area and Georgia. With Georgia at the heart of the hotly debated 2020 election, the legislature made laws which are common sense, in as much as they will finally require an identification to vote. You need ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, a firearm, open a bank account, and to fly on an commercial aircraft. Not wanting ID to vote is a long standing stance Democrats have taken, saying it is racist and that their voters are not capable of having ID or keeping it long enough to vote, stating that most black people will lose or cannot keep ahold of their ID’s. Democrats insult their base, and then oppose free and fair elections in the same breath, think on that.

The Democratic Party is not even hiding it’s racism, not only talking down to the black community, but alienating every voter, with 77% of the population of the country favoring ID and Citizenship to vote, Democrats know they cannot win fair and free elections with requiring identification. With Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia reporting hundreds of thousands cases of illegal voting in the 2020 election it is imperative that we have stricter voting laws.

With media suppression of illegal voting stories at an all time high, remember that the Democrats control the media and the narrative. Courts in the aforementioned cities are still hearing challenges to the election, none of which are likely to unseat Biden from his dictatorship and stolen seat of power, but will set precedent for upcoming elections.

With companies like Coke and Delta Airlines calling for boycotts of Georgia over their voting laws, and Coke recently chastising it’s employees for being too “white” losing much of it’s base over it’s “woke” messaging, they are hoping others will come on board, even after losing 550 million dollars. I stopped drinking all Coke products until Coke allows all of it’s employees to be whatever color, race, sexual orientation, or religion they want to be. Delta Airlines requires ID for people to fly on it’s airlines, but opposes ID being used to conduct voting in this country, simple solution is not to fly Delta ever!

I am torn with regards to baseball, while it is one of my favorite sports to watch I am less likely to watch it now that they have apparently gone “woke.” My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves ironically the team from the same city that suffers most from this. A city mostly black in nature and now deprived of a much needed monetary influx because of racist woke Democrats.

Written by Stephan Ball