MLB and Blacks in Atlanta are Victims of Democrat Wokeness.

More than100 years and MLB has not taken a political stand, until now!

Being woke will cost Atlanta 190 million dollars as Major League Baseball has decided to move the All Star game outside of Georgia. With voting laws in New York, Delaware, and Oregon much stricter than those enacted recently in Georgia, Democrats are showing their racism again by insisting that a boycott be in place to cheat the Atlanta, which is a mostly black city out of their turn at the All Star game.

It was expected that they All Star Game would bring much needed dollars to the Atlanta area and Georgia. With Georgia at the heart of the hotly debated 2020 election, the legislature made laws which are common sense, in as much as they will finally require an identification to vote. You need ID to buy alcohol, cigarettes, a firearm, open a bank account, and to fly on an commercial aircraft. Not wanting ID to vote is a long standing stance Democrats have taken, saying it is racist and that their voters are not capable of having ID or keeping it long enough to vote, stating that most black people will lose or cannot keep ahold of their ID’s. Democrats insult their base, and then oppose free and fair elections in the same breath, think on that.

The Democratic Party is not even hiding it’s racism, not only talking down to the black community, but alienating every voter, with 77% of the population of the country favoring ID and Citizenship to vote, Democrats know they cannot win fair and free elections with requiring identification. With Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia reporting hundreds of thousands cases of illegal voting in the 2020 election it is imperative that we have stricter voting laws.

With media suppression of illegal voting stories at an all time high, remember that the Democrats control the media and the narrative. Courts in the aforementioned cities are still hearing challenges to the election, none of which are likely to unseat Biden from his dictatorship and stolen seat of power, but will set precedent for upcoming elections.

With companies like Coke and Delta Airlines calling for boycotts of Georgia over their voting laws, and Coke recently chastising it’s employees for being too “white” losing much of it’s base over it’s “woke” messaging, they are hoping others will come on board, even after losing 550 million dollars. I stopped drinking all Coke products until Coke allows all of it’s employees to be whatever color, race, sexual orientation, or religion they want to be. Delta Airlines requires ID for people to fly on it’s airlines, but opposes ID being used to conduct voting in this country, simple solution is not to fly Delta ever!

I am torn with regards to baseball, while it is one of my favorite sports to watch I am less likely to watch it now that they have apparently gone “woke.” My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves ironically the team from the same city that suffers most from this. A city mostly black in nature and now deprived of a much needed monetary influx because of racist woke Democrats.

Written by Stephan Ball

5 thoughts on “MLB and Blacks in Atlanta are Victims of Democrat Wokeness.

  1. The Atlanta Braves? How has that name survived? Obviously the mentally ill (d)emocrat (p)arty missed destroying that piece of Americana.

    Ascribing to the democrat ideology is a mental illness. Look it up in the DSM.


  2. Mr. Ball, you twist yourself in knots attempting to justify the former President’s criminal activity. The former President, according to Sen Mitch McConnell, organized the Insurrectionist mob, gave them their marching orders, and watched with glee as they overran the Capitol of the United States. The first time since the War of 1812 when the British burned the Capitol and the White House. Now new details are emerging on how Mr. Trump attempted to obstruct justice in an attempt to overturn the election. Trump’s criminal activities appear to be endless.


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