Resisting Arrest, Assaulting the Police, are not Reasons to Riot.

May be an image of text that says 'It is NOT an officer's duty to die so you can comfortably resist arrest. Period.'

With so many arrests in the country for resisting arrest and assaulting the police that go without a fatality, we hear about it when the unfortunate does happen, when those arrests do go badly, when the accidents happen, and sometimes when nothing is in violation of policy or law it just fits the narrative of the Democrats.

Ultimately it is the Democrats plan to disarm, and control the American People. They first have to defund the police, the disarm the citizens, then and only then will they control the only people who have the guns. Sound familiar? It is the exact game plan of the Fascists in 1932, and it worked until the world stopped that evil. What is to stop this evil, the evils of the Democratic Party and their attacks on police and citizens? With near nightly riots in Portland, with a drastic reduction of funding nationwide for policing, and with no end in sight, what do we do? We the people are digital soldiers, we can get the word out to those who are misled by the Mainstream Media.

Whenever a person fights from the police or runs from them in a car, they have an intention to get away or to harm the police officer. While many people do not think running from the police is likely to injure the officer or suspect, they are wrong, many foot pursuits end in injury to the officer or suspects, many vehicle pursuits end in injury and/or death of suspects, citizens, and police personnel.

Think of law enforcement as a cog in a wheel, a piece of the machinery that makes the system work, remove it and the system breaks down, which is evident by higher crime spikes in every jurisdiction that has defunded police. With many of those jurisdictions no calling to reinstate police funding. Think if you will, imagine if you can, a country without policing or jails, where the worst of us can do whatever they want to the least of us, the ones we are supposed to protect will be victimized over and over.

With 90% of all homicides committed in the country being committed within the same racial group and with black males 4 times more likely to be murdered by another black person than that of another racial group, where is the true failure. The failures evidenced in the violent crimes in America are solidly placed in the Democrat run inner cities of the 20 most populated cities in America, with 19 of them controlled firmly by Democrats, with Democrat laws, and Democrat gun control, they are simply put a failure.

Adding social decline of the family unit, and lack of economic resources you have the recipe for high crime and poverty. But hey! Lets blame Republicans for Democrat failed policies, and the media buys it, worst of all the people buy it, Black America buys it. 59% of the black population in America is for less gun control not more, 64% say they want the police to stay the same or to add more. Mainstream media remains silent except with a black male is accidentally shot, or overdoses in the custody of the police.

While in most states fleeing on foot from the police is a misdemeanor, in a car is a felony, and assaulting a police officer is a felony in most places, Democrats almost encourage black people to resist (#Resist.) Remember resisting arrest by fleeing and/or assault are crimes, so when you see these videos of these so called heroes (criminals) resisting the police or assaulting and sometimes injuring officers, remember the Democrats want this, the White elitist Democrats want this. Not because they want racial equality, but because they want less/no police, and they want to disarm the American population, because once the police are gone, who is going to stand up for you besides you? They want you disarmed for this very reason.

While the majority of the rioting in Portland and Seattle is done by white people in the name of black Americans, ironically the white knight saviors were the same party who created the White Knights of the Klu Klux Klan, same white knight party?

Written by Stephan Ball

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