NY Times false allegations on Trump and why we can never trust “Independently Verified” ever again.

Biden has media silence on US Boarder issues but was outspokenly wrong on US Intel

Biden basically ran with false US Intelligence about bounties for US Service Members. NY Times and others who are pro Democrat rhetoric ran with it. Independently Verified will never be able to be trusted as we now know just how bogus these stories are. There is no retracting that allegations made by NY Times against Trump who we see now downplayed the threat after it was unable to be “Verified” at all and still cannot today by Biden’s Intelligence, if you can call it that.

Allegations and completely false stories made up by these so called Journalists isn’t gonna stop or even slow down under the Biden Presidential Term. In fact we believe that it is actually a push from his administration to strategically place stories by leftist media outlets in place of real stories that are unfolding daily about crisis in the US like the Boarder and the millions of Illegals that are pushing homeless Veterans and Foster children out of homes to make room for the crisis that Biden started. Biden has even restricted cameras in many areas media does wish to show people when running with a story. Seeing hypocrisy is moving to most. If citizens of the US can’t see it they won’t be upset by it.

No telling what laws Biden Administration feels the need to enforce but we can be sure that it’s not truth based or for the good of US Tax Payers. Creating new Executive Orders that infringe on our rights while the truth is taking a back seat for the next 4 years.

“I don’t understand why this president is unwilling to take on Putin when he’s actually paying bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan,” Biden said of President Trump, speaking to Kristen Welker of NBC News during the Oct. 22 presidential debate. Putin responded with “We wish him health” after The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan says Biden is in cognitive decline. It is hard to watch Biden in any unscripted setting and not 100% agree with Sheridan.

From the press wishing to ask questions who must first submit the questions and agree to have the Biden press agree to answer it scripted. It is almost impossible to find a situation where Biden is willing to discuss anything where he has no script to respond, and if he does it is always incoherent.

Many people we spoke with said how can you trust anyone who can’t answer basic questions without it being written down and rehearsed ahead of time. The Biden Administration isn’t fooling our viewers and now Intel is showing you can absolutely without a doubt not Trust the Leftist Media. Are these stories ran as smokescreens?

You can’t trust media outlets who have their stories later debunked. Stories who they claim to have been independently verified reads very similar to “we made it up”. Who is verifying these stories? Anyone have a clue?

Written by Marie

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