Paul Romero Running for Governor in 2022, Filing in September.

Paul Romero For Governor

I spoke with Paul Romero Jr. wanting to know more about his candidacy and his philosophy for Oregon. Paul told me he is making a contract with Oregon;

FIRST: Select a major, independent auditing firm to conduct a comprehensive audit of Oregon’s budget, Annual Finance Report and General Fund for waste, fraud, misuse and abuse;

SECOND: Establish elements to provide a thorough and immediate infrastructure recovery of computer systems and security improvement of all electronic communications;

THIRD: All committee meetings and Legislative sessions will be public and available for review by the public LIVE via the internet. Attendance by the public in the Capital will not be infringed upon; 

FOURTH: All bills brought to my desk that are in violation of the Federal or State Constitution will be VETOED.  Bills will address single issues with no pork, earmarks, or favors.  Existing laws that are repugnant of the State and Federal Constitution will be reviewed for revision or nullification.

FIFTH: Protect Parental Rights in public education; health, safety, and welfare; severe penalties for infringement and violation by any agency or individual.  Revamp the CPS/DHS. Children shall not be removed from a family without proof of a crime and a signed warrant. False accusations shall be addressed and are punishable by law.

SIXTH: With the elimination of child trafficking, adoption will become easier and more affordable.  My focus will be on child trafficking and its end.

SEVENTH: Under no circumstances will the Legislature be able to overrule a legitimate vote of Oregon Citizens.  Protecting citizens against a super-majority in the Legislature; 

EIGHTH:  Guarantee an honest accounting of our State Budget by implementing zero base-line budgeting and an independent annual audit made public;

NINTH: Reclaim local County Jurisdiction of our forest and land management; 

TENTH:  Work to make Oregon a Income Tax and property tax Free State through budget management;

ELEVENTH: Address and reduce the homeless population through job training, accommodations, and life-skills training to transition into becoming a contributing citizen. Revamp and update our archaic mental health system;

TWELFTH: Disengage the Superintendent of Schools title from the Governor’s position and select a suitable replacement for those duties.  

THIRTEENTH:  An audit of all legislators for campaign finance reform and accountability;  

FOURTEENTH:  Eliminate Eminent Domain;

FIFTEENTH:  VA & VETERANS: Address issues of Veterans claims and assistance for full and proper completion for submission. Organize a Federal review of policies and procedures for state level Veteran assistance.

Election Fraud in Oregon, is something that Democrats deny. According to The Oregon Department of Justice and the Secretary of State’s Office an undisclosed amount of Oregon Voters had their voter identification changed without their permission. When they were asked if it was an intentional act, neither organization had completed their investigations. The Oregon Secretary of State’s Office did confirm that the matter had been referred to the United States Department of Justice. Paul assured me he would make sure there was a complete investigation into the matter if he is elected Governor of Oregon.

Eliminating Oregon’s Income Tax is a nice thought! that’s right people Romero is running to eliminate Oregon’s Income Tax of 9.9%. To fill this gap he is wanting to increase the productivity of Oregon along the lines of Hemp, Timber, and Technology. Creating more jobs, shrinking bloated government.

Paul then promised to pursue the following legislative agenda;



    REGARDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO: (thank you Governor DeSantis)

     a. Arrested during a riot – stay in jail until you stand before a judge.

     b. Participate in a riot – forfeit state benefits and employment.

     c. Strike a cop – mandatory 6 months minimum.

     d. Violent assembly – felony.

     e. Block a roadway – felony.

     f. Destruction of property, under violent assembly or rioting, public or private – felony.

     g. Participate in a riot from out of state – enhanced sentence.

     h. Any local government that refuses to provide adequate protection for its citizens, will forfeit Sovereign Immunity protection allowing citizens to sue that local government AND its agents/officials for compensation.

     i. Any municipality that defunds the police will be defunded of future State grants or aid;

3.  LAW AND ORDER: No Sanctuary Cities, Towns, or regions;

4. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: Remove the Child Sex Education program and return to the previous limited Sex Education classes requiring Parental permission from the Eight Grade through High School.  

5. SOCIAL SECURITY FAIRNESS AND PROTECTION: No taxation or garnishment allowed.

6. WAGE ENHANCEMENT: Tips should not be used towards minimum wage, hourly pay, or taxable.  They are gratuity not income.  


8. VOTER REFORM: Transparency and information on all candidates regarding their biases, predisposition and preferences.  No more voting for the lesser of two evils.  Return to polling stations, and hand counting of the vote.

9.  PROPERTY TAX REFORM: With a goal of ultimate elimination through budget reform and accountability.

10. OREGON STATE GUARD:  Establish a State Guard in accordance with the State Constitution Militia mandate.

Paul Romero was endorsed by The Oregon Conservative in 2020,

Paul Romero (R) ran for election to the one of two U.S. Senate seats to represent Oregon. He lost in the Republican primary in May of 2020.

Romero was a Republican candidate for Oregon Congressional District 2. Romero lost the primary in Mayof 2018.

Romero was a 2016 (R) candidate who sought election to U.S. House of Representatives to represent Congressional District 2 of Oregon. Romero was defeated by incumbent Greg Walden in the Republican primary.[2]

In 2020, Romero participated in a Candidate Conversation hosted by Ballotpedia and EnCiv. Click here to view the recording.

While it is early as filings have not even been done, Paul Romero Jr. certainly has peaked this writer’s interests in not having Kate Brown 2.0. We cannot yet endorse him, but he is one to watch we like his chances. With Jo Rae Perkins having such a poor showing against Jeff Merkley in 2020, we may see more and more conservatives get behind Romero in this race.

Written by Stephan Ball

2 thoughts on “Paul Romero Running for Governor in 2022, Filing in September.

  1. Everything he states here is a good plan. He addressed many of the issues that concern me. I would like to see more focus on reforming our school curriculum. That has gotten so far out of hand. We must stop the indoctrination of our youth.


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