Taliban Executing U.S. Interpreters

Warning! These photos maybe graphic and depict violence.

No description available.
According to sources this is Taliban soldiers murdering and placing into a mass grave those who worked with the U.S
No description available.
The Interpreters were transported to a remote location where a hole is dug, they are executed for working with U.S. Forces.

According to sources on the ground in Afghanistan and elsewhere, the Taliban have been rounding up those who worked with American or United Nations forces and have been executing them by the hundreds. As you can see in the photos above they have dug mass graves and began the executions over the last 24 hours.

Hundreds of Americans are on the ground in country still and are being told by U.S. State Department Personnel to “shelter in place.” If this is what the Taliban do to those who work with Americans, what will happen when they recover those Americans who are hiding. Many of these people fear they will be killed, and they feel abandoned by the Biden Administration.

Thousands of people who worked closely with Americans applied for asylum in America, and were told by the Biden Administration they would be allowed to get out. Suddenly, a couple of days ago American forces withdrew in the middle of the night, leaving behind thousands of their allies to face the onslaught of the Taliban as they captured Kabul, the Capital.

With the President of Afghanistan abandoning the country to go to Tajikistan the day before the Taliban entered the Kabul, the Taliban occupied the Presidential Palace yesterday, and since then has been consolidating it’s holdings in and around the country.

With Biden vacationing in Camp David and American lives on the line, our allies are being murdered, and by the indications of my sources it is by the hundreds so far, and soon be thousands.

Taiwan, Ukraine, and South Korea must be very nervous right now seeing how the United States helps it’s allies, those they promised to protect. No matter what Biden says, no matter how he tries to sell this, it is all on him.

Written by Stephan Ball