Back the Blue, or Leave America

Being called a “racist” for backing the blue is a badge of honor

17 years I was a police officer, having done just about every job in law enforcement from School Resource Officer to Firearms Instructor, from Officer to Lieutenant. I know that police officers face day to day challenges that make most people either puke or cry, yet they keep a straight face and do a very professional job in almost every case. There are a few bad apples and no one wants them gone more than the officers they sit beside every day. Unions protect these “slugs” and they are hard to get rid of.

Now that I am retired I “back the blue” I can voice my opinions and I can call out those who hate the police and tell them that they are full of shit. I held my tongue for many years both in person and in my writing as I feared that doxing and hateful suppression of my free speech might get my fired from my job, being retired I can stand for those who won’t or cannot defend themselves, my Brothers and Sisters in Blue.

Being a police officer was the most rewarding and hardest job I have ever done. Being a Marine, a soldier, and managing numerous small businesses, the cop thing was the very best and the worst. I am medically retired with PTSD from line of duty shootings, so when I see these real world events happening they strike close to home. That shooting in Kenosha WI is very similar to one of mine, except the suspect was white. Never a question on whether is was justified, but we as Americans have forgotten that day to day our blue protectors are fighting a war to keep us from chaos.

We see the NBA and the NFL take a stand against police excessive force, I stop watching them, buying their gear, and tolerating their spoiled brat attitudes. We The People have the power, we need to use it. stop buying their products, stop watching their shows, and be vocal in our support for the blue. The police where I am enjoy the support, they enjoy pro-police protests, I see the smiles on their faces and the winks in their eyes, they know we back them from being defunded.

I challenge any NBA or NFL player who wants to take knee to instead put down the ball and pick up a badge, be a cop, hell volunteer at a local police department instead of smoking weed and partying, then calling the cops bad and thinking there is racial injustice. Here is the injustice I see, the fact that the media will cover a privileged sports player kneeling on a flag while they fail to cover the recovery of 39 missing kids in Georgia, it took four hours for CNN to report on the Kenosha shooting, and four days to finally report of the recovery of those missing kids in Georgia. If you don’t believe me google it.

I dare you to pick up a badge, instead of playing a kids game and getting paid for it, stand on the wall between chaos and law, between rioters and free law abiding citizens. I dare you to think you can do a better job, when these men and women are the best our country has to offer and all you are are spoiled babies with too much money and time on your hands.

Written by Stephan Ball

CNN story on Pence put on standby complete fabrication and Twitter allows it.

Trump posted CDC newest numbers and gets Tweet deleted but CNN Tweets a completely fabricated story of Pence being put on “standby” claiming Trump had mini-strokes. Trump visits Walter Reed for scheduled physical and is stunned by the Fake News reports.

Twitter now allowing complete fabrications and deleting Center for Disease Controls own stats.

Democrat run Social Media is out of control you guys. Pedophiles pages like MAP allowed to continue. Antifa and BLM who just murdered a man in the streets of Portland Oregon are still up on Twitter as well.

Red Wave the Silent Majority better VOTE Trump 2020 to end the craziness.

Writtten by Marie

CDC COVID-19, Facebook FactCheckers got it WRONG!

CDC playing right in to Politicians hands about this crisis of Covid-19 deaths, but now are coming clean with the real data which shows COVID-19 isn’t the deadly virus they touted. Many of you have probably read or seen News stats on Covid deaths by State and even Zipcodes. But, how many of these deaths are misreported as Covid that are really an underlying cause?

Reports started surfacing the internet and social media about inflated numbers. Facebook even created an algorithm for denying such claims and had them independently Factchecked. Well, the fact is it’s true. Death of one Florida man in a motorcycle accident was reported as a COVID-19 caused death. It was clearly not the case. Inflating numbers help with funding and shut downs. Yep, they needed inflated numbers to shut down Cities and Economies.

Don’t believe me yet? One California man died tragically in a skydiving accident and without testing it was labeled Covid-19 death and added to the statistics. Crazy but FactCheckers on Facebook will not mention these numerous cases. Or why no State or City addressed the need for central location for HAZMAT for all these used dirty possibly infected masks?

One thing being FactChecked on Facebook is the trending posts about the CDC’s new numbers. The CDC data that came out overnight. CDC did change it’s data to show that 94% of Covid deaths now be listed actual causes of death along with Covid. Shady data if you ask me. FactChecking on Facebook tries to explain away the data that the Center for Disease Control itself has reported like “roughly 6 percent of those who died while having COVID-19, the virus “was the only cause mentioned” as a cause of death”. But, those are the current facts.

The CDC own website sites the flollowing information:

Deaths due to COVID-19 may be misclassified as pneumonia or influenza deaths in the absence of positive test results, and pneumonia or influenza may appear on death certificates as a co-morbid condition. Additionally, COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to influenza-like illness, thus deaths may be misclassified as influenza. Thus, increases in pneumonia and influenza deaths may be an indicator of excess COVID-19-related mortality.

Misclassified is defined as: transitive verb. : to assign (someone or something) to an incorrect group or category : to classify wrongly a species misclassified in the wrong genus. This means the data this whole time was corrupted like Trump told us it was. He has had his Tweets banned, and Facebook blasted with FactCheck information trying desperately to tell a false tale of COVID-19. But why?

Why did Twitter get away with deleting Tweets showing the actual data from CDC that Trump posted? His facts were as stated by CDC. List of Republicans or Trump supporters who also sent out posts or tweets included Tammy Bruce Charlie Kirk Turning Point U A Jason Alexander Roberge The Cain Gang (ran by Herman Cain Family). Factchecking is only happening to Conservative voices across social media and that Bias has to stop. Having your free speech violated with no recourse is also disturbing. You can’t factcheck the factcheckers, or ask for review. Your opinions on CDC facts does not matter to Social Media giants.

Social media giants are ran by Democrats. Major News Networks also Democrat biased in Media reporting. Democrats are doing everything they can to populate dislike for the current President his handling of Covid or anything for that matter. Even though many experts believe that the real numbers of support for Biden accross the U.S. is actually around 3%. Yeah, even Democrats are tired of Democrats, they are calling it the Red Wave or Red Kingdom or Silent Majority. Anything that draws attention away from Mail in Voting or Debates with Biden.

Another possible motivation for pushing the false narrative is Funding. Future Funding to be exact. Funding for clinics hospitals for anything in the distant future can be effected by the numbers being reported by the CDC.

Tell me what you think.

Written by Marie

Does SB 145 fix sex offender registry issues for LGBTQ?

Statue of justice

SB-145 is being touted by Democrats in California as the fix for ending discrimination for LGBTQ sex offenders. What is it and what exactly does it fix?

Dordulian Law Group blog online describes the law like this: “The issue in question concerns how the law views different types of sex crimes involving minors”. “Under existing law, illegal sexual relations between a teenager age 15 and over and a partner within 10 years of age do not automatically require the offender to go onto the sex offender registry if the offense in question involves vaginal intercourse”. “In such instances, a judge must examine the facts of the case and determine whether or not sex offender registration is warranted”.

The problem with that as Dordulian Law Group indicates on their blog is this: “Sexual relations between a teenager age 15 and over and a partner within 10 years of age that involve instances of oral or anal intercourse do require automatic sex offender registration, and a judge has no say over whether or not such registration is warranted”. “Believing that such a distinction “disproportionately targets LGBT young people for mandatory sex offender registration since LGBT people usually cannot engage in vaginal intercourse,” State Senator Scott Wiener introduced SB 145.”

DLG outlines the goal of SB-145 as: “The goal of SB 145, according to the bill’s language, is to “exempt from mandatory registration under the act a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register”. “But rather than amend existing law to include vaginal intercourse with a minor as an act that requires mandatory sex offender registration — which would in effect remedy what Senator Wiener apparently views as discrimination — the bill aims to make all criminal sex acts with a minor over 14 equal by providing offenders with an opportunity to evade said mandatory registration”. “Doing so would be a disservice to survivors of those sex offenders, to communities, and to law enforcement officials.”

Problems with SB-145 if passed by  Gov. Gavin Newsom are discussed by DLG: “Survivors whose attackers manage to receive light sentences not befitting their crimes would be forced to accept that those convicted attackers could also evade the former mandatory punishment rightfully designating them as sex offenders depending on a judge’s decision”. “Communities would be forced to accept that sex offenders could now potentially live anonymously among law-abiding citizens”. “Law enforcement officials would be forced to accept that their ability to properly monitor sex offenders could potentially be compromised”. “All of these scenarios are unacceptable and highly concerning”. “Moreover, given that another bill Senator Wiener authored has already passed — SB 384, which we discussed in a previous blog post — such unfortunate scenarios are entirely unnecessary”. 

“SB 384 changes the current lifelong registry system mandated for all sex offenders to a tier-based system where certain offenders who file a petition and meet specific criteria can be eligible to be removed from the list”. “In other words, if an individual is convicted of a sex crime with a minor, he or she is able to petition to be removed from the sex offender registry after 10 years”. “SB 384 has already passed, and is set to become law on January 1, 2021”. 

Senate Bill 145 passed both houses of the State Legislature late Monday evening and will be sent to Gov. Gavin Newsom. Contact him @

Governor Gavin Newsom
1303 10th Street, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841
Fax: (916) 558-3160

Written by Marie

Are you a White Nationalist?

Photo of Murdered Man Jay Bishop

I am white, a capitalist, and I love America and think it should be first in all things regarding the world. I also believe my leaders should believe as I do. Does that make me a white nationalist? According to the definition, yes! Why does it feel so dirty to be a white nationalist? The media has portrayed skinheads and neo-nazi’s as white nationalists, perhaps that is why, whereas most skinheads are anarchists, and most neo-nazi’s are socialists the media does not portray them like that. By these negative portrayals in movies and media they have made those of us who are nationalists feel guilty about who we are. We are Americans and we should be proud of it. The white people who think they have to come out and riot for the oppressed black community, or the white people who oppress the free speech of others are the bad ones.

A couple of days ago a man wearing a “Patriot Prayer” hat was walking down the street in Portland and was murdered by a man who was a self-professed member of BLM and Antifa. Antifa is a socialist/communist ideology that says anything that does not agree with their agenda is fascist, which is ironically the definition of Fascism. BLM is a movement created by people who said they were tired of police injustices and violence against blacks by police, they claim to be concerned about black lives. In places where black lives are taken the most, inner cities of America where 90% of all murdered black people are killed by other black people, you see no BLM wanting less violence. It is the opposite, instead of wanting less black on black violence they want defunded police, and as such have seen a massive increase of black and black crime in every major US city. BLM founders have also espoused a desire to burn the system down, and have are avowed Marxists. A communist is a person who has read Marx, a anti-communist is someone who understands Marx.

With New York Police almost at the point where they cannot even make arrest, unable to use most use of force techniques because of new laws and policies put in place. Crime is out of control in the city, an estimated 13,000 businesses are either bankrupt or leaving the city for good, as many as 30,000 apartments will be vacant as soon as the freeze on evictions is over.

I walked the streets of Portland on a weekend in the afternoon, it was like a ghost town, maybe a third of all commercial property downtown is being put to use, the ones that are open have boarded windows and are in constant fear of being looted. I saw at least three times as many security personnel as I normally see in the area, and almost no Portland Police Bureau officers on the streets.

Being white in America is a crime apparently, the left have this thing called white privilege and seem to think it applies to all white people. I would agree there is a thing called privilege in America but it has not much to do with color. Privilege comes from having a Mother and Father in the house growing up, growing up in a house with a good household income might have something to do with being able to afford school or being able to get a car at 16 years old. Being white means you kind of just blend in with the other white kids in Oregon perhaps.

As the Father of two black children who were mostly raised in Oregon I truly had the gift of seeing my two kids raised with almost no racism, my son was ten before he even heard a racial slur, my daughter as well. Growing up for them in a small town in Oregon where there was less than 10% minority population allowed for them to be well known in the community, as such I was able to participate in much of their lives, got see each one at school, sports, with friends, and each graduate.

I did not see any difference between them and my other two white kids growing up as far as privilege goes. We all still came from a blue collar family that had enough to eat and a warm bed, could take a yearly vacation, and had medical care, while not rich we were not poor either. My kids all love what Donald Trump has done for America and none of hem believe in white or black privilege, we all believe in the haves and have nots. Working hard and going by the rules allows you to have, breaking them and being lazy allows you to have nothing.

Written by Stephan Ball

Attack on 7 year old Riley, a Trump supporter, to steal his MAGA hat leads me to this question. Is free speech only for Democrats?

Olivia and her friend Camryn decided to attack 7 year old Riley to steal his hat and destroy his private property near the Democrat National Convention. Riley’s mother videotaped the encounter on her cellphone. Riley, using his right to free speech, sat with a sign showing his pick for the 2020 election. The two young Biden supporters attack him steal his hat and verbally attack his mother and violate his right to free speech. At one point appear to kick at the 7 year old who is in the video crying for his possessions back. The hat is passed back n forth between the two women as Olivia is heard saying “I don’t care your mom likes Trump”.

Olivia M. Winslow and Camryn Amy Democrat thugs who attacked a 7 year old

Video of these two thugs even got the attention of Donald Trump Jr. calling for Police to find the suspects with a tweet.

Attacks like this are actually becoming more and more common. A New York Gallery Owner, Jahangir Turan, 35, said Thursday that he was beaten up by 15-18 people two days earlier on Canal Street in SoHo. Started with a woman flipping his Trump hat from his head, then distracted, the crowd attacked him from the back. The attack left him bloody and bruised as the crowd of Democrat Biden supporters kicked him repeatedly. Left him with broken bones under his eyeball. In Turan’s case not one person was arrested.

Even on your private property your not safe from Biden Fans. Police in Hales Corner reported that On Aug. 17, two residents reported having Trump signs and “support the police” signs taken from their yards during the middle of the day. Police found the signs spray-painted with “BLM,” and displayed at Schoetz Park, which is about five blocks west from where both residents live.

Lawn Pirates

Lawn Pirates a term coined from Trump and Patriot Supporters to describe Democrats Liberal Karens BLM Antifa thugs that trespass and steal Trump Memorabilia. No neighborhood is safe. Several Bel Air homes hit Trump signs stolen as well. One Grand Chute neighborhood has had Trump thefts too. Videos show neighbors telling Spectrum News they don’t like their Free Speech violated and will only put out bigger and more signs to confront the thieves. Tabernacle and Woodland townships have had several homes hit.

It’s not that easy however to find any violence toward 7 year old Biden supporters. I’ve scoured the Internet looking for children who support Biden. I literally cannot find one. All that child sniffing has them scared maybe?

I have tried to find Biden support that gotten them beaten and bones broken? I can’t find it, can you? Please comment here or on our Facebook page add links if you see crimes from Trump supporters stealing Biden hats. Are there Biden hats? I haven’t actually seen one.

Written by Marie

Biden Gives a Speech Condemning Right, Does not Mention Antifa or BLM


Cops responding a call in Kenosha for a woman being raped by Jacob Blake, who had apparently raped her twice in less than 24 hours. When cops arrived he fought with them, brandished a knife, then ran to his car where children were present, then reached for something in the car. Where the officers supposed to wait to see what he produced? They do not have too, they are held to a simple thought, is what the person in front of them doing likely to cause serious physical injury to another or themselves? The answer is, yes they had exhausted every option and were left with no choice but to use deadly force to defend themselves and the children inside of the car.

Rioting then starts and as we all know how that has turned out. Joe Biden came forward yesterday to spout off that this was all the police and the right-wing militia’s fault?  He then went on to say that Trump was bad and the cause of all the violence. Asking if he looks like a socialist, he called the violence a Trump lifeline to re-election. Biden then went on to say that if Donald Trump would listen to the leftists and do what they say this would just go away.

I for one am proud of President Trump for not caving to the left and the riots, if the Democrats could just control their areas the rioting would stop, I believe the riots are being allowed to happen to stoke the fires of hate for Trump, whereas the opposite is happening. Many Americans are seeing that Democrats are bad for America.

Written by Stephan Ball

Did Michael Forest Reinoehl, Antifa BLM member identified as man in video who killed Aaron Danielson kill over a Patriot or Trump support?

Victim Aaron Danielson

Michael Forest Reinoehl, 48, was named by The Oregonian Sunday night as the man family has now identified. Reinoehl who intentionally brought a weapon to protest to harm Trump supporters or Patriot Prayer members. Reinoehl social media boosts his two children and describes himself as 100% Antifa also sports a BLM symbol neck tattoo.

Reinoehl was identified by his sister after media displayed photos and videos. She claims her family and herself are all estranged from Reinoehl after he stole from her parents. Family after realizing what he had done reached out to the Police.

In June on social media Reinoehl posted “Every revolution needs people willing and ready to fight” “It will be a war and like all wars there will be casualties” calling protesters and Antifa Brothers in Arms.

Video captured of this horrific event shows Reinoehl saying “I got one here” reffering to finding a Trump Supporter then fires two shots and runs away as others attend to the victim. The scene does not look like an active protest. Only a few people seen on the streets and traffic moving as normal.

Hard to believe but this story seems to be avoidable at least in some part by Portland Mayor and DA’s office. Portland Police said the case was dropped earlier arrest for carrying a loaded gun charges dropped on July 30, and He was also arrested in July, accused of racing his 17-year-old son at speeds of up to 111mph. Leading many to encourage the Family of Aaron Danielson to file lawsuit for wrongful death against Portland Mayor Oregon Governor Kate Brown and DA’s office for failure to protect citizens against Antifa and BLM murders and injuries. If Reinoehl was off the street for his previous arrests this would not have happened to Danielson. Also having many ask why and how did charges get completely dropped?

This shooting and numerous amounts of social media pointing to the intent of Antifa BLM influence to do harm even death to anyone who appears to be a patriot or Trump supporter is really a rallying cry to America and Trump himself to declare both American Terrorist organizations. The hateful rhetoric spread by posts like that of Reinoehl is still allowed on Facebook Twitter and continues to influence violence has got to stop.

When any other group calls for killing cops or now just average patriots they are labeled right away. But BLM and Antifa hate speach is protected on social media like Facebook and Twitter we have to reevaluate why this is allowed to continue to grow and why they are not considered a Terrorist Organization. Trump did post a tribute tweet to Danielson. There is also a GOFUNDME account for Danielson’s business partner.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Danielson Family.

Written by Marie


Pelosi says Joe should not debate leading to speculation his cognitive ability is continuing to diminish.

As politicians get closer to election day they spend many days preparing for interviews political ads and most of their prep is devoted to debates. Many tireless hours working on how best to address hard hitting questions with sometimes a panel of professionals who’s job it is to best work out the kinks that may arise during a debate. Intentionally polishing the politician. This isn’t new to Joe Biden former VP of Obama. Politicians must be on top of their mental abilities to do well under stressful pressure and someone with diminished capacity would fail miserably. Many believe that the Democrats have discussed it and are trying to slowly announce they wish their candidate NOT debate at all.

Nancy’s statements about Biden not debating include Trump could use Biden to belittle himself. Americans who this year however are watching a steadily decline of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Many leftist media outlets have been using the term “gaffe” it’s meaning is: an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder. As America watches Joe Biden speak it is clearly confusion leading many hinting he may have Dementia.

His words to not seem unintentional. In fact many of his labeled “Gaffe’s” include him saying the same phrase over and over “I shouldn’t say this, but …” then rambling incoherent nonsense. His infamous “I got hairy legs” or “We can only re elect Donald Trump” or “I’m Joe Biden’s Husband Joe Biden” or not knowing his own location are hilariously used by the right as just a few examples of a very confused Biden. Videos show that these declining memory moments actually started with him as VP.

Sometimes however his labeled “giffe’s” are really thought out and very offensive such as his You ain’t blackcomments over any Black American voting for Trump. His offensive “Unlike Blacks Hispanics” His racist comments started while he was VP as well. Don’t forget his 7-11 comments about Indians. “Poor kids are just as talented as white kids” Joe Biden.

Like me, many Americans believe these are not gaffe’s but sometimes as his memory declines he lets racist remarks slip, unknowingly giving ammunition or as Nancy Pelosi calls it “Belittle” to the right. Shouldn’t someone call him out on this?

Americans have yet to really hear what Biden Campaign is really running on. Raising taxes is literally the only thing we know about Biden. Many believe the extremists of the Democrats are calling the shots for Biden. People are calling it “blunders or giffe” but it is only one thing mental decline and its really frightening that this is the Democrats best candidate.

I am going to predict only 3% of American Votes will go to Biden in the 2020 Election leading us to a Victory for Trump 2020. If you don’t think so then your a lying dog faced pony soldier ~ Joe Biden

Written by Marie

Day Two the of RNC

Melania Trump criticised for White House Rose Garden renovation
Melania Trump

Day two of the RNC was not as big a deal as Day one, however it did have some highlights that were not to have been missed. With Chad Wolf the acting head of Homeland Security Head swore in five naturalized immigrants, while President Trump looked on. President Trump then personally welcomed each citizen to the country by name, which I thought was very classy of him to do (especially for a Democrat accused Racist.)

There were other speakers who made appeals to the Cuban Community, the Puerto Rican Community, and a couple from Wisconsin. Eric Trump spoke in his speech about how passionate Donald Trump is and how he is so proud of his Father for taking this fight to the swamp, how he misses working with his Father, but that he understands the greater good his Dad is doing

By far the big winner of the night was upcoming Republican Party Star Daniel Cameron, the Attorney General for the state of Kentucky. He gave a personal speech about how free thinking black Americans are not beholding to vote for anyone, and that they should and are thinking for themselves and discovering that Trump is by far the best choice for America.

Kentucky AG calls Beshear's new action 'arbitrary' - ABC 36 News
Daniel Cameron Attorney General of Kentucky

The night closed out with Melania Trump, the First Lady, giving an long speech about all of the great qualities of her Husband. She outlined how growing up in a communist country and hearing about American freedoms inspired her to come here, she thanked her Parents, then she thanked her Husband for his tireless work on making the country great.

Written by Stephan Ball