Pelosi says Joe should not debate leading to speculation his cognitive ability is continuing to diminish.

As politicians get closer to election day they spend many days preparing for interviews political ads and most of their prep is devoted to debates. Many tireless hours working on how best to address hard hitting questions with sometimes a panel of professionals who’s job it is to best work out the kinks that may arise during a debate. Intentionally polishing the politician. This isn’t new to Joe Biden former VP of Obama. Politicians must be on top of their mental abilities to do well under stressful pressure and someone with diminished capacity would fail miserably. Many believe that the Democrats have discussed it and are trying to slowly announce they wish their candidate NOT debate at all.

Nancy’s statements about Biden not debating include Trump could use Biden to belittle himself. Americans who this year however are watching a steadily decline of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Many leftist media outlets have been using the term “gaffe” it’s meaning is: an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder. As America watches Joe Biden speak it is clearly confusion leading many hinting he may have Dementia.

His words to not seem unintentional. In fact many of his labeled “Gaffe’s” include him saying the same phrase over and over “I shouldn’t say this, but …” then rambling incoherent nonsense. His infamous “I got hairy legs” or “We can only re elect Donald Trump” or “I’m Joe Biden’s Husband Joe Biden” or not knowing his own location are hilariously used by the right as just a few examples of a very confused Biden. Videos show that these declining memory moments actually started with him as VP.

Sometimes however his labeled “giffe’s” are really thought out and very offensive such as his You ain’t blackcomments over any Black American voting for Trump. His offensive “Unlike Blacks Hispanics” His racist comments started while he was VP as well. Don’t forget his 7-11 comments about Indians. “Poor kids are just as talented as white kids” Joe Biden.

Like me, many Americans believe these are not gaffe’s but sometimes as his memory declines he lets racist remarks slip, unknowingly giving ammunition or as Nancy Pelosi calls it “Belittle” to the right. Shouldn’t someone call him out on this?

Americans have yet to really hear what Biden Campaign is really running on. Raising taxes is literally the only thing we know about Biden. Many believe the extremists of the Democrats are calling the shots for Biden. People are calling it “blunders or giffe” but it is only one thing mental decline and its really frightening that this is the Democrats best candidate.

I am going to predict only 3% of American Votes will go to Biden in the 2020 Election leading us to a Victory for Trump 2020. If you don’t think so then your a lying dog faced pony soldier ~ Joe Biden

Written by Marie

Paul Romero For Senate, Why he is the Choice for Oregon

Paul Romero, a U.S. Navy Veteran and an American is running against Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate.

Talk about a fun time! I had an interview with U.S. Senatorial Candidate Paul Romero and was floored by the energy he brings to the table. He is such a refreshing change to Jeff Merkley and his socialistic ideals for Oregon. Talking with Romero reminded me that being an American and an Oregonian is about being about being Oregon first and America first.

As Romero and I talked I learned that he had been a single Father of five and had immigrated to back to Oregon from Louisiana. Having once been a police officer in Louisiana we had much in common, talking about the experiences. I could sense a true love for Oregon coming from this man as he shared his vision for Oregon, which so contradicted the lackluster and plain socialistic ideals Merkley has, which is reflected in the current administration. Merkley, bought and paid for by the Democrats of New York and California has no idea what is coming for him in Romero. Romero reminds me of the whirlwind grassroots we saw in the Donald Trump campaign of 2016. Romero is pure grassroots and we need to support him.

I have kept tabs on Jeff Merkley and his Facebook presence for the last four years, and saw the hatred for our current President that Merkley espouses too. When I looked through the top 100 donors to Merkley’s campaign, more than half of his money comes from outside of Oregon, most of which comes from California and New York through Political Action Committees. So you see, Merkley is bought and paid for by the Democrats (Socialists) of other states. See for yourself:

When speaking with Romero he was clear that he agrees with Trump on issues like border control, the second amendment, immigration, and his handling of the Coronavirus, Romero saying that while Trump is not perfect, who among us is. Bringing up a good point that Oregonians cannot afford to be left by the wayside when it comes to the economy and our Governor. I have questioned Senator Ron Wyden who said that state issues here in Oregon like marijuana legalization needed to be handled at the state level of government, basically saying that he was not going to interfere, whereas Romero was clear that if it is in the best interest of Oregonians, he will give the Governor a call and let her know how she should be helping constituents.

With Abortion rights at the forefront of U.S. Politics, Romero was clear that late term abortions should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, and medical needs for the survival of the Mother. That abortion in general should be illegal and that it is about “personal responsibility”. Birth control usage he said was left up to a personal choice issue, while he does not agree with all of the choices, Birth Control issues are personal choices each person has to make for themselves,, adding that a lack of discretion by any individual does not constitute a financial obligation to taxpayers.  Noting that these are two separate issues.  One of legality and under what conditions, and two, who pays for this.

Paul Romero told me he did not like the fact that the United States was considered and had the roll of “World’s Policeman.” It was a roll he said he did not like for us, but a role that he felt that we currently had to fill because of the situation with the United Nations, and China. With China asserting world dominance in so many areas, many of the countries of the world are looking for leadership from the United States. If the U.S. does not fill that roll then China or Russia will and their intent is not a benevolent one.

Romero spoke about being a “good example” in his everyday life, being a positive role model that others could emulate. Stating that he is a Christian and that those core values are important, he says that living that life and being the good example provides the testimony others need to be inspired by. Being 54 and a single Father of five, has inspired him to be the best man he can be. He said that he was from New Iberia Louisiana had been a cryptologic analyst in the Navy for ten years and finishing his Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education & Development from the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale.  He referred to his life as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!” and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Paul with his dog”Scooby-dude”is an American Staffordshire Terrier and part Dogo Argentino

While having run for Congressional District 2 seat against Greg Walden in 2016 and 2018, and having faced defeat both times in the primary. He was optimistic that with the primary only 39 days away, he could win and move on to face Merkley. With Joe Rae Perkins, Robert Schwartz and John Verbeek as his competition in the primary, I like his chances, Romero has Oregon values at heart, and has been endorsed by the Women for Trump movement, and the United Liberty Coalition.  I truly see that Romero can “Bring Balance Back to Oregon” and secure the ear of the President for all Oregonians.

Written by Stephan Ball

Un American push by Liberals no longer tolerated.

Liberals are losing their mind over anything and everything reported by main stream media. They have always ignored any signs or hints of wrong doings by Democrat Presidents. Will this unamerican and defiantly biased thinking of Liberals shift the vote for a Trump 2020 victory?

As we know now the polls are so highly inaccurate that many say we cannot trust them. Polls showing the now President Trump would not make President got it way wrong. Polls now showing many shifting to support Black Conservatives who support and advocate for Trump at the highest numbers ever reported. Many thank Black activist Candice Owens and social media activist and college student Shekinah Geist.

Hate speech on the part of Liberals now comes off as a big motivation to switch sides. Just because main stream media wants to scream he is a racist is no longer holding any validity. Don’t believe the hype of CNN appears on t-shirts across Oregon College Campus’.

We spoke with Oregon college students who say they don’t see the value that Liberals pushing for them to Hate Trump. They are actually tired of all the hypocrisy that media and Liberals are pushing. They are over the fact that Liberals want to push racism and keep the divide between race a factor.

One students says after the San Bernadino shooting Liberal President Barack Obama had a press conference where he had CAIR spokesman speak before anyone else. He pushed this ideal out using main stream media about the organization and how the world has it wrong about Muslims. Only to have CAIR declaired a Terrorist Organization. Our US President let a Terrorist Organization speak to the American public first. This is a disturbing fact not sitting well with students.

Students also point out that Obama was affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood who is now also a Terrorist Organization.

Another fact not sitting well with College Students is Liberals hate for Police Officers. Black Lives Matter calling for killing of cops and then 6 officers wounded and 5 killed in ambush style assignation. Black Lives Matter then invited to the White House still bothers the young college aged crowd. It shows the Liberals claim tolerance and acceptance is the most extreme hypocritical political organization. It makes them think about all the claims made by the Media outlets pushing the Liberal agenda.

Jussie Smollett disaster really shows America how far Liberals will go. It also put Main Stream Media on display for how biased they really are today. Many Liberal personalities not willing to apologize for their claims when they found out Smollett was a complete fraud. It really spot lights the Conservatives as the true tolerant organization and exposing Liberal Democrats. Students say the hate and blatant misuse of popularity as powerful platform to influence America even when it’s a lie they want you to swallow.

Written by Marie

Why Nancy Pelosi’s negative comments will cost any Democrat the 2020 Election

Nancy Pelosi has emboldened herself as Judge Jury and Executioner and it will cost the Democrats. Comments like the Trump family should have an intervention, and she worries for the well being of the President while also attacking him and pushing for impeachment.

What is confusing to most on the fence voters is why she would worry about him while also attacking his character. The American public feels like its a strategic strategy to break the people on the fence about which way they will vote. The Democrat strategy is to make comments that the President is less than because in their opinion has some emotional or mental struggles. The sad part is people 1 out of 6 Americans do suffer from some sort of mental illness and having an unskilled uneducated Pelosi diagnosing and then ridiculing the President does not sit well with millions of Americans.

“It’s not a joke and its not funny” say Independent voters. “It’s exactly what the Democrats accused Trump of doing making fun of handicap people, if that is in fact what he did, we now have to question what Democrats want us to feel.”

Many voters polled said they believe the hate that is coming from top Democrats will cost the 2020 Elections.

Written by Sheamus