Skarlatos and Perkins Gave a Good Accounting of Themselves

With four or five counties in Oregon deciding our state’s future, we should use a state electoral.

I want to first commend Alek Skarlatos for scaring the crap out of Peter Defazio, who has not had that done to him in a long time. Please do not get out of politics, run again next election, getting name recognition in Oregon in a big deal. In Oregon more and more people are seeing Defazio in the pocket for New York and California Democrats, they turn and vote for someone else. Let that someone else be you, we need fresh young conservative minds in Oregon that will not be beholding to big tech or Chinese interest as much as our two U.S. Senators and our Governor are.

I am very proud of Jo Rae Perkins, while I did not originally think she was the right fit for Oregon, she grew on me, and she was much maligned by the Merkley camp for being a Qanon follower. Everytime I would support her online in forums, that was the claim the leftists would make in attacks on her. She performed far better than I expected, though she did not make Merkley sweat as much as I would have liked, she did pull some decent numbers. Oregon just has not had enough of Merkley’s fear and hate mongering, they will one day.

We have two more years of Pete Defazio not doing anything for Oregon except trying to make it California, and we have Merkley spouting nonsense for six more years about how the sky is falling (literally.) I suggest we do what Oregonians do best, and strap up our boots and get to work until it is time for us to again cast our ballot into a blue stream only to see them eaten by a liberalism and hate for America that we call Portland.

Written by Stephan Ball

Skarlatos to take on Defazio

Alek Skarlatos has announced he will be taking on Peter Defazio (D) for U.S. House District 4 in November of 2020, where Defazio has served since 1987. Defazio is seen as serving the interests of New York and California Democrats instead of the needs of his constituents. Many central and southern Oregon residents feel Defazio has abandoned them for the higher profile Democrats in Washington.

Alex Skarlatos was made famous when he and two other U.S. Service Members stopped a terrorist attack aboard a Paris train in 2015. Subsequently Clint Eastwood directed a film and used Skarlatos to play himself in a portrayal of the event. Skarlatos was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross by Governor Kate Brown and has been vocal in his support for Oregon veterans, loggers, and working Moms and Dads.

Written by Stephan Ball