Oregonians Should Not Stand by While Our Gun Rights Are Removed

The Oregon Legislature is going to be hearing a new bill, SB-501. Which if enacted would require a permit before purchasing a gun, restrict magazine sizes to five rounds or less. It would also require gun locking and storage requirements. The Democrats Representative Andrea Salinas and Democratic State Senator Rob Wagner from Tualatin are the sponsors of the bill. With the legislature convening on the 22nd of January, quite a few bills will be heard concerning gun restrictions, nearly a dozen. With gun crime in Oregon among the lowest in the nation, I fear politics is at the center of this play toward restricting the gun rights of citizens. Enforcement of our current gun laws still is not at a 100 percent with some judges in counties such as Washington and Multnomah being relatively lenient on already existing gun laws. Though the law has a low chance of passing, just the fact that legislators think they can put this on the floor and hope to infringe the 2nd Amendment Rights of Oregonians shows they clearly cannot be trusted to remain in office. Wherever you live, whoever you vote for, make sure they support and defend the rights we have in place as they are now. If you notice, there is a undercurrent in America now toward the suppression of the 2nd Amendment. This right is the cornerstone of all other rights in the Constitution, it is what gives each and every American their teeth, it holds the government accountable to the people, if the people no longer have a way to defend themselves against tyranny, then tyranny will win the day. History is the best predictor of past behavior, everywhere that guns have been allowed to be removed from the population other rights have been removed piece by piece, sometimes Fascism, Communism, or Socialism takes hold and mass executions take place. Our forefathers saw fit to give each and every American the right to defend ourselves from the very thing, the right to defend ourselves, to defend our free speech, our rights against unreasonable search and seizure, and to due process. Remember to call your legislator as soon as possible and tell them to vote No on SB-501, and every other bill that restricts the rights of a free people to keep and bear arms. 

Written by C Chapin