America waits 3 weeks for Some sort of compromise

President Trump announced that there would be a temporary reprieve from the shutdown of the government as the Democrats and Republicans seem to try to come to an agreement over immigration and providing funding for the President’s cornerstone campaign promise, building a wall along the southern border of the United States. House Speaker Pelosi appeared to be gloating, saying that she had said there was going to be no wall, and there is no wall. While she affirmed the creation of a subcommittee to work over the next few weeks to come to an agreement both sides could live with. She really may have no choice though, according to President Trump who said if there is not agreement in the next few weeks, he may shut the government down again, or may use the powers afforded him under the Constitution and declare a national emergency, allowing him to build the wall with forces from the United States Military, using funds from the Department of Defense. 

Written by Charles