Democrats in Charge in Minneapolis, yet Trump gets Blame, Why?

Minneapolis still burning after police station torched, other ...

With the poll numbers for President Trump prior to George Floyd’s death being the highest they had ever been, something had to be done. Joe Biden was also polling the lowest among black voters of any Democrat since the 1960’s. Biden who said “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.” had made a case of his record among the black community, yet if you look at his record you can see he was in favor of mass incarceration of black youth, and the younger generation of black voters were favoring Trump at 41% in some polls.

So when an incident occurred having a white officer in a video apparently apathetically killing a black suspect. The video went viral, and this just weeks after a young man in Georgia was allegedly killed by three white vigilantes. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa took steps to railroad what were apparently peaceful protests and cause violence and looting. Democrats embraced this because they are backed into a corner, knowing that they have nothing to lose by embracing this, for they certainly were not going to win the 2020 election against Donald Trump, especially with the economy starting to recover since the pandemic.

Antifa is a group known for it’s violence against free speech, and any organization that does not agree with it. They have assaulted hundreds of people nationwide, many of color, and many of them sympathetic to many of the policies that protect and serve the black community. Make no mistake ladies and gentleman, we are in this election for the welfare of the country. If Democrats win the White House in this election, there will be four to eight years of race riots, overspending, wars, and embracing the rhetoric of the left, which often times is so silly that it is just fantasy.

With a Democratic Mayor, Council, Attorney General, Senators and Governor, Minnesota has to own all of this. Yet no one is holding Democratic policies to the fire here, they blame Trump, who put the law and order back in place for the country. We should be applauding the President, no blaming him, imagine if we had Barrack Obama in place for this event, he allowed the Ferguson Missouri riots to continue for more than a week, they invited the people responsible to the White House for dinner. A few self proclaimed Black Lives Matter people have killed police officer since the incident, with two being killed in Louisiana, and five in Dallas, Texas.

Written by Stephan Ball

Antifa At War

With an attack on Andy Ngo last month by the forces of Antifa in the streets of Portland, and Brian Clyde’s (self-professed Socialist) attack on the Dallas Courthouse in June, We have seen Socialist movements up their rhetoric and violence. The latest attack was when a man died last week while attacking an ICE detention facility in Washington State.

Willem Van Spronsen, a carpenter and musician from Seattle, was also a self-professed member of the leftist terror group Antifa. Spronsen, showed up outside the privately-owned facility for Immigration and Customs Enforcement at 4:00 a.m. Armed with a rifle and incendiary devices, he began to hurl the devices at vehicles, lighting one car on fire. He attempted to burn the building and a propane tank. Washington State Police engaged and killed Spronsen. 

Two Democratic Presidential Candidates have condemned the violence, Andrew Yang and Joe Biden, both considered moderates, it is unclear when or if more candidates will condemn the attacks. Representatives Rashida Talib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Ocasio Cortez refuse to condemn the violence. Many take their refusal to condemn the violence as a backing of it, some even calling Spronsen a “martyr.” When Cortez was approached about making a statement about the violence on Monday, she said a statement was forthcoming, Wednesday and still no statement. Cortez had called ICE facilities concentration camps in the past. making incendiary accusations against U.S. Border Patrol that they were forcing illegal aliens to drink out of the toilet. She is said to have even cried over an empty parking lot in order to garner sympathy for her campaign for open borders.

 The liberal New York Times says in their article that Antifa is an organization to protect people from right-wing extremism, to promote an LGBTQ agenda. Antifa is a violent arm of the socialist party that operates under the guise of Antifascist, when is all actuality it is actually Anti-First Amendment. The New York Times even said the term did not originate until 1946, when in fact it started as Antifascita an organization of socialists who opposed fascism in the 1920s in Europe. Fascism is just socialism and nationalism combined together. Anti-Fascists are anti-nationalists, they are still socialists and communists but stand firmly against nationalism. Whereas Capitalists can be nationalists and not be a fascist, but this bastardized version of Antifa is not anti-fascists, they are anti-nationalists and anti-capitalistic. The same people participating in the Occupy Wallstreet anti-capitalistic protest are your anti-nationalists today. 

Attempts were made to get comments from Antifa, with no one returning my calls, this reporters social media was attacked with spam as I tried to ask questions of self-professed members of Antifa about the incident.

Written by Stephan Ball