Twitter Bans Blacks for claiming they Vote Trump.

Twitter able to legally ban Black voices claiming they are Russian. I would love to see people banned on Twitter if they have a Russian IP address but this legal discrimination has got to end. We must collectively sue Twitter.

Darren Linvill, a social media disinformation researcher at Clemson University, found more than two dozen such accounts, which had generated some 265,000 retweets or Twitter mentions. And this is a threat to Democrats who keep paying for polls to say Trump as 10% of the Black Vote. However if you look at social media such as Tik Tok you will see there is quite a following for Black Conservatives like Cadace Owens and the Hodge Twins.

Yesterday we posted about Hodge Twins Facebook links to their Merch website was corrupted with FB algorithms to forbid the site from being shown. You have to edit the link yourself to purchase Merchandise from Hodge Twins website which you can find HERE.

The attacks on Blacks from Social Media Giants show the real intentions of the evil Democrats. Such a disgrace to Democracy and Voting. This simply is not the view of the Republicans and why we see a big push for Blexit the Black Exit of the Democratic Party.

Shame on Twitter. Shame on Facebook. Do not let this deture you from ending the Racist Left. Do not let corrupt Media who pushes and Anti American Anti Trump corrupt agenda with no consequences. If your are Black and voting Trump the ACLU has failed you!

Written by Marie

Supreme Court upholds Trans Ban

President Trump has won a victory in the Supreme Court by they recent decision to uphold his ban on transgender persons from entering or remaining in the U.S. military. Citing that the majority of the problems faced with allowing transgender persons to enter or remain in the military is the expensive process often times associated with the gender reassignment surgeries that go with them. While there are still injunctions going through lower courts, this decision will likely stand as law of the land. A landmark victory in an area of the grand social experiment that should never have been. The U.S. military is not the place for this type of event. With a cost of about $75,000.00 per service member for the surgical and post surgical care in addition to their already free care, was a cost burden that President Trump was advised by the Palm Center Group was not conducive to a cost effective military. President Trump, who ran on a promise to “trim fat” off the military while making it stronger, often times cites Former President Obama’s apparent lack of support for the military and reduction in America’s readiness. The ongoing care of a veteran who received gender reassignment is approximately $700 a year. This is often times for the life of the veteran as the medical care began while in the service and as such can be claimed by the member upon leaving for reimbursement through local VA centers. 

Written by Shaemus

Oregon follows California ban on plastic straws

Is Oregon going to follow California down the rabbit hole of plastic straw illegality? Eugene City Council recently held a work session to see if it would be feasible to Outlaw single use plastic food containers or use items. They are discussing drafting an Ordinance toward the goal of making it illegal to disseminate single use plastic items for food or drink consumption. While having already banned plastic bags in 2013. This reporter makes a simple choice when it comes to Eugene and their plastic bag ordinance, while I am concerned about the environment, it is not your job in government to choose for me whether or not I want a plastic bag, so I choose to buy my products elsewhere and Eugene just does not get my money. Springfield, I am sure appreciates the boon in business as there grocery stores and retail centers saw increases across the board after the 2013 ban. I am sure the same will happen this time if there is a ban on straws and plastic spoons, sporks, and such. We will see the fast food businesses in Springfield boom and the ones in Eugene suffer under government oppression and regulation. Remember it at the polls people, less government is good for Capitalism, more Government is bad. With Portland banning single use plastic items for food consumption, what worries me is that we may be following California down the Rabbit Hole they went down, a place of silliness and over regulation, who knows, next they will want us to be strapping fart collectors on the back of our deer so as to limit their effect on the environment. Regulation to a point is okay, but as we saw with former President Obama, over regulation will stifle an economy like a damper on a stove, open the damper, elect officials who will lift some regulation and watch your economy flourish. Contact your legislator and tell them, straws are okay, spoons and sporks are also okay, this is not California and if people want California then move there, please, don’t ruin our state just because you get your feelings hurt. 

Written by Marie