Why the Democrat push that Biden has won 2020 is so crucial.

November 10, 2020 2:55pm PST

As the world sits and watches this Election it almost surreal to the perfect end to 2020 which has been catastrophic on so many levels. The left push is felt harder and harder each day. Celebrities and Politicians (who likely are wrong) posting congratulations on social media to Joe Biden as President elect when the votes are still being counted. The Left strongly denying any fact that proof is being given to Supreme Court. This move will likely backfire Political experts say. Moving the narrative that Biden has won takes some power from the current administration. This is why we feel the Democrats and their desperate pressure to claim victory for 2020 Elections.

The Left is removing anything with NEWS in it that hints that Trump might actually win the election when votes are tabulated and votes of the deceased are finally thrown out. Supreme Court is listening to evidence Rudy Giuliani  is presenting that clearly does show that the deceased only vote Democrat and other such voter fraud. When the law in each particular State say that Ballot watchers from Democrats and Republican be allowed to watch the counting and they are not allowed it is worrisome. Some of these cases Republicans got Court Orders allowing them access when previously denied, and still they are threatened and not allowed. Whenever the law is not followed you can expect lawsuits. The precedence that this sets should even upset the Democrats but sadly it does not.

You are not hearing Celebs and Politician calling for Ballots and counting centers to be following the law but actually the opposite. As videos on social media show many of these facilities have literally NO security. The counters and other volunteers are allowed large bags and coolers. Anyone who has ever worked retail will say this is a huge “NO NO” many retail stores only allow clear bags. Why? Because retail stores are trying to cut the loss of employee theft. If you are allowed large bags and coolers you can take in or out of the facility whatever you wish with no security looking in on any of it.

Even with 40+ people deceased in some Counties voting in this Election you see the Reporters on major tv news networks saying there is no evidence of voter fraud. Yeah, crazy that a Reporter would ever suggest such ridiculous statements. Same reporters that will not report on what sick illegal activities are on Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

The Left created the “FactCheck”. They are almost all solely owned by the Left. This is how they feel they can legally censor. The censorship is at it’s max with Facebook removing the entire profiles of Republican Campaign leaders. It is an unprecedented move for Facebook and Twitter to work so hard on behalf of the Democrats. They are deleting videos that contain evidence and banning the posters. They do not want Americans to see any such evidence, knowing is knowledge. The more educated you are the more upset you become the harder they censor.

They can have true and accurate posts labeled false or partially untrue even out of context, and have you ultimately removed. Putting out one narrative to the United States public. This is done gradually and we have seen this in World History before with Communist Countries and their regimes.

This is not the only thing that the Left is pushing that happens to be Communist. The open boarders activists are also activists for free services. Unlimited free stuff like College Healthcare and Abortions. That is right the Communist leaning Democrat Party push for Planned Parenthood and unlimited free Abortions for Americans and really anyone who can show up here illegally. They do not wish to discriminate when giving out free stuff.

Anyone who breaks the law and is here qualifies, taking necessary resources from Americans where will the Government get the money from to pay for all the free Communist stuff? You, hard working Americans will be footing the bill for those who would rather take the free stuff than earn it.

We are also inundated with false information from major news networks such as CNN CNBC ABC and Fox. One of them being Biden will be the next United States President. Legal experts are saying such claims are premature. In fact it’s likely that votes may be thrown out with some of Giuliani’s evidence and the counts still being tallied could also see a Trump second term.

Will Celebrities and Politicians appologize for spreading false information? Will, Facebook and Twitter finally censor the Left posting misinformation? Will “FactCheckers” who get it wrong be held accountable in any way for misleading the American Public?

Let’s Fight Back! Let’s call out cheating when we find it. Let’s call pollsters testify before congress why they were so far off. Let’s get Voter ID to end Voter Fraud. Let’s tell Facebook and Twitter to stop censoring us. The Democrats want to steal and Election, House and Senate and have a complete Government take over the largest attempted Coupe in American History folks. It’s crucial for them to succeed, and it’s crucial we fight back.

The Left are big on fighting to take away your rights, you have to be willing to fight equally as hard to keep them.

Written by Marie

Reports of Massive Voter Fraud.

A meme created to show the lack of respect for the institution of the “Vote” that Democrats apparently have, no Voter ID, Accepting Mail in Ballots up to two days late.

With the 2020 Presidential race being likely decided in the courts, multiple reports of voter fraud have been filed in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and some say even Oregon has some irregularities.

With the Covid 19 outbreak Democrats pushed for mail in ballots in states that had never used them on a widespread scale, perhaps not enough precautions were taken, perhaps it was all part of the plan to enable the fraud. Democrats insist that votes cast up to two days after the election be counted, on election night, counting was stopped in 11 states, then mysteriously massive influxes of votes for Democrats were suddenly found. Not saying they are cheating, but it rhymes with meeting and it ain’t the word beating that is going on. Trump was the apparent winner on election night if the vote had been counted like it has in the 200 plus years of the countries existence.

With Trump receiving massive increases in votes in the latino and black communities and Joe Biden all of a sudden getting more votes than Barrack Obama did. How does a demented pedophile socialist get more votes than an accomplished academic such as Barrack Obama? Simple! cheating, no other way, districts in Wisconsin show more than one hundred percent voter turn out, how does that happen, do people vote twice or three times? Of course that is how you get over 100%.

The Supreme Court will decide this mess, I am just glad we have Trump fighting against this corruption, and if there can be some prosecutions, AG William Barr needs to get off his ass and start sending people to jail or GITMO. Treason is still punishable by death in America.

On three different sites Oregon showed disparaging reports of how many voters were registered and how many votes were cast in the election, with a 90% return rate, the highest ever, is that because it is real or because there is cheating going on? With Democrats in charge we will likely never know, they are not exactly honest.

Written by Stephan Ball.

2020 Election has key States giving a Trump Victory

Election results as of November 3, 2020

Published: November 4th, 2020

Early results this morning show 2 States remain in favor of Joe Biden who lead with 238 last night and 4 States remain in favor of Donald Trump who was at 213 for Electoral votes last night. If these key States remain the same as the last trickle of votes are counted it indicates a Trump victory for 2020.

Key States left for Trump and Biden will decide the 2020 Election

Key States for Trump are Georgia with 16 Electoral Votes, Michigan with 16 Electoral Votes, North Carolina with 15 Electoral Votes, and Pennsylvania with 20 Electoral votes. Bringing the final numbers will likely be 280 Trump.

Key States left for Biden are Nevada with 6 Electoral Votes, and Wisconsin with 10 Electoral Votes. Leaving the total for Biden at 254 Electoral Votes.

Trump Should Have a 70 Percent Chance of Winning the 2020 Presidential  Election
Trump 2020 inevitable victory

Written by Marie

Democrats desperate to force Trump to disavow Qanon. Why?

Savannah Guthrie Trump Town Hall

Savannah Guthrie was desperate to have Trump disavow a group of what she calls “Conspiracy Theorist”, but why? Why not use your time to ask Trump real hard hitting questions that Americans would get answers to things that make a real change to their day to day life? The Democrats desperate to put out one narrative that Trump just wasn’t going to allow.

Fielding the same old question about White Supremacy Trump said “I have disavowed them for years”. Trump says he disavows White Supremacy as he does with Antifa. He then asks why Biden isn’t at least asked by the Left why if Biden would disavow Antifa too? Why is Biden not asked the tough questions about his son. Why is Biden always given questions a toddler would be able to answer? Why is Biden given a pass with racist comments?

Why is it so important to Savannah Guthrie to disavow a group that is so Anti Child Pedophile that they work very hard to expose the Hollywood elite that are involved. The idea that Pedophiles, who many Americans to be some of the sickest people on the planet, could also be so sick as to warship the devil isn’t that far fetched an idea is it? I mean who else would one expect to worship if they were involved in child trafficking?

Many sex trafficking rings have been exposed since the Q theorists mentioned it. Large amounts of children in several cases have been recovered like have been in Georgia. In Atlanta Georgia nearly 40 missing children were recovered in a two week operation to save children from child trafficking ring. This is abhorrent behavior that everyone should disavow like Qanon does. But Savannah Guthrie would rather hate them than say the violence and destruction of Antifa.

Antifa is responsible for human deaths and Biden would disavow them. Moderators won’t even ask him too because they contribute to his campaign. CNBC won’t ask tough questions to the Left because the Left can’t answer any of them.

Qanon can continue the vigilante work of recovering missing often exploited children and the rich and famous that are bank rolling it. Don’t be surprised if Biden and his son have direct ties to the next big ring exposed.

Written by Marie

Polls Are Wrong, Red Wave Coming

National Polls Are Absolutely, Utterly Useless”: Do Donald Trump's Abysmal  Numbers Matter? | Vanity Fair
Former Vice President Joe Biden is said to lead President Trump in just about every poll.

I was sitting back a couple weeks ago watching a Trump Rally, I looked to see how many people were watching, it was over a 110k people watching just on Fox Business, not to mention OANN and Rightside Broadcasting who had each more than 10k watching Trump at a live rally speak. This did not strike me as unusual as Trump often has thousands of people at his rallies. Today I saw that a live Joe Biden rally was on Fox Business, I looked to see how many people were watching, the number was 110 people, not 110k like Trump had, 110, which is one percent of the viewership of a Trump rally. While this is not necessarily as good as a poll, it sure is something to think about.

I have always been skeptical of polls as they are rarely if ever accurate. Let’s take a look at 2016, where Hillary Clinton was up 14 points on election day and said to be 100% likely to be elected according to CNN. Polls this week by Politico, The New York Times, and CNN, have Biden up by at least seven points across the board. According to Cleveland.com Trump narrowly leads Biden in Ohio. With Trump beating Clinton in 2016 handily with him being down 14 points in the polls, with Clinton having small rallies then. Trump was having large rally turnouts then, and still does, whereas some of Biden’s rallies have had less than ten people at them by accounts.

Polling is often times done during the daytime, when most Conservative voters are at work, similar polls taken at night often times vary so badly that they are discounted as anomalies. What I am telling you is that those anomalies are the reality, the working men and women of America are awake and not “woke.” They are voting to keep their tax cuts, to fight against the violence of the left, to keep the police funded if not give them more funding, the majority will show up on election day, barring massive voter fraud from the left this should be a massive victory for Donald Trump and Conservatives across America. With it being possible to flip 17 seats red in the house, and keeping a majority in the Senate.

Even though polling shows there is a 66% chance Democrats could take the Senate, the polls may well be wrong as Donald Trump seems to be as popular as ever if not more, he will carry some of his fellow Republicans on the ticket. The working man and woman will speak on November 3rd.

Written by Stephan Ball

Pelosi planning a Government Coup?

Nancy looking worried

Nancy Pelosi hosted a GodMother Facebook live where each of her guest misrepresented public information defaming the President. All this on the heels of independent polls showing Trump ahead by several points. Moments later Nancy Pelosi announces that she wants a commission to evaluate mental health of President which some are calling a coup. Frightened of a Trump victory in a month time Democrat Nancy Pelosi exceedingly desperate to scare voters and control the Government right now.

Democrats hoping that eluding to a deficit the American public could second guess a Trump Pence vote. Media outlets reporting on Factchecking the Vice Presidential debate showing Kamala Biden history of saying they wish to ban fracking damaged the reputation of Kamala who claims to be an open book. Polls have been showing a decline for Biden Kamala since debate aired.

Hillary Clinton also had a clear lead over Trump in the polls for almost the entire 2016 campaign. She ended up losing in the electoral college. Absolutely none of the polls showed Trump ahead. This information was completely disregarded in 2016 and has to be looming in the minds of the Biden 2020 Campaign. Polls and their inaccuracy is widely disputed, but Trump victory in 2016 was a complete shock to Democrats and Liberals, virtually none seen it coming. Is the same thing happening again? The Democrats actually ridiculed Ann Coulter and laughed when she predicted a Trump win. But, she was spot on.

Is this a desperate attempt to create a coup or desperation because every attempt they make like impeachment has miserably failed?

Written by Marie

Fact Check: Was Biden wearing a wire?

Hidden wire or Rosary?

Facebook is litered with Factcheck links under any conservative post of this picture from the first Debate along with another picture of Biden’s wrist. One such factcheck was done by Reuters Staff which is Facebook’s go to for debunking this. Problem is they failed to show the Rosary which Biden showed in an interview. Many of Reuters points are completely false.

We can start with their assessment that this is NOT in fact a wire but rather a Rosery of his son Beau’s that Biden carries with him in his pocket. Biden shows it here. This looks nothing like the wire image seen above, ruling out the theory suggested by Reuters Staff labelled as “False Evidence”. Quoting social media posts as evidence that Trump supporters would stoop so low as to call a wire what is actually a Rosary, is simply the left calling Conservatives liars when they are actually lying. Clearly these two things are not related. Trump supporters and everyone else can not connect a wire to the image below of a solid circle in which Biden says “used to be silver”. Furthermore the interview Biden claims to always carry it in his pocket. Image also shows he does prefer his wire on his right side.

Beau Biden’s actual Rosary Joe carries in his pocket

Celebrity James Woods does appear to show a video where Biden is messing with the inside of his suit and then you can see a visible wire. Not exactly the solid metal circle shown above by Biden. Reuters continues with false information and goes on to claim that the image of a mic on Biden’s wrist during debate was that of actual wood beads he wears on wrist for son Beau.

Photo of beads Biden does wear
Clearly not the same wood beads and bright silver circle.

Why is it so important to debunk or have those say it was fact checked when it clearly was not? The left appear to be very afraid of the public image of Biden using aids to help him during debate. Clearly the Democrats are worried that social media posts will gain momentum. As far as these independent fact checkers for Facebook you can clearly see their bias and inadequate nature of their investigations always leading them to support for the left.

Fact Check results: True, Biden was wearing some device not attributed to Rosary beads of any kind.

Written by Marie

Trump Pressures Biden Despite Wallace.

Rules set for Trump-Biden debate — and shaped by COVID-19
President Donald Trump, Chris Wallace of Fox News, and Former Vice President Joe Biden

I sat down to watch the first of three debates between President Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden a little skeptical as to the fairness Fox News Anchor Chris Wallace would show Trump. I had seen Wallace critical of Trump far more than he has been of Biden in the past despite the many Biden gaffes.

President Trump came out swinging on Biden, though at first I thought he was being a bit of a bully, then quickly realized it was his strategy all along, he put pressure on Biden and rarely relented despite Wallace obviously trying to protect Biden. While both candidates made interruptions to the other often, Trump’s was more numerous, which if you do not know him makes him come off a bit like a bully.

What most people do not realize is that Trump’s strategy was to force Biden to gaffe under pressure then exploit those gaffes. While there were a lot of Gaffes on Biden’s part and one or two on Trump’s the largest and most prolific one was when Biden fell into a trap with Trump talking about law and order and law enforcement. Trump then told Biden ” You have no support from law enforcement, if you do who is it?” Biden was dumbfounded and stood there with an blank rebooting the computer look on his face and could not name one law enforcement agency or group who was endorsing him in the nation.

Biden said during one exchange that New York City was a Republican led city, perhaps still reliving the old days when Rudy Giuliani was at one time the Republican Mayor who cleaned it up. Biden also said that 100 million people will lose their pre-existing condition status on Medicare under Trump, there are less than 20 million even on the program and it is unknown how many of those have pre-existing conditions as that information is private.

When Trump went after Biden’s kid Hunter recieving 3.5 million dollars from a Russian Oligarch with close ties to Vladimir Putin, Biden quickly said he did not want to talk about his family with Wallace shielding him from what was certain doom.

With Trump pressured by one question he had problems during the night, a paired question by Wallace that asked Trump to condemn White Supremacy and militias, when Trump tried to explain that the two are not the same, Wallace interjected about the “Proud Boys.” Trump did not condemn the proud boys, nor should he, they are not a white supremacy group, they in fact are an anti-terror group aimed at combating the terrorism that Antifa and BLM put through our streets, both Antifa and BLM are made up of mostly white individuals with about as many people of color in them as are in the “Proud Boys.” Trump will not likely condemn militia as that is a right guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution.

All in all it was a mess, Chris Wallace should never and I mean NEVER moderate a debate again in his entire career, his Father Mike Wallace would me ashamed of the bias and favoritism his Son showed during the debate. Clearly not the right choice Fox News to use Wallace, Laura Ingraham would have been my choice as the most unbiased and much better to controlling the debate.

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Will Likely be Drugged During Debate.

Trump calls for pre-debate drug test for Joe Biden - New York Daily News
President Trump tweeted that he would take a drug test prior to the debate, Biden refuses.

With the Presidential Debate just hours away, will Biden be drugged? The likely answer is yes, there is a drug called Namzaric (Donepezil and Memantine) that provides temporary relief from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. With it being clear Biden is in the throws of Dementia as has been attested to by multiple Doctors worldwide, the largest percentage of critical doctors are from countries overseas, maybe the least biased if there is such a thing.

President Donald Trump tweeted a challenge to Biden saying that he would take a drug test prior to the debate and asked Biden to do the same Namzaric (Donepezil and Memantine) can be detected in urine, Biden’s camp refused the challenge.

Democrats are making this election about Kamala Harris, showing that they have little confidence that Biden will last very long even if elected. The Biden’s camp thinking is that Harris can give them traction in the black community, where Biden used to show strength, however due to his gaffes lately his support is slipping among his base. Trump is seen to be surging among black voters expected to take in as much 30-40 percent of the black vote nationwide.

With Trump campaigning for hours, standing behind podiums and walking around, appearing to be in perfect health he seems to be as sharp witted as ever. Biden however has had no interviews longer than a 20 minutes or so in months, is seen standing very little, less than a half an hour at a time. When he has to stand for two hours and answer questions how will he do? Trump’s accusations are that Biden will do fine in the debate because he will be pumped full of drugs to keep him sharp, indicating that he will likely receive doses designed to inhibit his dementia for the two hours during the debate. Will it be enough? We will soon see.

Famous podcaster Tim Kennedy tweeted out a challenge that Joe Rogan should moderate a four hour debate between Biden and Trump, immediately the media began pounding Joe Rogan as being misogynistic, racist, and homophobic. Which of course is their way of saying “no.” Even though Trump has accepted the invitation to the fourth debate moderated by Joe Rogan, Biden has not accepted, nor is he expected to accept.

If Biden were subjected to a four hour Joe Rogan debate it would test the stamina of the candidate. Trump is seen to have a lot of stamina, no questions on that front the man constantly is working 18 to 19 hour days, and at the end still seems sharp witted. Biden has rarely been seen outside of his basement, and when he is at events it is for short periods of time. Each candidate can call what is known as a “lid” each day, which means they will be doing nothing all day and no press should be around, Trump has yet to call a “lid during the last 90 days, whereas Biden has called 9 of them in the last 30 days. Does this go to the mental or physical health of the candidate?

Written by Stephan Ball

The Oregon Conservative

Trump and Biden Exchange Tax Blows

Trump has paid little to no income taxes, NYT says his returns show - KVIA

Illegally gotten tax returns by the New York Times have revealed President Donald Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 out of 15 years beginning in 2000 because he reported losing significantly more than he made, according to the report. Because of the losses, he can claim them against his taxes, which is not uncommon for most of us who have owned a business we know that taking losses and reporting them can often time offset the loss by allowing us to pay less in taxes if any. No surprises here except that the tax returns were illegally obtained and someone will likely go to prison for stealing them and giving them to the New York Times.

TOPSHOT - Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden makes a zero with his hand as he delivers remarks at an aluminum manufacturing facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on September 21, 2020. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)
Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

According to the Wall Street Journal,Vice President Joe Biden used a series of tax code loopholes to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes over the years. The Biden Family structured there family incomes into an S-Corporation in order to avoid paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, while not illegal it is pretty shady especially with the Senate Report out that much of that income came at the enrichment off of Joe Biden being the Vice President at the time. With Hunter, and Joe each collecting monies from the S-corporation loophole, and an investigation ongoing.

The press is following the wrong tax “evader” in this case. With Trump losing millions, he can claim those losses and not pay any taxes, which is a normal thing with business. Joe Biden, a career politician, forming a corporation in order to launder the family money into and avoid paying taxes is much more worrisome. With the explosive GOP report listing that the Biden family enriched themselves at the expense of the US Government, and with family monies being pooled into a corporate holding in order avoid paying taxes to the same government whom you were serving seems illegal, perhaps it is.

Written by Stephan Ball