Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, George Soros, Facing Indictment in Ukraine?

Three men reported to have been indicted by Ukraine Courts

According to New York One News and SCE News, the criminal case involving Joe Biden’s abuse of power with regard to Ukraine and the subsequent political favor hiring of his son, Hunter, by a large Ukrainian energy company is coming to a close. In a Ukraine Federal Court, warrants have been issued for the arrests of both Hunter and Joe Biden with charges of corruption and conspiracy. Interpol has been alerted and an arrest will take place should either set foot in Europe. They have not yet requested extradition from the USA, not sure if extradition would even be granted.

A third warrant is also being issued and this one is a surprise, sources point to George Soros has also been named as a co-conspirator in the case for it turns out that Soros is a partner in the energy company. This should come as little surprise though. When business corruption is involved, Soros whose involvement in election fraud in the U.S. is currently under investigation.

It began with then Vice-President Joe Biden bribing/intimidating the Ukraine Justice Ministry to abandon an investigation into his Son’s Boss, and and ended with Hunter in a $3 million per year job at a Ukrainian energy company, $10 million deposited into the personal bank account of Joe Biden. With three laptops having been seized in adjoining investigations having purportedly files of evidence of wrongdoing on them regarding Joe and Hunter’s involvement.

President Donald Trump was impeached and later exonerated by the U.S. Senate for a phone call where allegedly he asked for an investigation into the Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. While not illegal to ask for investigations into such matters, Democrats used it as a reason to impeach the President, many feel it was a “payback” for trying to uncover the obvious corruptions.

Democrats are calling for prosecutions for any reason against President Trump. Joe Biden said there should be no investigations into Trump or his administration. But Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes of NY (D) endorses investigations into anyone who supports Trump. She also called for a list of Trump supporters so that they maybe punished for their support by suffering investigations and being excluded for any future employment.

Written by Stephan Ball