Intentionally started fires, is it BLM Antifa setting the fires in Oregon Washington?

The Democrats wish they could Fact Check this. CNN continues to put out stories denying the connection while arrests across the Northwest continues. The Left are trying to control the narrative of these fires that started just after Trump basically ended the riots in City of Portland Oregon after saying he would send in the Feds is not related to BLM or Antifa, but arrests now are proving that it’s not conspiracy but fact.

Acord has a long list of arrests to no ones surprise. He claims to make music for his day job when e isn’t setting fires for BLM.

Jeffrey Acord, 36 of Pallyup, called 911 Wednesday evening to report fire that was determined to be started by Jeffrey himself and was arrested as he live streamed. Self confessed BLM Antifa member Jeffrey posts controversial photos on social media.

Jeff (Demologik) Acord

With multiple fires appearing all at once what are the odd that one person starting them would dial 911 himself and get caught. Many times fires are investigated and no determination for how the fire was started is ever found. Is this a new trend or is this one sole BLM Antifa member acting on his own? We consistently see BLM Antifa are highly organized so this doesn’t seem so.

The threat of fire is real in Oregon with towns like Blue River and Vida decimated by fire. Social media post from Dexter Rural Fire Chief Matt Peterson says “A middle-aged man with arm tattoos was seen “lighting two fires in the bushes as you turn towards the dam. “The chief said “several good Samaritans extinguished the fire prior to our arrival. “He asked the public to be on the lookout for a man with a black German Shepherd driving a green Ford or Chevy SUV. Anyone with information about the man is asked to contact law enforcement.

It is an extreme rarity that someone is seen lighting wildfires. So for two of these incidents in Oregon and Washington to have an arrest or suspect description it is rather rare that they are doing it during this horrible wild fire season and in broad daylight said ODFW Spokesman.

We will have to wait and see if any other arrests are linked to the same two organizations. Kamala comments about riots and protests “This is a movement” “This is not gonna stop before November Election” “This is not gonna stop after the election” “This will not stop and should not stop”. She never said it wouldn’t switch tactics after pressure from Donald Trump to give aid with Feds.

I believe America is over it. I believe patriots are not gonna wait and see who is destroying American Forests and Cities. How do we change this destructive force that Democrats back? Is this a coordinated attack?

Written by Marie

Vote by Mail Ripe with Fraud

Ballot Box

Whatever you do, get out and vote, the push by neo-liberals to have vote by mail is stronger than ever, and with already having it here in Oregon we have people telling us it is perfectly safe. That is simply not the case, with the Federal Elections Assistance Commission announcing that during the last four elections mail in ballots have been responsible for 28.4 million missing ballots. This number is huge breaking down into roughly 7.1 million voters per election nationwide. With Hillary Clinton surpassing Donald Trump in the popular vote by as little as a million votes, it is clear that mail in ballots are ripe with fraud, if a party does not like the way a person votes, they just toss the ballot in the trash, it store it away somewhere until it does not matter.

Ballot harvesting tends to be another tactic used in mail in states to cheat. Ballot harvesting is when a parties volunteers and workers use certain ballots and not others when collecting them. This happens in California and North Carolina, with cases in both in recent elections, since most political party volunteers are Democrats, they have oversight on the ballots, and with human error comes temptation, and in a close race sometimes it is too much for Democrats to resist. While I am not saying Republican voter fraud does not occur, it is no where near as prevalent, especially with states that conduct mail in ballots.

If someone comes to you and tells you that vote by mail is safe, send them to this article, I have attached sources at the bottom, giving you all the ammo you need to show them that it is not. As a police officer for many years the “Chain of Custody of Evidence” was paramount, no evidence could be admitted in court if there was a chance it had been tampered with, the same should be said about our votes.

Written by Stephan Ball

Oregon follows California ban on plastic straws

Is Oregon going to follow California down the rabbit hole of plastic straw illegality? Eugene City Council recently held a work session to see if it would be feasible to Outlaw single use plastic food containers or use items. They are discussing drafting an Ordinance toward the goal of making it illegal to disseminate single use plastic items for food or drink consumption. While having already banned plastic bags in 2013. This reporter makes a simple choice when it comes to Eugene and their plastic bag ordinance, while I am concerned about the environment, it is not your job in government to choose for me whether or not I want a plastic bag, so I choose to buy my products elsewhere and Eugene just does not get my money. Springfield, I am sure appreciates the boon in business as there grocery stores and retail centers saw increases across the board after the 2013 ban. I am sure the same will happen this time if there is a ban on straws and plastic spoons, sporks, and such. We will see the fast food businesses in Springfield boom and the ones in Eugene suffer under government oppression and regulation. Remember it at the polls people, less government is good for Capitalism, more Government is bad. With Portland banning single use plastic items for food consumption, what worries me is that we may be following California down the Rabbit Hole they went down, a place of silliness and over regulation, who knows, next they will want us to be strapping fart collectors on the back of our deer so as to limit their effect on the environment. Regulation to a point is okay, but as we saw with former President Obama, over regulation will stifle an economy like a damper on a stove, open the damper, elect officials who will lift some regulation and watch your economy flourish. Contact your legislator and tell them, straws are okay, spoons and sporks are also okay, this is not California and if people want California then move there, please, don’t ruin our state just because you get your feelings hurt. 

Written by Marie