D.C. Pipe Bomb on January 6th was Planted the Night Before.

RNC, $ 50,000 Reward for Seeing Pipe Bombs Outside DNC Headquarters - NBC4 Washington - Florida ...
The RNC has announced a 50k reward for information leading to the arrest of the DC pipe bomber

The night before the infamous riots in the nation’s capital, two pipe bombs were planted at the Democratic and Republican Committee Headquarters. The bombs were not found until the next day, leading many to believe the pipe bombs were linked to the “mostly peaceful” protest at the capital building.

With four civilians killed during the protest and one police officer dying later of unrelated causes, Democrats have called this and “insurrection.” Even with an entire summer of riots an actual “insurrection” in Seattle, Portland, and other major U.S. Cities Democrats are insisting on labeling all Trump supporters as terrorists.

Well I have news for you, America polled that more than 70% of Americans view the Democratic Party as extreme and violent as opposed to just over 30% of Americans seeing Republicans that way. There you have it folks, the left is viewed as violent and the right is not, something is wrong with terrorism is main stream America is overlooked but when protesters fill the streets of our nation’s capital, and some bad actors storm the capital we condemn only those who are protesting a fraudulent election. Democrats twice in the last six years have stormed through police barricades in the nations capital and have occupied the building in riots, without so much as a peep from Mainstream Media.

Pipe bombs can be a variety of different devices, though the most common is using actual sections of pipe with screwed tops at each end one of which is usually holed and a detonator is placed inside whether it be a fuse or a cap of some kind, these bombs while small can do considerable damage in small spaces.

The FBI is seeking information in relationship to this case on the above photographed individual, he or she would have been in D.C. on the night of the 5th of January, and would have a rudimentary knowledge of how to make an explosive device. It is unclear for the motivation of the bombs, and no group has taken credit for the action. If you have any information about the bombs, their maker(s) or the person in the above photo please contact the FBI toll-free 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324)

During the capital protest, members of the extreme left and the extreme right were present. Each side tossing blame at the other in order to curry sympathy from voters. Democrats going so far as to impeach Donald Trump for inciting the riots, even with strong evidence that the riots were pre-planned and that Antifa and BLM activists were participants the left insists it was an insurrection of the right.

Written by Stephan Ball

Capital Attack was Preplanned by Antifa and BLM

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'npr wyiz DONATE Protests Halt Congress' Electoral Ete ount: Live Updates Trump Supporters Storm U.S. Capitol, Clash With Police January 6, 2021 9:33 AM J620219:33AT ET MARISA PEÑALOZA 357 likes krisanne.hall Can someone please explain to me how NPR published this headline at 9:33 am this morning?'
NPR had a story prepared three hours before the first person reportedly stormed the capital building

At least one BLM activist has been arrested so far in connection with the Capital Building assault on January 6th, 2021. Antifa had posted on multiple platforms for their members to dress like Trump supporters and show up, mingle in, and cause havoc. A few Trump supporters went along for the ride with many more choosing not too, shouting things like ” stop breaking those windows, who are you? Antifa?” Yet the violence continued unabated. The FBI has confirmed that they have 170 active criminal investigations into the persons who stormed the capital.

The media has been exposed now as having prior knowledge of the capital attack with multiple persons confirmed as having known the attack was coming before it did. Some sources saying the Capital police let the protesters in a side door without any resistance. According to Flashpoint Media multiple dark colored SUVs pulled up behind the capital building and as many as fifty people exited them and mingled in with Trump supporters, then proceeded to force their way into the building. Another witness testified to seeing Antifa exit four shuttle busses and those people were the ones that assaulted the building itself.

It is confirmed that at least one Trump supporter Ashli Babbit was killed while being unarmed and climbing through a window, she was shot and killed by a member of the capital police. It has also been confirmed by the US DOJ that a Federal Use of Force Probe has been launched into that shooting.

Written by Stephan Ball