The People are Fed up With Brown.

Brown introduces new guidance for reopening Oregon starting May 15 ...
According to Gov. Brown, the state must re-open slowly.

Portland attorney James L. Buchal, in association with attorney Tyler Smith of Canby, Oregon, has filed suit in federal district court to enjoin the Governor’s continuing shutdown of businesses throughout the State. The complaint, brought on behalf of small businesses throughout the State, alleges that full shutdown orders are obviously no longer necessary to prevent Oregon’s emergency health services from being overwhelmed, and that the massive economic harm from the shutdown, and rise in suicides, should “shock the conscience” of the Court. The suit is supported by expert medical testimony warning of the very real adverse effects of the Governor’s lockdown which may even exceed the effects of COVID-19. Buchal warns that “few American citizens understand that perhaps the most fundamental human right, to work to earn money to support oneself, is now perhaps the most disfavored right in the federal courts. Instead of a government of laws, we have a totem pole of rights depending on your identity group, and the rights of ordinary Americans who just want to make a living are at the bottom of that totem pole.” If nothing else, he says, “the suit will constitute a litmus test to identify the federal judges who regard ordinary citizens as mere cattle of the State, not free citizens with inalienable rights.”

With many medical experts predicting the suicides nationally will be more than five times higher than average, more job loss than in the Great Depression. During the Great Depression thousands of people killed themselves due to overwhelming economic pressure, we are seeing that kind of pressure again. With a fatality rate lower than that of Tuberculosis, and what Democrats see a losing economy for President Trump many feel that this virus and it’s lockdown is no needed, and only as tool to get Joe Biden elected as President.

With 24 of the 50 states now open for business, and 11 having never closed, many feel it was not needed in the first place. With more and more people bucking the orders, many feel the initial orders for quarantine were unconstitutional in the first place. For public health lets say the Governor does have the power to order a quarantine, does she have to show a great risk to the people of the state, with less than one percent of the people infected with the virus dying from it, there is no great risk.

Tesla giant, Elon Musk even bucked the system, by re-opening his production plant against lock down orders, daring the people in charge to arrest him. Let us learn from his example, if our simple freedoms as citizens of this great country can be taken with just a wave of a pen, and not returned when the threat is diminished, then we have something we need to be worried about, and it is not the virus, it is our government.

The COVID 19 virus is a risk to be sure, about the same as all of the other flu viruses if you in a high risk category, less deadly than polio, the spanish flu, or tuberculosis and we did not have a national quarantine for those, what is different? Donald J Trump. .

It is time to openly rebel, perhaps not, but lets see how this law suit goes, and see if Brown will re-open on her own, and for Pete’s sake vote for conservatives on your ballot and turn it in. We can do our business at the ballot, we need to vote for conservatives and put them in place, it may take many years to undo what Brown, Defazio, Wyden, and Merkely have done, but together as conservatives we can do it.

Written by Stephan Ball

Netflix Takes Advantage of Corona Virus Scare to Please It’s Viewers.

COVID 19 Virus

With the world seemingly coming to a close, it seems incredible that a major media corporation would capitalize on a worldwide pandemic right? By Netflix suddenly adding the movie “Outbreak” to their catalog for the subscribed viewers. With the last two months of coronavirus scares, Netflix looks to capitalize on the fears of the people by releasing the film and as of today it was the third most watched film on the service when I last checked.

Outbreak was released in 1995, starring Dustin Hoffman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Rene Russo, Kevin Spacey, and Donald Sutherland. It is about the outbreak of a an airborne pathogen that kills large numbers of people and how a team of scientists have to find a cure before the United State Military firebombs a town in rural America. Depicting how inept the government is and how they kept the cure a secret, letting people die, so the government could keep the virus as a weapon.

When terrorist struck this country using aircraft to slam into buildings and the pentagon, the same thing happened post 9/11, movies from many production companies came to theaters and streaming services depicting building crashing down on top of people, and planes and helicopters crashing into buildings, and the audiences ate it up.

With the virus outbreak in many states and almost every school in the country closed, Netflix is sure to be a source of amusement for the kids. Even though today is a weekend, Outbreak is sure to be popular during the week when the kids don’t have to go to school, they can sit at home and watch rural America getting an airborne virus and have to imagine the same thing happening to them, even though the consequences are far less, the thought is still there.

With Barrack Obama on the board of Netflix and the platform being liberal biased you can be assured this was no accident. It is likely a play on the sub-conscious of the voter and have them asking questions like, is the government involved in the coronavirus, do they have a cure for it and don’t want to tell us? With the death rate of the coronavirus far less than the virus depicted in the movie the comparison is not even close, but the comparison is being done for you by Netflix when they, lacking all tact, placed this movie on the their platform in light of the recent events.

Written by Stephan Ball