Democrat Jane Fonda says “Covid is a gift from God to the Left”.

Actress Jane Fonda visits an anti-aircraft position in North Vietnam in this July 1972 file photo.
Hanoi Jane Fonda encouraged men to fight America during Vietnam War.

Hanoi Jane is at it again in an interview on Ellen show saying while laughing “Covid-19 is God’s gift to the Left”. Virtually no response from host, but that is to be expected. As sick as she was during Vietnam encouraging the Vietnamize to fight Americans she is currently still spreading her message of hate and division. According to Dept. of Veterans Affairs list the following:

Vietnam War (1964-1975)
Total U.S. Servicemembers (Worldwide) 6 8,744,000
Deployed to Southeast Asia 7 3,403,000
Battle Deaths 8 47,434
Other Deaths (In Theater) 8 10,786
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater) 8 32,000
Non-mortal Woundings 9 153,303
Living Veterans 5, 10 6,262,000

This is what Jane Fonda encouraged. Sad but this is the far leftist view there is no loyalty to America and certainly no feeling for Conservatives. To say that the death toll in America via Covid-19 is a Gift from God is really disturbing. The left has a gift of 213,000 deaths? That is extremely upsetting to family of those who have died from Covid and its complications. Many of those died alone as family is restricted from visiting almost all those with positive results.

As of writing this article CDC has the total cases as: 7,694,865 and Deaths at: 213,614 Updated: Oct 11 2020 12:20PM CDC website stats. This is a very generous number as we have seen skydiving and motorcycle deaths labeled Covid. America is testing at a higher rate per Population than any other Country. “With more tests there will be more results that is just facts of testing” says CDC rep.

Zero sensitivity for American deaths is not new for Jane Fonda and just as horrific as it was in 1972.

Written by Marie

Positive Covid-19 tests only Republicans or are Democrats keeping silent?

List of Republicans with positive Covid tests makes you wonder why is this not effecting Democrats? Are Democrats silent on their positive tests, or are they just not getting it? Have Democrats taken the vaccine already?

Doctors suggesting that it has to be effecting the communities the same suggest that Democrats with positive tests just aren’t telling the public. Why stay silent?

Theories are all over the internet about how Trump came into contact with Covid with all the precautions he and his staff have taken. With daily testing of the President and his closest family and advisors.

Where are the Democrats who have contracted COVID? Where the Republicans purposely exposed?

Written by Marie

Trump with Covid-19 spends less time down than Biden in Basement.

President and his wife test positive for Covid-19

Trump confirms to the Nation how tough he really is. Spending little down time even when in Presidential Su of hospital. The suite is run by the White House, not the Defense Department, which oversees the rest of the hospital. It has secure comms and includes a dining room.

A dining room is also featured in the suite
Dining room

Many living room-type areas are included in the suite
Living quarters

Trump spent less time down with Covid than Biden in the Basement. Patriots sit outside in a vigil when Trump remained at Walter Reed, as Democrats even Celebrities called for him to die. Social media was banning celebrities for wishing death to Trump. Facebook removes Trump post where he compares Covid with the Flu which he has had before. Facebook now determines which people who have experienced covid first hand and selects which posts they allow. Censorship of our United States President. Unless Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has had Covid he should not limit the freedom of speech of those who have. Twitter banned tweets suggesting death to Trump Facebook however allowed it as long as you didn’t tag Trump. This has upset the left. Rashida Tlaib, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are complaining that Twitter has shielded President Trump from tweets wishing him ill.

Timeline of events:

Tuesday night: Trump appears at the first presidential debate with Biden.
Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.: Trump participates in a fundraiser at the private home of a supporter living in Sherwood, Minnesota, and then goes to a rally in Duluth, Minnesota.
Wednesday night: Hope Hicks, one of Trump’s closest aides, begins to feel ill and tries to isolate herself on Air Force One while traveling back to Washington, D.C.
Thursday afternoon: White House officials learn of Hicks’ positive test result after Trump participates in a roundtable discussion and a fundraiser in Bedminster. Trump then tests again, which he has done daily for some time.
Thursday night: Trump confirms in a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity that Hicks tested positive and that he and first lady Melania Trump just “went out with a test.”
Late Thursday night: A test result confirms Trump is positive for the coronavirus.
Friday 1 a.m.: Trump confirms in a tweet that both he and Melania tested positive for the virus.
Thursday night into Friday morning: Trump is experiencing “mild” symptoms, including a cough, but is doing well. His oxygen saturation is in the high 90 percent range.
Later Friday morning: Trump has a fever, and his oxygen saturation is transiently dipping below 94 percent. Trump is given supplemental oxygen, and his levels returned to normal after about a minute on 2 liters. He remains on oxygen for about one hour. “He was fairly adamant that he didn’t need it,” Dr. Sean Conely, the president’s physician, said at a briefing on Sunday. “He was not short of breath. He was tired, had the fever, but that was about it.”

Friday 11:42 a.m.: Senator Mike Lee, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, confirms in a tweet that he tested positive for the virus on Thursday.
Friday around 4 p.m.: Trump receives a dose of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals’ experimental antibody drug.
Friday around 5 p.m.: Trump is taken to Walter Reed to ensure he receives the best care possible.
Friday 8:24 p.m.: Senator Thom Tillis, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, confirms he tested positive for the virus.
Friday 10:16 p.m.: Former counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway confirms she tested positive for the virus.
Friday evening: Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien tested positive, the campaign confirms.
Saturday morning: Conely, the president’s physician, says they are “72 hours into the diagnosis,” putting Trump’s positive diagnosis on Wednesday, not Thursday evening. He later says he misspoke and meant to say “Day 3 of the diagnosis.” Trump tells the medical team, “I feel like I could walk out of here today,” a sign that Dr. Sean Dooley, a pulmonary physician, says is an encouraging sign.

Dr. Sean Conley, Donald Trump’s physician, gives an update on the president’s health on Sunday.BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/GETTY

donald trump coronavirus timeline doctors

Saturday: Trump receives the steroid dexamethasone because of transient low oxygen levels. His oxygen levels drop to about 93 percent. He remains fever free for 24 hours.
Saturday 11:37 a.m.: Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie confirms in a tweet he tested positive and checks into Morristown Medical Center that evening.
Saturday night: Trump is given a second dose of the antiviral drug remdesivir and experiences no potential side effects.
Sunday: The president hasn’t had a fever since Friday morning, and his vital signs are stable. He’s walking around “without limitation” and has normal cardiac, liver and kidney functions. If his condition continues as it has for the day, his medical team may discharge him from the hospital on Monday.

Sunday night: Trump receives his third dose of remdesivir.
Monday morning: White House chief of staff Mark Meadows tells Fox News’ Fox & Friends that the president’s health “continued to improve” overnight and that he’s “optimistic” Trump will return to the White House on Monday.

Monday 11:26 a.m.: McEnany confirms she has tested positive for the virus.

Monday 2:38 p.m.: Trump tweets that he will be leaving Walter Reed at 6:30 p.m. and is “feeling great.” He encourages people to not to be afraid of COVID-19 or to let it “dominate” their lives.

Trump will receive his fourth dose of remdesivir on Monday evening before returning to the White House, and doctors plan to administer the fifth and final doses after he goes home.

Written by Marie

CDC COVID-19, Facebook FactCheckers got it WRONG!

CDC playing right in to Politicians hands about this crisis of Covid-19 deaths, but now are coming clean with the real data which shows COVID-19 isn’t the deadly virus they touted. Many of you have probably read or seen News stats on Covid deaths by State and even Zipcodes. But, how many of these deaths are misreported as Covid that are really an underlying cause?

Reports started surfacing the internet and social media about inflated numbers. Facebook even created an algorithm for denying such claims and had them independently Factchecked. Well, the fact is it’s true. Death of one Florida man in a motorcycle accident was reported as a COVID-19 caused death. It was clearly not the case. Inflating numbers help with funding and shut downs. Yep, they needed inflated numbers to shut down Cities and Economies.

Don’t believe me yet? One California man died tragically in a skydiving accident and without testing it was labeled Covid-19 death and added to the statistics. Crazy but FactCheckers on Facebook will not mention these numerous cases. Or why no State or City addressed the need for central location for HAZMAT for all these used dirty possibly infected masks?

One thing being FactChecked on Facebook is the trending posts about the CDC’s new numbers. The CDC data that came out overnight. CDC did change it’s data to show that 94% of Covid deaths now be listed actual causes of death along with Covid. Shady data if you ask me. FactChecking on Facebook tries to explain away the data that the Center for Disease Control itself has reported like “roughly 6 percent of those who died while having COVID-19, the virus “was the only cause mentioned” as a cause of death”. But, those are the current facts.

The CDC own website sites the flollowing information:

Deaths due to COVID-19 may be misclassified as pneumonia or influenza deaths in the absence of positive test results, and pneumonia or influenza may appear on death certificates as a co-morbid condition. Additionally, COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to influenza-like illness, thus deaths may be misclassified as influenza. Thus, increases in pneumonia and influenza deaths may be an indicator of excess COVID-19-related mortality.

Misclassified is defined as: transitive verb. : to assign (someone or something) to an incorrect group or category : to classify wrongly a species misclassified in the wrong genus. This means the data this whole time was corrupted like Trump told us it was. He has had his Tweets banned, and Facebook blasted with FactCheck information trying desperately to tell a false tale of COVID-19. But why?

Why did Twitter get away with deleting Tweets showing the actual data from CDC that Trump posted? His facts were as stated by CDC. List of Republicans or Trump supporters who also sent out posts or tweets included Tammy Bruce Charlie Kirk Turning Point U A Jason Alexander Roberge The Cain Gang (ran by Herman Cain Family). Factchecking is only happening to Conservative voices across social media and that Bias has to stop. Having your free speech violated with no recourse is also disturbing. You can’t factcheck the factcheckers, or ask for review. Your opinions on CDC facts does not matter to Social Media giants.

Social media giants are ran by Democrats. Major News Networks also Democrat biased in Media reporting. Democrats are doing everything they can to populate dislike for the current President his handling of Covid or anything for that matter. Even though many experts believe that the real numbers of support for Biden accross the U.S. is actually around 3%. Yeah, even Democrats are tired of Democrats, they are calling it the Red Wave or Red Kingdom or Silent Majority. Anything that draws attention away from Mail in Voting or Debates with Biden.

Another possible motivation for pushing the false narrative is Funding. Future Funding to be exact. Funding for clinics hospitals for anything in the distant future can be effected by the numbers being reported by the CDC.

Tell me what you think.

Written by Marie