The Real threat this Thanksgiving is in person communication not COVID-19.

Thanksgiving 2020

Published: November 24, 2020

The Real threat this Thanksgiving is in person communication not COVID-19.

Democrat governors across the nation have shut down their States for Thanksgiving, touting the ability to spread COVID-19 and rising numbers of cases. But we’ve seen Democrats do this tactic before and not all the information they’ve given us is completely accurate not even CDC numbers.

I guarantee you the politicians celebrities and the rich elites aren’t going to hold their celebrations this Thanksgiving rather they’re going to have large over the top parties like we’ve never seen. They only want liberals and Republicans to obey.

The Democrats have the monopoly of controlling News Media and Social Media. We learned by Mark Zuckerberg‘s testimony under oath not only does Social Media network Facebook and Twitter work together they also work with Google. With these tech giants working together with Major News Networks Like CNN and Fox they strictly ban the flow of information so they control flow of information they want us to here. The real threat to Democrats is that families and friends would all be getting together and talking. Sharing communication that they’ve learned not on the few networks sharing facts and social media that’s not censoring.

That’s why we risk so much letting the media and social media limit our freedom of speech. When they can’t control our freedom of speech they have to be able to control where we go who we see what we’re talking about. So they control Churches Families Friends who we trust. In person they cannot monitor what we’re sharing and that’s the real risk. Talking in person they can’t label is faults information misleading or even out of context which is laughable.

If you’re like me and you’re tired of having your freedom of speech stomped on, completely trampled, and left laying dead on the floor of Facebook and Twitter, then you’re going to gather. You with your friends and your family and you’re gonna talk about what’s going on in the nation talk about this attempt to steal the election and you’re going to talk about what steps we can do next to take our nation back for Trump. He’s already done so much for us it’s time for Republicans to be a little bit tougher a little bit stronger and fight a little bit harder than the dirty Democrats if we’re gonna make any headway for our future generations. If we don’t want to live in a country that’s communist like China we have got to be fighters. One of the smallest steps in fighting is resisting communist orders like we’re fighting in Oregon against Kate Brown.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, so remember, communicating in person is the the real risk for Democrats. Will you just let them take that too?

Written by Marie

Springfield Oregon Spirit Halloween on Gateway Street pushes Trump as a Devil for the corrupt Left.

Is Spirit Halloween trying to impact Voting in 2020 Election? This Anti Trump Anti American bias from an individual store manager or policy of Spirit Halloween Corporate Office?

We contacted Spirit Halloween Legal and Media Department this morning after Social Media posts of pictures from the Gateway Springfield store broke. Spirit Halloween Corporate said they would contact our website for media comment which they have not done.

Pretty bold move since Covid-19 has drastically lowered sales as traditional Halloween and events are canceled across the Nation. many Americans want to put their money into places that aline with their views. This is why so many boycott businesses with views that seem to not morally aline with their views.

Daisy Proud Antifa member posts often incite personal attacks on individuals who support the United States and or Trump.

Daisy Passenger boasts of his/her Antifa membership with posts that often incite attacks on persons who show support for The United States and for the President.

Prior posts about Antifa protests and anti protests in Springfield. More specifically individual anti protesters with pro Trump affiliations. This is what the Antifa Movement is fueled by violence and destruction like we have seen in Portland.

How Facebook has not ban this person yet is beyond us. The leftist following he/she has also does not disappoint with spreading hateful messages. And the left wondered why 2016 had a Trump Victory.

Antifa Member boasts of employment at Walmart Stores

I will put my prediction out there that is sort of hate spread by Antifa will ensure another victory in 2020, by a landslide! Americans are sick and tired of this propaganda spewing hate filled posts and attacks.

More Tolerant leftists comments.
Again leftist spread vile messages of tolerance.
Even leaving dishonest fake reviews isn’t below these people. The always inclusive Left showing who they truly are. Spreading hate wherever they go.

These attacks and foul messages is that the aim of Spirit Halloween? Has Sprit Halloween aligned with the corrupt left? Would you shop at a Anti Trump store?

Written by Marie

CBS ABC and NBC Covered for Epstein and Liberal Elites

With the impeachment inquiry being all anyone can talk about, we are letting the real news pass us by. The fact is that it is likely that the Main Stream Media in America is broken so badly that it can only tell you it’s pre-programmed propaganda, so ingrained with corruption that it will protect the elites.

NBC covered up the Harvey Weinstein rape and sexual abuse accusations according to Farrow, one of their better known journalists. Who said the Clinton Campaign reached out to him, along with management at NBC to kill the story on Weinstein prior to the 2016 election. If it were exposed that Clinton were close with Weinstein and he were a rapist it would likely look bad on her campaign.

ABC now appears to have killed a story on Jeffrey Epstein that would have linked Bill Clinton to Epstein prior to the 2016 election. Well not allowing negative information to come out about a presidential candidate or their family is election interference also. According to ABC the said the story did not meet their “strict” editorial guidelines, whereas according to the tape released there were multiple sources and a taped interview with the accusers.

CBS now joins the crew as it covers for ABC by firing the leaker who had access to the tape and released it exposing this very thing. Isn’t this whistle blowing? The very thing the liberal elite tell people to do ” if you see something say something.” Evidently CBS fires whistle blowers.

Written by Stephan Ball

What Liberalism is today

Liberalism is an ideal designed in the current political climate of the world as it is now, Most of us who are self-professed conservatives now would easily be liberals in the 1960s if we took the beliefs we held today and were in those time. Asking what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you is more the motto of the Democrats today. Whereas, people who call themselves conservative these days still see that as the way, we still call ourselves patriot and we stand for the flag and the anthem.

If we brought our views of same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana back to the civil rights movement, along with our always held beliefs that all people are created equal we would be labeled a liberal and a leftist. We might even be thrown in jail for our radical thoughts, we certainly would have supported our troops in Vietnam, we would have held Nixon accountable during the Watergate investigation. So what has changed us? Why are we this thing now?

When Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights legislation against many of his parties wishes it was part of a plan to have key Democrats switch parties and then to announce that the parties had switched platforms, Johnson’s goal was to win the southern black vote while seeming to be the party for civil rights, when the Democrats were anything but. The northern Republicans at the time did not see it coming and welcomed fleeing Democrats into their party with open arms, not knowing it was the seed of Johnson’s plan that by having less than one percent of all Democratic politicians change parties, but politicizing it,  he could say the most racist Democrats have left the parties new platform.

As the Democrats listen to their constituents, their base grows farther and farther left. The very idea of socialism and communism in the United States could have gotten you thrown into jail, now self-avowed communist and socialist are on the news every night promoting their wanted way of life. One even is running for President. Switching partied for them worked until recently, with Trump getting 28% of the black vote in 2016, and with people like Candace Owens and Herman Cain showing that true patriots and allies of the black community have always been within the conservative base. 

The party of the people is the conservatives in America who stand up against racism, whether it be the Democrat’s KKK, Neo-Nazis, or the Antifa. The religious right has always been seen as the problem with the Republican party, by those people who are conservative but not religious they see the inclusion of religion in politics to be confusing, and cumbersome.

The Libertarian view is that the Constitution needs to be followed and that the individual liberties of the people outweigh the rights of the government in all but the direst of circumstance. Many Libertarians claim they are liberals who vote conservative on most issues because that is where the parties goals lie.

The two-party system of government in the country is what is wrong, there is no check and balance on either of the two parties in power, corruption through political action committees is rampant, having parties protect members from prosecution for crimes, and agreeing to pay off sexual harassment claims with taxpayer funds rather than making the members pay it off and publicize the event. Political parties and being a member of one should be illegal, people elected to office should do so on their individual merit, not the merit of a (D) or an (R) by their names. 

Written by Stephan B

Why Nancy Pelosi’s negative comments will cost any Democrat the 2020 Election

Nancy Pelosi has emboldened herself as Judge Jury and Executioner and it will cost the Democrats. Comments like the Trump family should have an intervention, and she worries for the well being of the President while also attacking him and pushing for impeachment.

What is confusing to most on the fence voters is why she would worry about him while also attacking his character. The American public feels like its a strategic strategy to break the people on the fence about which way they will vote. The Democrat strategy is to make comments that the President is less than because in their opinion has some emotional or mental struggles. The sad part is people 1 out of 6 Americans do suffer from some sort of mental illness and having an unskilled uneducated Pelosi diagnosing and then ridiculing the President does not sit well with millions of Americans.

“It’s not a joke and its not funny” say Independent voters. “It’s exactly what the Democrats accused Trump of doing making fun of handicap people, if that is in fact what he did, we now have to question what Democrats want us to feel.”

Many voters polled said they believe the hate that is coming from top Democrats will cost the 2020 Elections.

Written by Sheamus

Trump closes gap with Democrats and extends DACA build the wall

Trump gave concessions on DACA in his speech from the White House today, offering more protections for the “Dreamers” if he can get funding for the wall. Stating the illegal immigration is at an epidemic level, with the government at it’s 29th day of being partially shutdown. 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed or working without pay as President Trump stands his ground on this issue. Nancy Pelosi stated the offer was not reasonable. Other sources say the offer would likely not pass the Senate. With Illegal immigration at an unprecedented level, and detention centers filled to overflowing, one this is clear; our immigration system is broken. With neither side budging at all, it appears we are in for a long wait, the winter could be cold for those employees who are without pay. Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois wants to start the government again then talk about the issues at hand. With illegal immigration costing 150 billion dollars a year, and a wall threatening to cut illegals crossings by up to 90%, it seems logical to fund the wall. Wall funding was approved in past on multiple occasions, the last time was in 2013. With more than 35,000 homeless persons just in California alone, it would seem we need to take care of our domestic issues before letting more people cross unvetted into our country. The total homeless population of the United States is around 114,000 with California having the vast majority. With the average education level of of the illegal immigrant being at just sixth grade. With the lack of education and a skilled labor force it could send the homeless number much higher, or reduce the number of jobs available to those who already have a hard time finding labor ready jobs, which are almost always the only jobs those with limited education levels can get. Conservative voices are all for immigration on a merit based system, bringing the educated, healthy, and those without a criminal background to our country to fill the places of the more than 250,000 visas extended each year. With illegal immigration, it is like line jumping, imagine waiting 20 minutes in like at Starbucks, and then at the last second the person walking through the door gets to order before you, because they want to avoid the line, except the line is the law and it is being broken, with many liberal havens giving haven to illegals through the guise of sanctuary cities. 

Written by Marie

Why Americans need the Wall

Our President, whether you like him or not wants a wall built along our southern border with Mexico. The shared border is roughly 1954 miles long, porous in some places and impossible to traverse in others. With 580 miles of barriers and walls already in place, the President is calling for 5 billion dollars to be funded for the wall in the upcoming budget. Democrats in Congress have resisted putting that much money in the budget as an obstruction to one of Trump’s cornerstone campaign pledges. Why do Democrats and liberals not want a wall with Mexico? I began exploring answers to that question and found a few disturbing revelations; Democrats control most of the local governments of the large cities in America, with a border wall, which is estimated to reduce drug smuggling into the U.S by as much as 80 percent. This would go horrible for Democrats seeking re-election, showing that the wall works, then by the rising drug prices in the inner cities, crime would go through rampant growth by as much as 400 percent, with addicts committed more and more crime to feed the ever growing prices of street level narcotics. Democrats would be seen as losing control, much as New York was viewed in 1994 when Rudy Giulianii a Republican was elected to reduce crime in the city, due to an apparent out of control crime problem. Democrats cannot afford to lose control of their inner cities, they cannot afford for that voter base to see Republican candidates doing a good job, if they were they may lose control of that cities voting base and as such the congressional districts, poor people would see a Republican party as a saviour and it would certainly spell the demise of the Democrats who rely on poor and minority ignorance to get re-elected; Second is that according to Senator Diane Feinstein (D) California said ” who will pick our crops.” if there are no illegal aliens, indicating that illegal immigrant farm workers were being used to replace American  workers for lower pay to perform work that was beneath or below an American worker, sound familiar? From 1830 until the beginning of the civil war in 1861, slaves were used to pick cotton primarily, with abolish advocates seeking the end to slavery Democratic Party shouts of “who will pick our cotton!” Also the calling card of slave owners attempting to keep slavery legal. Illegal immigrants are the Democratic Parties slaves, by giving them an estimated 100 billion dollars a year nationally in social program assistance, and using them in their fields they have just changed the color and nationality of their slaves. I am still pondering the question of why the Democrats would not seal the border with a wall to stop human trafficking, by funneling sex trade workers, terrorists, exploited children they are just continuing to agree to the slavery and abuse of these people. The DEA announced that building a wall along the southern border would slow the flow of drugs into the country. The U.S Border Patrol agrees with the President in that a wall would reduce illegal immigration by 90 percent across the southern border. With illegal immigration costing 100 billion dollars a year. Building a wall would pay for itself in the first six months and would pay for itself 500 times in the first ten years, but when did making sense affect the decision of the government? The answer to that is Donald J. Trump, he seems to be trying to make sense, doing things that make the country better, thinking of America first before other nations. He has put forth requests to have NATO partner nations to begin paying their fair share. Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, not because Climate change is a myth, but because not all of the nations in the accord were being treated fairly, China and India did not have to meet the same standards in the accord that the U.S. did until the year 2040. In short, the Democrats don’t want a wall because of Donald J. Trump. Senator Schumer (D) New York said in 2009 that a strong southern wall was needed to keep out illegal immigration, Even Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton have statements on the record where they supported a strong southern wall to prevent illegal immigration. They probably held that stance until they realized they needed those future votes to stay in power, as those educated Americans realize that the Democratic Party does not have the best interest of America at heart, but they have the best interests of their pocketbooks as heart.

Written by Shaemus