“Not my President” Joe Biden Enacts Stupidity on Day One.

Joe Biden, on his first day as an illegitimate President enacts massive moves toward a socialist agenda

Whether or not you believe Joe Biden won fairly and without election fraud or not, he has the power to enact Executive Orders from his Office. For the 50 million or so that voted for him they can own this crap=fest for the next four years as on day one Biden or whomever controls him has enacted Executive Orders starting America on it’s way to war and socialism. I will never call him President, as I believe it will be shown that he only won through election fraud, the evidence I have seen personally and that has been testified to under oath by hundreds of people is more than enough to show it to anyone who keeps an open mind.

From the White House and probably not having read the actual orders themselves, Biden signed an order requiring masks, (even though Dr. Fauci has said masks have no impact whatsoever on the spread of the virus) and social distancing on federal property. As part of the third order he signed, Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement on climate change, a treaty the U.S. formally exited in November after Trump withdrew in 2017, as the agreement was highly unfair to the United States and other countries by failing to force Russia, China, and India, to go by the same standards Americans do.

Biden was expected to sign 15 executive orders and other directives Wednesday, with several more coming over the next 10 days. The first three were signed on camera from the Oval Office. 

Biden was also expected to end construction of Trump’s signature wall on the U.S.-Mexican border, by proclaiming the “immediate termination” of the national emergency declaration Trump used to fund it. He is also expected to rejoin the World Health Organization, which Trump abandoned in July. The same World Health Organization that failed to even recognize the people of Taiwan, and that insisted China was not at fault for the Covid-19 virus, even though top scientists have shown that it was likely grown in a lab and is likely manmade in origins. The same WHO that failed to stop the outbreak, or come up with a vaccine. Donald Trump was responsible for getting the vaccine for Covid-19 in record time. Every death from Covid-19, the 100 or so today are all on Joe Biden.

Biden is also expected to take executive action to reverse Trump’s ban on travel from predominantly Muslim countries. Which will likely increase terrorist attacks inside of the United States, without conferring with intelligence assets on the ground in those countries and taking time to explore the reasoning he just reversed it, such is the hatred of Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is set to terminate the Keystone Pipeline, which in and of itself will raise the price of fuel in the U.S. hurts our Canadian Allies by stopping them from being able to move their oil to the Gulf of Mexico, this was mostly to punish Texas for voting against him, also stopping about 15% of our oil exports to other countries, costing an estimated 10,000 living wage jobs nationwide. Not good for a first day Joe.

Rescinding Trump’s, 1776 Commission a panel Trump established as a response to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, a Pulitzer Prize-winning collection that focused on America’s history with slavery, and the Democratic Parties ties to it.

Revoking Trump’s plan to exclude noncitizens from the census. which allows them to be counted, while some might not see this as a problem, it allows for excess persons inside of strong Democrat areas to be counted and as such allows for them to be able to hold more seats in the House of Representatives, receive more federal funding (our taxes going to pay for criminals to receive benefits better than most Americans get.)

Prohibiting workplace discrimination in the federal government based on sexual orientation and gender identity and directing federal agencies to ensure protections for LGBTQ people are included in anti-discrimination statutes. Which was already a law, he just decided he needed an EO to make himself look good.

Creating a COVID-19 response coordinator who will report directly to the president. This was Vice President Pence’s job, likely Kamala Harris is unable to do the job, lacking the experience for such a task.

Revoking Trump’s 2017 Interior Enforcement Executive Order, circumstances  of illegal aliens subject for removal, restarted the Secure Communities program and supported the federal 287(g) deportation program, which made it easier to get them out of the country. With plans in the works for Amnesty for Illegals in order to create 11 million new Democrats (some of which voted for Joe this time) the border wall construction halted and the borders now open with Amnesty looming watch out we should see sharp increases in illegals showing up in America, Joe just rang the “free lunch” bell, we will see who shows up to get their free stuff.

Joe Biden also wants to give Americans another $1400. While I understand the Covid-19 thing and the need for it, we cannot just keep spending money we do not have, eventually someone is come to collect, and with China holding most of our debt and their man in our White House the time might be upon us.

Biden promised to introduce an Amnesty Bill “immediately” upon taking office. It will include an eight-year pathway to citizenship for immigrants living in the USA without legal status, an expansion of refugee admissions and the use of new technology to patrol the border, no wall but better sensors so we pick them up after they get into the country and then they can be citizens, who the hell comes up with Biden’s geniuses because it is not him, the guy could barely walk and I have heard children talk in a more plain manner than he does, sickening really.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats Panic to Impeach Trump

The article of impeachment charges President Trump with “incitement of insurrection,” saying he is guilty of “inciting violence against the government of the United States.”
The only candidate to thoroughly embarrass Democrats time and time again is impeached in a show of panic and weakness.

With 2020 election fraud a foregone conclusion and Republicans in to much of a disorganized state to fight it, Democrats will likely take control of the White House on January 20th. With another impeachment passed in the House of Representatives, it will now go to the Senate where hopefully common sense will take root and it will again be defeated.

I have formally joined the Patriot Party and have been sending messages to every Republican Senator https://contactsenators.com/ and informed them that if they want the Patriot Party vote in any election from here on out they will listen to us. The power of the vote and money are the only things they listen too, while I don’t have much of the latter I have my vote and the votes of my fellow Patriots that we can use to fight back against the tyranny of bloated government, usually Democrat, but below is a list of people we need out of Washington D.C., we need to primary them in 2022, and send them into retirement.

Ten Republicans crossed party lines to vote with Democrats on impeachment, No surprise anyone that Liz Cheney WY (R) voted for impeachment, she has long hated President Trump since he started draining the swamp where she resides, she is the Daughter of former Vice President and ultimate swamp dweller Dick Cheney. Representatives Adam Kinzinger Illinois (R), Dan Newhouse and Jamie Herrera Beutler from Washington State, both Republicans, Fred Upton (R), Michigan’s longest-serving current House member, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio (R), Tom Rice (R) of South Carolina, and the tenth and finale betrayal of President Trump came from David Valadao of California (R).

The reason the Democrats gave was that President Trump incited a riot by causing the Capital Building breach on 01/06/2021 through his words. While none of the words the President said called for a riot or to invade the building, yet they blame him because mounting evidence of election fraud has started making Democrats nervous that Trump may enact martial law until a new election could be held with in person voting.

Written by Stephan Ball

A Patriot Call to Action

GOP's Favorability Highest In 7 Years - Jim Heath TV

On January 6th of 2021, Electors will meet at a joint session of Congress, where they electoral votes will be almost certainly challenged by GOP representatives. What we need you the people to do is, Call every Senator on the following list and tell them that if they fail to fight for the disenfranchised voters of America against this election fraud by not supporting the objecting Representatives they will lose you as a voter for the GOP forever, as almost certainly they will lose at least half of their voting base overnight.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is likely the best shot at objecting to respective voting fraud. His contact information link is; https://contactsenators.com/texas/ted-cruz

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky; https://contactsenators.com/kentucky/rand-paul

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee ; (202) 224-3344

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina ;(202)224-6121

Senator Mike Lee of Utah ; (202) 224-5444

I have also included the link below for you to contact any and all Senators and tell them to support President Donald Trump and that election fraud should not be tolerated.


Written by Stephan Ball

Corporate HQ of Dominion Raided Connected to US Election Fraud

FBI Whistleblower Dominion Software Critical Insider Threat to Elections - PatriotBites.com
The corporate HQ for Dominion is in Frankfurt Germany. It is confirmed that Dominion has been raided and software seized in connection with election fraud in the US.

Sidney Powell, a lawyer for the Trump for President Campaign has confirmed that there was a raid in Frankfurt Germany by law enforcement officials, where Dominion Software was seized and is being analyzed for irregularities.

Dominion vote tabulation services are used in 11 U.S. States for vote tabulation and storage, with the Headquarters in Frankfurt, it looks like votes in our election were sent to Frankfurt and counted there and then returned to the states in question, in direct violation of US law.

As of now Powell confirmed that major fraud has been discovered that will assure Donald Trump of a second term. Powell said that the evidence they have will come up in discovery of a courtroom proceeding, she said that this is not a “glitch” but instead shows clear fraud and election tampering. A man by the name of Lord Mark Malloch Brown is one of the owners of Dominion Voting and has a direct connection with George Soros.

Dominion has had it’s problems over the years, “Dominion “got into trouble” with several subsidiaries it used over alleged cases of fraud. One subsidiary is Smartmatic, a company “that has played a significant role in the U.S. market over the last decade,” according to a reports published by UK-based AccessWire. Litigation over Smartmatic “glitches” alleges they impacted the 2010 and 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines, raising questions of cheating and fraud. An independent review of the source codes used in the machines found multiple problems.”

We have become a third world democracy people, where elections can be stolen and given to someone we all know could not surpass Barrack Obama in total votes. Wake up and tell President Trump you support him as he fights against this corruption. We as a country stand in peril, on the precipice of losing our very freedoms.

Written by Stephan Ball