Democrats desperate to force Trump to disavow Qanon. Why?

Savannah Guthrie Trump Town Hall

Savannah Guthrie was desperate to have Trump disavow a group of what she calls “Conspiracy Theorist”, but why? Why not use your time to ask Trump real hard hitting questions that Americans would get answers to things that make a real change to their day to day life? The Democrats desperate to put out one narrative that Trump just wasn’t going to allow.

Fielding the same old question about White Supremacy Trump said “I have disavowed them for years”. Trump says he disavows White Supremacy as he does with Antifa. He then asks why Biden isn’t at least asked by the Left why if Biden would disavow Antifa too? Why is Biden not asked the tough questions about his son. Why is Biden always given questions a toddler would be able to answer? Why is Biden given a pass with racist comments?

Why is it so important to Savannah Guthrie to disavow a group that is so Anti Child Pedophile that they work very hard to expose the Hollywood elite that are involved. The idea that Pedophiles, who many Americans to be some of the sickest people on the planet, could also be so sick as to warship the devil isn’t that far fetched an idea is it? I mean who else would one expect to worship if they were involved in child trafficking?

Many sex trafficking rings have been exposed since the Q theorists mentioned it. Large amounts of children in several cases have been recovered like have been in Georgia. In Atlanta Georgia nearly 40 missing children were recovered in a two week operation to save children from child trafficking ring. This is abhorrent behavior that everyone should disavow like Qanon does. But Savannah Guthrie would rather hate them than say the violence and destruction of Antifa.

Antifa is responsible for human deaths and Biden would disavow them. Moderators won’t even ask him too because they contribute to his campaign. CNBC won’t ask tough questions to the Left because the Left can’t answer any of them.

Qanon can continue the vigilante work of recovering missing often exploited children and the rich and famous that are bank rolling it. Don’t be surprised if Biden and his son have direct ties to the next big ring exposed.

Written by Marie

Giuliani Breaks the Banks with Tweet!

Under Article 2 Section 3 of the Constitution, The President has an obligation to investigate

According to the President’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani 5.3 billion dollars were paid out through the American Embassy in Ukraine to NGO’s Burisma was an NGO at that time, and if they received any money amounting to more than fifty dollars from the U.S. Government while Joe Biden was Vice President and Hunter Biden was on their board, all involved would be committing a crime.

If there was any “reasonable suspicion” that a crime was committed the President must investigate and ask that it be investigated before giving any further aid to a foreign power. Reasonable suspicion is even less than probable cause, and I as a 17 year retired police officer with just what I see far more than reasonable suspicion on Joe and Hunter Biden’s part.

According to the tweet Yovanovitch was the Ambassador at the time and was also a witness in the impeachment hearings, yet she mentioned nothing of this money, nor of asking police to stop any investigations. I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the ice berg that sank the Democratic party, stay tuned!

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Threatens Graham Over Potential Probe.

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Finally! a Republican who wants to investigate the swamp, Senator Linsey Graham (R SC.) has requested documents concerning Hunter Biden and Ukraine from the U.S. State Department. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the request had been made by Senator Graham.

The President’s Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that what Joe Biden said sounds like a threat to a U.S. Senator, and not something someone would say if there is nothing there. Giuliani also went on to say that Joe is acting similar to many of the “mob bosses” in cases he prosecuted early in his career. Giuliani wrote a three page letter to Senator Graham who is the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked him to interview three witnesses, outlining three witnesses that have direct knowledge of corruption and violation of of the Hobbs Act concerning Hunter and Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was visibly shaken and said “Lindsey is about to go down a road I think he will regret his whole life.” He went on to address Senator Graham by saying he was embarrassed for him, the response was emotional and touched a nerve close to home with the impeachment inquiry concerning going on, there are calls from many for Senator Graham to take up an investigation into Hunter Biden and his relationship with Burisma, a Ukraine Energy Company that made Hunter a board member while his Father then Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of U.S. Ukraine Energy policies.

Hunter Biden, kicked out of the navy for cocaine use, get a job in a country where he had never been, does not speak the language, and knows virtually nothing about the energy sector, however his Daddy is the Vice President of the United States of America during a time when Ukraine is seeking to get out from under the thumb of Russian energy dependence. Democrats waving their hands, “Nothing to see here, move along, move along.” as they try to impeach Trump for seeking to get Ukraine and the Attorney General Barr to investigate the connections there to see if there is any corruption.

When Joe was the VP he went to Ukraine with US Loan guarantees and according to his own statement he did have the loan assurances to Ukraine and threatened to leave unless the prosecutor who was investigating his Son’s company was fired without giving them to Ukraine. According to Joe the investigator was fired. Democrats say the investigator was corrupt and needed to be fired. Ukraine is full of corruption, even many Democrats agree, with that said you would think they would want to get to the bottom of it. Nope, all you hear is crickets from the mainstream media, still calling for Trump to be impeached for even asking Ukraine to look into it. Remember this when you vote in 2020.

Written by Stephan Ball