Why Americans should take a deep look and Jill Biden.

EXCLUSIVE SOURCE: Biden Daughter’s Diary Details ‘Not Appropriate’ Showers With Joe As Child
  • Published: October 28th 2020

Jill and Joe Bidens daughter left her personal diary behind in a rental home and now we get a confirmation on what is on Bidens son Hunters laptop. Trama and sexual issues in her diary in entries. Very private personal information about her therapy and issues with her mother.

Jill is described as emotionally unavailable and possibly distancing herself from her daughter for inappropriate relationship between Joe Biden, Ashley Biden dad and daughter. She writes details of having to shower with her father and having to be wiped too late in the game.

Also indicating that instead of her mother protecting her she distanced herself emotionally to Ashley knowing the family predilection for underaged girls. Jill certainly knew her husband had a predilection for underage females because of the media push to show pictures and video of him smelling and touching young girls. Intimate messages and writings from her own children would make this very clear to the world what Jill knew and by when.

She also recalls to being sexualized at a very young age, somewhere about 5 years, with Caroline referring to her cousin Caroline Biden. Implying that family or someone close to the family made her feel sexualized with her cousin.

Ashley Biden’s Diary

This certainly not something her mother would not know. The family knows and many printed pictures of text messages from Hunter about the family knowing of his inappropriate relationship with girls who were underage. Text messages mention that his mother Jill is the one who made the accusations and why he could no longer be around “unnamed daugher”. As to who’s daughter was redacted.

Even though it was redacted for America Joe and Jill knew and they helped cover it up. Find the messages here. Messages that again mention Jill saying that he was sexually inappropriate with kids. and that he wont be aloud around the daughter unless his dad Joe is around as well. Everything is indicating that Jill knew, Joe was in denial but both were in cover up mode.

Shocking Text Messages Show Joe & Jill Biden COLLUDED To Cover Up Hunter’s Actions With A MINOR

As a mother looking at this you can’t help but to be sick to your stomach that this is who your married to, this is also what you created and brought into the world and are now forced to clean up after. Her clean good mom image is now shattering all over and the world is watching it.

Shocking Text Messages Show Joe & Jill Biden COLLUDED To Cover Up Hunter’s Actions With A MINOR

The world doesn’t care if it’s your beloved husband or son when little girls are their victims. The world sees the images of girls being sexually assaulted by rich powerful men and the loving mothers who help cover it up as sick one in the same.

Written by Marie

“I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf”. ~Joe Biden September 15, 2020

While Twitter and Facebook are factchecking the President on his personal experience with Covid-19 you may have missed Biden’s latest Racist Remarks. Nope, you didn’t because media refuses to cover Racist Joe’s comments, and there are numerous ones. Joe Biden participated in a roundtable with a group of veterans in Tampa, Florida on September 15th 2020

Snopes lists this as “Correct”. Shocking as it is yes, Biden said this.

@TheLeoTerrell on Twitter posted the video here.

Here is the transcript: I am, ironically, more optimistic about the prospects of dealing with the problems we talked about today, as well as so many other problems we have right now, than I have ever been in my whole career. And you say, ‘Why in the hell would you say that, Biden? You just talked about all these difficulties.’ Well, I’ll tell you why. Because the American public, the blinders have been taken off. They’ve all of a sudden seen a hell of a lot clearer. They are saying: ‘Jeez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf, or I got a young Hispanic out there, or these dreamers out there, 60,000 of them, acting as first responders and nurses and docs.’ Or, all of a sudden people are realizing, my lord these people have done so much — not just black, white but across the board — have done so much for me. We can do this. We can get things done. And I think they’re ready and the irony of all ironies is that I think it’s the vehicle by which we’re going to be able to create really good paying jobs. We’re going to be able to provide for significant health care. The idea that in the middle of a pandemic — the worst thing since the great flu back at the turn of the century, where so many people died worldwide — is that people, you know, people are figuring out that we are all in this together. We can get through this if we just level with one another. Just tell the truth. Let people know.

I for one cannot Vote for someone who is continuously making Racist Remarks.

Written by Marie

Democrats Scramble to Cover Biden’s Sexual Assaults

Is Joe Biden's Touchiness Out Of Touch? Revisit His Mock Swear-Ins | NBC  News - YouTube
With a long History of Sexual Assault allegations, Biden is the front runner.

Things are so bad in the Democratic Party that the person they chose to lead the party is a known sexual predator. With videos of him inappropriately touching, kissing, sniffing, and fondling women and kids, and the strong stance of the #metoo movement against such things, you would think he would be very unpopular in the party who says they have no tolerance for such things. He’s not, it is like the rules don’t apply to the elite, just to us peasants.

With Judicial Watch filing a lawsuit over the Secret Service destruction of records regarding Biden’s behaviours as Vice President coming to light many are asking what Biden was doing. The Gateway Pundit reports that at both the Biden estate in Delaware and at the home of the Vice President at the Naval Observatory female members of the Secret Service and the U.S. Navy would be exposed to Biden walking around nude, being touched or groped, and him swimming in the pool nude. Agents said that Biden would only do these things when Jill Biden was not at the residences.

One of the most credible accusations against Biden is the Tara Reade accusation, saying that when she worked for then Senator Biden, Reade said she was sexually assaulted by Biden and that at the time she had reported the incident to her Mother and her then Husband, both of whom corroborate her reporting. Reade said she filed a report of the incident with the then Senator’s staff and that those records are now sealed. When Biden asked if he was willing to allow those records to be unsealed, he said there are decisions and things in there that could be used against him. Still the media is silent.

Written by Stephan Ball

Antifa Man Who Killed Trump Supporter is Shot and Killed

Michael Reinoehl, Suspect in Portland Shooting, Is Killed by Law  Enforcement - WSJ
Michael Reinoehl, a Self-Professed Member of Antifa who shot and killed Danielson, then was himself shot and killed by a U.S.Marshals Task Force.

The Portland Police Bureau issued a warrant for the arrest of Michael Reinoehl on Thursday, asking the U.S. Marshals to arrest him. When the Marshal Taskforce arrived to take Reinoehl into custody for the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, 39, shots were fired by a member of the task force. Reinoehl was pronounced dead from a single gunshot wound to the torso. According to witnesses multiple rounds were fired some striking nearby buildings, no one else was injured. It was not clear on who fired the shots at the buildings as the investigation is still ongoing.

Reinoehl, 48, who had warrants for his arrest out of Baker County Oregon for DUII, Illegal Possession of a Weapon and Reckless Driving, was the primary suspect in a shooting that took place after a major pro-Trump rally held in Portland, video and audio of the incident show Reinoehl shooting the victim while claiming he has a Trump Supporter.

Written by Stephan Ball

Are you a White Nationalist?

Photo of Murdered Man Jay Bishop

I am white, a capitalist, and I love America and think it should be first in all things regarding the world. I also believe my leaders should believe as I do. Does that make me a white nationalist? According to the definition, yes! Why does it feel so dirty to be a white nationalist? The media has portrayed skinheads and neo-nazi’s as white nationalists, perhaps that is why, whereas most skinheads are anarchists, and most neo-nazi’s are socialists the media does not portray them like that. By these negative portrayals in movies and media they have made those of us who are nationalists feel guilty about who we are. We are Americans and we should be proud of it. The white people who think they have to come out and riot for the oppressed black community, or the white people who oppress the free speech of others are the bad ones.

A couple of days ago a man wearing a “Patriot Prayer” hat was walking down the street in Portland and was murdered by a man who was a self-professed member of BLM and Antifa. Antifa is a socialist/communist ideology that says anything that does not agree with their agenda is fascist, which is ironically the definition of Fascism. BLM is a movement created by people who said they were tired of police injustices and violence against blacks by police, they claim to be concerned about black lives. In places where black lives are taken the most, inner cities of America where 90% of all murdered black people are killed by other black people, you see no BLM wanting less violence. It is the opposite, instead of wanting less black on black violence they want defunded police, and as such have seen a massive increase of black and black crime in every major US city. BLM founders have also espoused a desire to burn the system down, and have are avowed Marxists. A communist is a person who has read Marx, a anti-communist is someone who understands Marx.

With New York Police almost at the point where they cannot even make arrest, unable to use most use of force techniques because of new laws and policies put in place. Crime is out of control in the city, an estimated 13,000 businesses are either bankrupt or leaving the city for good, as many as 30,000 apartments will be vacant as soon as the freeze on evictions is over.

I walked the streets of Portland on a weekend in the afternoon, it was like a ghost town, maybe a third of all commercial property downtown is being put to use, the ones that are open have boarded windows and are in constant fear of being looted. I saw at least three times as many security personnel as I normally see in the area, and almost no Portland Police Bureau officers on the streets.

Being white in America is a crime apparently, the left have this thing called white privilege and seem to think it applies to all white people. I would agree there is a thing called privilege in America but it has not much to do with color. Privilege comes from having a Mother and Father in the house growing up, growing up in a house with a good household income might have something to do with being able to afford school or being able to get a car at 16 years old. Being white means you kind of just blend in with the other white kids in Oregon perhaps.

As the Father of two black children who were mostly raised in Oregon I truly had the gift of seeing my two kids raised with almost no racism, my son was ten before he even heard a racial slur, my daughter as well. Growing up for them in a small town in Oregon where there was less than 10% minority population allowed for them to be well known in the community, as such I was able to participate in much of their lives, got see each one at school, sports, with friends, and each graduate.

I did not see any difference between them and my other two white kids growing up as far as privilege goes. We all still came from a blue collar family that had enough to eat and a warm bed, could take a yearly vacation, and had medical care, while not rich we were not poor either. My kids all love what Donald Trump has done for America and none of hem believe in white or black privilege, we all believe in the haves and have nots. Working hard and going by the rules allows you to have, breaking them and being lazy allows you to have nothing.

Written by Stephan Ball

White Nationalists Endorse Biden.

Richard Spencer Backs Joe Biden, Says 'MAGA/Alt-Right Moment is Over'
Neo Nazi Richard Spencer

When President Trump failed to be racist or failed to be the candidate the Neo-Nazi’s wanted, they came out and backed Joe Biden. Thinking Trump was going to be sympathetic to their cause Spencer backed Trump in the 2016 election, finding Trump was not, he has now backed Joe Biden. Spencer who is Antisemitic was not happy with Trump’s support of Israel. Spenser is also a socialist and as such the policies of Biden more align not only along the lines of antisemitic but as being closer to socialism.

With Joe Biden aligning himself with the members of the “squad” who are all known to be anti-Israel, he has attracted the endorsement of Spencer. Gathering the support of the Neo-nazi party in the process. Joe Biden has been pro-segregation on issues in the past, perhaps Spencer feels he will go back.

With California attempting to repeal anti-discrimination laws he may be right. Democrats are critical of any minority that speaks against them, more so that any white candidate, exposing their “mental plantation” mindset. They believe that people of color should support them without question, and when a person of color has their own opinion they crush them.

Historically the Democratic Party has been the party of racism, they are the party of the KKK, the party of Jim Crow, and the Party of Segregation. Why it is still allowed to be a party I will not understand, with the world tearing down any perceived racist statues, they should tear down the party of the KKK.

Someone told me the parties changed sometime in the 1960’s, I looked at them and said that was a myth then asked them to show me where the Republican Party was ever pro-abortion? They had nothing, remind the Democrats in November we do not tolerate racism. Vote Red down the ballot.

Written by Stephan Ball

A Days Meaning for a Deplorable

For the last three plus years I have been wearing my “Deplorable” title with pride. Supporting a President who is doing what he said he was going to do during his campaign. Supporting a government that is actually trying to help it’s citizens rather than the millions of illegal aliens in the country.

Watching Donald Trump strengthen the military to it’s former self, if not stronger has been a highlight of his tenure. Watching President Trump defend himself against the senseless left wing media trolls has been great, he has had some of the best people as his press secretaries and they have certainly made the left wing media look foolish. In this running of the country Trump has shown that you do not have to be a politician to do the job, it is actually better if you are not one.

Will America elect a politician ever again? I hope not but fear that eventually we will as a country go down that road again, foolishly we tend to forget where we have been as a people. There are many who would like to see Trump in jail or even deceased, the comments online when he travels or when Air Force One was hit by a drone were sickening with people wishing he would have died. I shake my head in frustration, even at the worst time of Barrack Hussein Obama’s tenure I did not wish him dead, He made me physically ill on a daily basis with his lackluster performance and still I hoped he would do a good job for all Americans.

I wake up and walk to my computer each day to view the news and the days events, trying my best to stay away from the leftist media as a primary source of information. Even Fox news now is getting to be a little left in their day to day programming, but that should not surprise us as the longer an corporation exists the more corrupt it becomes as a general rule. While Tucker, Laura, and Hannity are all pretty good, Chris Wallace has really sold his soul to the devil. Him calling the DNC’s convention a success was the end for me, I was done watching him, he lost all credibility with me in regards to being able to be unbiased.

I find stories to write about from problems I see people having online with the leftist government we have here in Oregon. My goal is to help people navigate their rights and help as an alternative source of information to the mainstream media. If people knew me well, they would know I do not have many friends and those I do have are conservatives. I cannot not tolerate someone who thinks it is okay to murder a baby. I cannot tolerate someone who thinks it is okay to come and take my guns from me in my house. I do not like a government who keeps raising taxes to pay for more government or it’s mistakes each year. I do not like a government that tolerates lawlessness in the name of protests, while it murders a person who was actually protesting.

Written by Stephan Ball

Racist Biden is Exposed.

Joe Biden tells popular radio host 'you ain't black' if ...
Former VP Joe Biden Appeared on Breakfast Club with Charlemagne

Former Vice President Joe Biden suggested Friday morning that an African-American radio personality “ain’t black” if he was questioning whether he should support the presumptive Democrat nominee over President Trump, thus solidifying the stance that he believes Democrats control the black vote and are due it when election time comes.

Biden went on to tout his voting record, and how he said it helps the black community, when in fact his voting record is responsible for massive black youth incarceration, the very thing this administration overturned just recently with criminal justice reform.

Are Democrats so out of touch with the black voter that they think they can pull people’s “black card” if they don’t vote Democrat? With Trump gaining voters among black voters with massive economic assistance, the lowest black unemployment ever among the black community pre-corona. People like Kanye West, Kim Kardasian, Candace Owens, and others praising the job he is doing among the black community, comments like Biden’s can only push more voters into the Trump camp.

A black U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Tim Scott called Biden’s comment “the most arrogant thing I have seen in a long time.” With Biden having won South Carolina is the primaries, Tim Scott’s criticism of his comment could be a spring board for those who oppose racism to finally realize that Biden and the Democrats do not have their best interest at heart, and have not for a long time if ever.

During the video Biden panders to Charlemagne by speaking in a way that he does not speak with speaking with white reporters, he spoke with more slang and in what some would call a “black” way. This is just another way, to tell when someone is a racist, when a person will change and pander to a culture by appropriating it’s accents to speak to you in order to be more readily understood, they think you are too stupid to understand the way they normally speak.

One thing is for sure, we all got to see Bide the true :blue” Democrat racist this morning, make sure to talk to all of your friends and educate them.

Written by Stephan Ball

Giuliani Breaks the Banks with Tweet!

Under Article 2 Section 3 of the Constitution, The President has an obligation to investigate

According to the President’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani 5.3 billion dollars were paid out through the American Embassy in Ukraine to NGO’s Burisma was an NGO at that time, and if they received any money amounting to more than fifty dollars from the U.S. Government while Joe Biden was Vice President and Hunter Biden was on their board, all involved would be committing a crime.

If there was any “reasonable suspicion” that a crime was committed the President must investigate and ask that it be investigated before giving any further aid to a foreign power. Reasonable suspicion is even less than probable cause, and I as a 17 year retired police officer with just what I see far more than reasonable suspicion on Joe and Hunter Biden’s part.

According to the tweet Yovanovitch was the Ambassador at the time and was also a witness in the impeachment hearings, yet she mentioned nothing of this money, nor of asking police to stop any investigations. I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the ice berg that sank the Democratic party, stay tuned!

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Threatens Graham Over Potential Probe.

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Finally! a Republican who wants to investigate the swamp, Senator Linsey Graham (R SC.) has requested documents concerning Hunter Biden and Ukraine from the U.S. State Department. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that the request had been made by Senator Graham.

The President’s Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that what Joe Biden said sounds like a threat to a U.S. Senator, and not something someone would say if there is nothing there. Giuliani also went on to say that Joe is acting similar to many of the “mob bosses” in cases he prosecuted early in his career. Giuliani wrote a three page letter to Senator Graham who is the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked him to interview three witnesses, outlining three witnesses that have direct knowledge of corruption and violation of of the Hobbs Act concerning Hunter and Joe Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden was visibly shaken and said “Lindsey is about to go down a road I think he will regret his whole life.” He went on to address Senator Graham by saying he was embarrassed for him, the response was emotional and touched a nerve close to home with the impeachment inquiry concerning going on, there are calls from many for Senator Graham to take up an investigation into Hunter Biden and his relationship with Burisma, a Ukraine Energy Company that made Hunter a board member while his Father then Vice President Joe Biden was in charge of U.S. Ukraine Energy policies.

Hunter Biden, kicked out of the navy for cocaine use, get a job in a country where he had never been, does not speak the language, and knows virtually nothing about the energy sector, however his Daddy is the Vice President of the United States of America during a time when Ukraine is seeking to get out from under the thumb of Russian energy dependence. Democrats waving their hands, “Nothing to see here, move along, move along.” as they try to impeach Trump for seeking to get Ukraine and the Attorney General Barr to investigate the connections there to see if there is any corruption.

When Joe was the VP he went to Ukraine with US Loan guarantees and according to his own statement he did have the loan assurances to Ukraine and threatened to leave unless the prosecutor who was investigating his Son’s company was fired without giving them to Ukraine. According to Joe the investigator was fired. Democrats say the investigator was corrupt and needed to be fired. Ukraine is full of corruption, even many Democrats agree, with that said you would think they would want to get to the bottom of it. Nope, all you hear is crickets from the mainstream media, still calling for Trump to be impeached for even asking Ukraine to look into it. Remember this when you vote in 2020.

Written by Stephan Ball