Kate Brown Cuts in Line For Covid Vaccine.

According to the Grocery Union that represents most of the workers in Oregon and Southwest Washington, Kate Brown cut in line this weekend, in front of people with a higher need than herself to get the Covid 19 Vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. The vaccine is a new one that is a single dose vaccine and is said to have less dangerous side effects than previous two-dose vaccines. This vaccine round was intended for front-line workers only.

The Governor can choose who she comes into contact with and how many people she does come into contact with, she is clearly not a front-line worker. Clearly Kate Brown is not a front line worker as most of her duties can be done remotely and she can choose who she meets with. What the union was mad about was that not only did she take someone else’s place in line, but she cut in line and disrupted the process for her own personal gain.

The frontline workers in Oregon cannot choose who they come into contact with or avoid contact with people generally. Kate Brown has denied one of those high risk workers a vaccine and held up the line for more than an hour for publicity sake, according to the union.

The next group eligible to take vaccines will be on March 29th, it will be people between 45-64, with underlying health conditions only. Kate Brown who is 60 is not known to have any underlying health issues, so she might not even fall into this category, she used her position and her connections to step in line of those in Oregon who needed the vaccine first.

Written by Stephan Ball

Kate Brown Threatens to Sick her “Gestapo” on Businesses and Cities.

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown has threatened any local official or business owner with fines and enforcement if they re-open.

We have Governor who has completely lost all sense of responsibility and compassion for the working man and woman in Oregon, “Local elected officials do not have the authority under Oregon law to disregard my emergency orders or to authorize anyone else to do so,” Governor Kate Brown said. “Any businesses that reopen in violation of state risk level requirements for their county will be subject to fines and enforcement.”

Threats to send out Oregon State Police to enforce these rules have been made, and in 2018 she used the Oregon State Police to try and gather up legislative members who had said they would not show up in protest of Cap N Trade. The response to the Governor by the Oregon State police was, ” Yes Ma’am.” I am sure in this case it will be the same.

As a retired law enforcement officer I can tell you the one thing a OSP Trooper does is follow orders, never you mind that these orders are in sharp contradiction to the Oregon Constitution, they do what the Governor says, this should scare the shit out of everyone that Kate Brown has her own little gestapo.

Look at Levoy Finnicum as an example, using roadblocks to stop fleeing people has long been a tactic in Oregon that law enforcement has stopped using, yet when you defy Governor Brown, she will deploy OSP, and in that case a OSP Trooper killed Finnicum using the “roadblock” tactic that in Oregon were considered to deadly to use, that is unless you are a conservative.

Kate Brown would not deploy OSP to defend the Federal Courthouse in Portland against the terrorism of Antifa and BLM, but she will against Oregon’s small businesses and local elected leaders. Anyone else see the problem with this? She will use force to close down our lives, but allow terrorists to operate with impunity. Come on Man! Someone do something, recall petitions come up short as Portland seems to rule the rest of Oregon.

At least two restaurants in Lane County have opened for indoor dining, despite the restrictions: Along Came Trudy in Springfield, and Little Brown Hen in Florence.

Brown blamed unnamed “local elected officials,” who allegedly “are choosing to willfully mislead business owners into jeopardizing public health and risking fines.”

Brown said she had directed Oregon OSHA and OLCC to “deploy all available resources to ensure businesses are in compliance.”

Even though there has been no evidence provided that the lock down has slowed the spread of the disease, and that two week lock down has been going on for 10 months. A vaccine that does not work, or makes you even sicker or dead has been issued. Kate Brown will soon demand that all people going back to work have the vaccine, and she will use the OSP to make it so. I will not be taking the vaccine and I will use force to protect myself from being forced too.

Written by Stephan Ball

Skarlatos and Perkins Gave a Good Accounting of Themselves

With four or five counties in Oregon deciding our state’s future, we should use a state electoral.

I want to first commend Alek Skarlatos for scaring the crap out of Peter Defazio, who has not had that done to him in a long time. Please do not get out of politics, run again next election, getting name recognition in Oregon in a big deal. In Oregon more and more people are seeing Defazio in the pocket for New York and California Democrats, they turn and vote for someone else. Let that someone else be you, we need fresh young conservative minds in Oregon that will not be beholding to big tech or Chinese interest as much as our two U.S. Senators and our Governor are.

I am very proud of Jo Rae Perkins, while I did not originally think she was the right fit for Oregon, she grew on me, and she was much maligned by the Merkley camp for being a Qanon follower. Everytime I would support her online in forums, that was the claim the leftists would make in attacks on her. She performed far better than I expected, though she did not make Merkley sweat as much as I would have liked, she did pull some decent numbers. Oregon just has not had enough of Merkley’s fear and hate mongering, they will one day.

We have two more years of Pete Defazio not doing anything for Oregon except trying to make it California, and we have Merkley spouting nonsense for six more years about how the sky is falling (literally.) I suggest we do what Oregonians do best, and strap up our boots and get to work until it is time for us to again cast our ballot into a blue stream only to see them eaten by a liberalism and hate for America that we call Portland.

Written by Stephan Ball

Governor Brown Spits on the Rule of Law.

A post from Governor Brown’s Facebook critical of a Grand Jury doing it’s duty.

With Governor Kate Brown posting the above message to her Facebook, it is clear she does not approve of Constitutional Rule of Law, in that charging instruments be taken before a Grand Jury to be sorted out. No doubt by her post she wants these officers charged, she wants to handle this the way of the left and let the radicals just do vigilante justice. We see you Kate, ignoring the laws of the land to post things like this to social media, shows why you should not be Governor.

Governor Brown has ignored perhaps even encouraged the violent riots in Portland for the last few months, by her inaction she has only emboldened the criminal terror in Oregon. With Kentucky handling their own case and one officer indicted in the case liberals are not happy unless all of the officers are indicted in what they believe is a wrongful death. While it was a terrible tragedy it is hardly worth indicting people for murder given the circumstances, given that I am just getting out of social media jail I will not comment on the exact case, but will go so far as do not trust the mainstream media when you read about it. A good source of information on the case is Daniel Cameron, who is the Attorney General of Kentucky.

This article is about the left’s apparent hypocrisy in ignoring or chastising the law when it does not suit them, but crying about it not being enforced when it acts to their benefit. If Kate Brown wants to just ignore the rule of law in Oregon, perhaps were should just go up there to Salem and remove her from office by force. Do you know why we don’t? We observe the rule of law, the right side, the conservative side still respects the rule of law in America.

Look at the fights between Antifa and the Proud Boys, look at how many times Portland Police have declared riots because of the actions of Antifa, 50 plus times, with only one recorded case for the Proud Boys, how many times has tear gas been deployed on Antifa? Hundreds, not one time has tear gas been deployed on Proud Boys. While I do not agree with the Proud Boy platform entirely, for the most part their protests are non-violent, while Antifa is not a protest but a riot almost every time.

Perhaps it is time for some of us conservatives to ignore the law and “protest” too. We haven’t done it yet, but if Biden is elected, we will know the “crybaby tantrum” tactics work and we should start using them.

Written by Stephan Ball

“Hillbilly Brigade” saves Molalla From Fires

How a 'Hillbilly Brigade' saved an Oregon town from raging wildfires - NYK  Daily
“Hillybilly” Nicole West, on her bulldozer

As Nicole West steered her bulldozer through the forest cutting fire lines to prevent the small Oregon town of Molalla from being destroyed, she had her trusty Boder Collie alongside. Nicole is a member of a group of ad-hoc volunteers that came to the rescue of Molalla when the federal and state fire officials had given it up to the every growing fire.

About 1200 people from all walks of life suddenly had enough, and came together, people with no experience and others with tons, rose to the challenge the fire presented them. According to the Molalla Fire Department the “Hilbilly Brigade” saved the small town from certain destruction.

As the Riverside fire was bearing down on the town of Molalla the people were told to evacuate, and some 9,000 people did just that, leaving much of their personal belongings and memories behind. Today the people of Molalla can thank the brigade for it’s work, they did it for free, and many of them had jobs elsewhere. Lets take time to thank them Oregon.

Written by Stephan Ball

Voters Registration for Many GOP Voters Changed, Criminally?

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With literally hundreds of people across Oregon complaining that their voter registration was being changed without their permissions. A few months ago, I began speaking with Republicans across Oregon and learned that many were discovering their registrations were changed to independent or non-affiliated. This can be done at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or manually requested through mail or online. There people all tell me that they never changed their voter status from GOP to NAV or Independent.

With Oregon being a closed primary state, only people of the party can choose who represents the respective parties in state and federal races. With this change, it pulls many people from being able to vote in the primary of their original choice, if done maliciously it would be a serious crime. If you believe you have been subjected to this crime report a violation to the Oregon Department of Justice at #503-378-4400.

This is so prevalent in Oregon that people created a Facebook group to support each other and report violations. https://www.facebook.com/groups/164104315035112/

Make sure voters that you check your registrations, have your family and friends check theirs. Report any suspected criminal violations to the above number.

Written by Stephan Ball