Perlow is Bad for Lane County, Favoring Certain Judges. Her Ethics in Question.

Lane Country District Attorney Candidate James Cleavenger could bring stability to the DA’s office.

Patty Perlow was appointed to the position Lane County District Attorney by Governor Kate Brown in 2015 upon the resignation of the previous District Attorney Alex Gardner. While this alone is not the only reason to vote her out, because of her pro-Kate Brown leanings, this reporter has personal experience with Perlow where she has been overly critical of officers in the county, without citing a law or precedent for this criticism.

Patty Perlow has received the endorsement of the Lane County Sheriff who is in uniform while endorsing Perlow, when this reporter checked with the state ethics board to see if this was even legal, The state ethics board informed me it was legal for the “Sheriff” only, not for any of his deputies or any other police officer in the county. Imagine being able to use a police/sheriff uniform to boost someone else’s political standing, dirty and slimy, but legal, but that is who Perlow is, I guess.


Lane County Judge Debra Vogt, the court’s chief criminal judge, characterized Mooney as being overly critical of police testimony in court. In February 2017 Judge Debra Vogt who was a long time co-worker of Perlow’s before becoming a judge was critical of Judge Josephine “Jodie” Mooney in a memorandum which looks to be in collaboration with Perlow, this came from an withdrawn accusation where Perlow was accused of meeting with Judge Rasmussen without the opposing counsel present, according to the “Register Guard” the 2017 complaint was withdrawn by an anonymous citizen, Mooney was said to have been critical of Perlow in the matter.

When Mooney was interviewed in March of 2017, she said that Patty Perlow and Deputy DA Erik Hasselman were in her office in late January to inform her that they intended to move to disqualify her from any and all cases handled by Perlow’s office. Mooney responded by agreeing not to handle any matters involving the DA’s office. Her workload shifted to juvenile dependency cases, although she said in March of 2017 that she hoped to hear criminal cases again.

On May 7th 2019, Governor Kate Brown appointed Judge Josephine Mooney to the Oregon Appeals Court, citing “Judge Mooney is a hard-working, straight-shooting trial judge who is passionate about her community, our state, and the rule of law,” Governor Brown said. “Given her judicial experience, keen intellect, and impeccable work ethic, Judge Mooney is well-suited to make an immediate, positive impact as a judge on the Court of Appeals.” Which damning to Perlow who was critical of Mooney, and cited that Mooney not suited to hear cases from her office, thus showing her judge of character is impaired.

My suggestion friends and readers is simple, let’s show Patty Perlow and Kate Brown how much we disapprove of their dramatic tactics and good ole boy ethics. With the slimy ethically compromised endorsement of the Lane County Sheriff, while he was using gear paid for by your taxes to promote a political candidate like Perlow is wrong, while not illegal it is morally wrong. We need above board debates and a moral candidate that is not ethically compromised, I suggest you vote for James Cleavenger.

Written by Stephan Ball

James Cleavenger Running for Lane County District Attorney

James Cleavenger, candidate Lane County District Attorney.

I had the distinct honor of sitting down with James Cleavenger today for an interview I have known James for a few years and was pleased when he announced his candidacy for Lane County District Attorney last week. He plans on taking on incumbent Patricia W. Perlow. James said he is tired of the rural communities like Cottage Grove, Florence, Pleasant Hill, Creswell, Junction City, and Coburg, being taken for granted and overlooked. Many of the crimes occurring in those communities are not being prosecuted. James went on to say if he were elected he would change the culture at the DA’s office to make it an approachable place to work, where the community could approach DA’s and get their questions answered and have DA’s notify police when offenders are released from custody.

James registered as an independent rather than get involved in politics he just wants to fix what is broken, leaving the politics behind. James said he sees his priorities with the District Attorney’s Office in prosecuting repeat offenders, finding ways to avoid recidivism, and improving communications with the police departments within the county. Saying that the DA’s office needs to communicate when a person is released from jail back into the community to the local police, as many times the returning person is often times violent or even sometimes hostile to police.

James Cleavenger graduated the University of Oregon with a Law Degree in 2008, and has since practiced family law, employment law, and plaintiff law. He clerked for the Honorable Michael McShane while he was with the Circuit Court in Multnomah County and when he was made a District Court Judge for the District of Oregon, working on murder and other felony related trials. James is currently a police office with the City of Oakridge and has been previously employed by the University of Oregon.

Other issues that James felt were important to resolve in Lane County was finding a way to have the DA’s office cooperate with each city council on ways to remedy their homelessness, which seems to be an epidemic that affects all of Lane County. James told me he was also frustrated with nepotism in Lane County, how friends and family get preferential treatment when a more qualified person is often times overlooked.

James said he thinks Perlow may use his lack of criminal law experience against him, but he said the fact that she has been in there so long means she has lost touch with the small people, it has become an us vs. them mentality, whereas it needs to be an us and them mentality.

Written by Stephan Ball

Lane County wants a new 252 Million dollar courthouse

A proposed 252 million dollar project moved a step closer toward reality as the Lane County Commission put forward a proposal for the mega-project. This was a big step forward toward asking the Lane County Voters to approve the project. The commission will also be asking the state to foot approximately 94 million dollars of the project, indicating the current courthouse does not adequately serve Lane County. The new courthouse, if approved would last for 100 years, and be state of the art. The new courthouse would be built where Eugene City Hall once stood, and be more than 290,000 square feet. The commission directed staff to begin preparing the measure for the ballot. It will be interesting to see where Commissioner-elect Heather Buch and Joe Berney come out on the issue. A couple of questions voters will need to ask themselves; is this the best use of our money, and why are we building this in Eugene Downtown, we could be building it in another area where land values are much more reasonable and thus saving the Lane County a pretty penny. Spending money in the crumbling downtown of Eugene, with it’s rampant homelessness and crime, seems like throwing good money after bad. Exploring options of similar tracts of land in Springfield or a spot of land along Franklin Blvd in between Springfield and Eugene would be a fairer resolution, and would save the county huge land fees, allowing the development of an area other than Eugene. 

Submitted by Shaemus