Un American push by Liberals no longer tolerated.

Liberals are losing their mind over anything and everything reported by main stream media. They have always ignored any signs or hints of wrong doings by Democrat Presidents. Will this unamerican and defiantly biased thinking of Liberals shift the vote for a Trump 2020 victory?

As we know now the polls are so highly inaccurate that many say we cannot trust them. Polls showing the now President Trump would not make President got it way wrong. Polls now showing many shifting to support Black Conservatives who support and advocate for Trump at the highest numbers ever reported. Many thank Black activist Candice Owens and social media activist and college student Shekinah Geist.

Hate speech on the part of Liberals now comes off as a big motivation to switch sides. Just because main stream media wants to scream he is a racist is no longer holding any validity. Don’t believe the hype of CNN appears on t-shirts across Oregon College Campus’.

We spoke with Oregon college students who say they don’t see the value that Liberals pushing for them to Hate Trump. They are actually tired of all the hypocrisy that media and Liberals are pushing. They are over the fact that Liberals want to push racism and keep the divide between race a factor.

One students says after the San Bernadino shooting Liberal President Barack Obama had a press conference where he had CAIR spokesman speak before anyone else. He pushed this ideal out using main stream media about the organization and how the world has it wrong about Muslims. Only to have CAIR declaired a Terrorist Organization. Our US President let a Terrorist Organization speak to the American public first. This is a disturbing fact not sitting well with students.

Students also point out that Obama was affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood who is now also a Terrorist Organization.

Another fact not sitting well with College Students is Liberals hate for Police Officers. Black Lives Matter calling for killing of cops and then 6 officers wounded and 5 killed in ambush style assignation. Black Lives Matter then invited to the White House still bothers the young college aged crowd. It shows the Liberals claim tolerance and acceptance is the most extreme hypocritical political organization. It makes them think about all the claims made by the Media outlets pushing the Liberal agenda.

Jussie Smollett disaster really shows America how far Liberals will go. It also put Main Stream Media on display for how biased they really are today. Many Liberal personalities not willing to apologize for their claims when they found out Smollett was a complete fraud. It really spot lights the Conservatives as the true tolerant organization and exposing Liberal Democrats. Students say the hate and blatant misuse of popularity as powerful platform to influence America even when it’s a lie they want you to swallow.




Written by Marie

What Liberalism is today

Liberalism is an ideal designed in the current political climate of the world as it is now, Most of us who are self-professed conservatives now would easily be liberals in the 1960s if we took the beliefs we held today and were in those time. Asking what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you is more the motto of the Democrats today. Whereas, people who call themselves conservative these days still see that as the way, we still call ourselves patriot and we stand for the flag and the anthem.

If we brought our views of same-sex marriage and legalized marijuana back to the civil rights movement, along with our always held beliefs that all people are created equal we would be labeled a liberal and a leftist. We might even be thrown in jail for our radical thoughts, we certainly would have supported our troops in Vietnam, we would have held Nixon accountable during the Watergate investigation. So what has changed us? Why are we this thing now?

When Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights legislation against many of his parties wishes it was part of a plan to have key Democrats switch parties and then to announce that the parties had switched platforms, Johnson’s goal was to win the southern black vote while seeming to be the party for civil rights, when the Democrats were anything but. The northern Republicans at the time did not see it coming and welcomed fleeing Democrats into their party with open arms, not knowing it was the seed of Johnson’s plan that by having less than one percent of all Democratic politicians change parties, but politicizing it,  he could say the most racist Democrats have left the parties new platform.

As the Democrats listen to their constituents, their base grows farther and farther left. The very idea of socialism and communism in the United States could have gotten you thrown into jail, now self-avowed communist and socialist are on the news every night promoting their wanted way of life. One even is running for President. Switching partied for them worked until recently, with Trump getting 28% of the black vote in 2016, and with people like Candace Owens and Herman Cain showing that true patriots and allies of the black community have always been within the conservative base. 

The party of the people is the conservatives in America who stand up against racism, whether it be the Democrat’s KKK, Neo-Nazis, or the Antifa. The religious right has always been seen as the problem with the Republican party, by those people who are conservative but not religious they see the inclusion of religion in politics to be confusing, and cumbersome.

The Libertarian view is that the Constitution needs to be followed and that the individual liberties of the people outweigh the rights of the government in all but the direst of circumstance. Many Libertarians claim they are liberals who vote conservative on most issues because that is where the parties goals lie.

The two-party system of government in the country is what is wrong, there is no check and balance on either of the two parties in power, corruption through political action committees is rampant, having parties protect members from prosecution for crimes, and agreeing to pay off sexual harassment claims with taxpayer funds rather than making the members pay it off and publicize the event. Political parties and being a member of one should be illegal, people elected to office should do so on their individual merit, not the merit of a (D) or an (R) by their names. 

Written by Stephan B