Is Being Proud of Being You Racist?

The NFL protests got white people to argue with white people

According to these protesters being white and silent about the most recent death of George Floyd is racist. With police officers, Sheriffs, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and just about every other Democrat pandering for social justice by kneeling, is it still okay to be proud of being you? According to many in the Black Lives Matter, even saying All Livers Matter, or that Blue Lives Matter, is racist. Yet with these protests you do not see a dominating percentage of the people present being black, they are white people, mostly young adults.

With statues being torn down, the Lincoln Memoral vandalized, even the 54th Mass. Military Monument (first North, all black, free unit) was vandalized. Is this about social justice or something else? With mostly progressive backing from the far left political affiliations within the Democratic Party, and calls for defunding police, you can be sure this is not about race, but instead, about control. With Democrats already in control of Minneapolis they could have implemented any control and policies they wanted to control racial divides within the black community there, it was Amy Klobucher who failed to prosecute Ofc. Chauvin the first time he killed an unarmed black male. All Democrat City Council, Democrat Mayor, Senators and Governor all Democrats. Even Ilhan Omar is a Congressional Representative of part of Minneapolis.

With conservatives like Dan Bongino and Candace Owens warning us that this is not about race, but about insurrection against Donald Trump. This was an excuse to riot, this was an excuse to raise money for Joe Biden, through an Organization called ACTBLUE which takes money for Black Lives Matter and in turn has made contributions to Democratic Party members using those funds. This is control, an apparent attempt to show who is the most “woke” among us, with riots in the street and now a six block area of Seattle in the hands of Antifa we can safely assume the far left of America has declared war on the rest of us.

I am white, do I need to feel guilty for writing an article that portrays BLM in a negative light, I don’t in fact, we need to call them out. In 2016 a self-professed BLM supporter ambushed and killed five Dallas police officers his name was Micah Xavier Johnson, he was killed by police after a brief standoff, being so dangerous that police had to rig a bomb to a remote control drone and detonate it near him. Also in 2016 three police officers were killed by another self-professed BLM member Gavin Long in Baton Rouge. After these two events, then President Obama invited DeRay Mckesson and Mica Grimm, (Minneapolis Chapter) of Black Lives Matter to the White House, to discuss events.

With the most recent taking of the six blocks of Seattle’s East Precinct, Black Lives Matter stormed the Seattle City Hall, with members of Antifa. Ask yourself this, would anyone listen to a bunch of Michigan Militia guys who stormed Detroit City Hall, occupied a six block radius with weapons, and kicked out the police? Hell No! and Rightfully so! Let us just look to Oregon and Lavoy Finicum and his death at the hands of then Obama’s FBI and Kate Brown’s Oregon State Police. Will Washington State Police Ambush each member who has taken over the six blocks of Seattle? Will they set up a roadblock or starve them out, why do they still have water, power, and gas?

Democrats have a motto! “Never let a good crisis go to waste,” They certainly are trying to capitalize on this one. President Trump has instructed the Governor to take control or he will. We have yet to see what that entails, but all in all we are lucky this did not happen in Portland, they almost did it. Vote Conservative on the ballot, make sure your friends do also, we need every vote.

Written by Stephan Ball

Netflix Takes Advantage of Corona Virus Scare to Please It’s Viewers.

COVID 19 Virus

With the world seemingly coming to a close, it seems incredible that a major media corporation would capitalize on a worldwide pandemic right? By Netflix suddenly adding the movie “Outbreak” to their catalog for the subscribed viewers. With the last two months of coronavirus scares, Netflix looks to capitalize on the fears of the people by releasing the film and as of today it was the third most watched film on the service when I last checked.

Outbreak was released in 1995, starring Dustin Hoffman, Cuba Gooding Jr., Rene Russo, Kevin Spacey, and Donald Sutherland. It is about the outbreak of a an airborne pathogen that kills large numbers of people and how a team of scientists have to find a cure before the United State Military firebombs a town in rural America. Depicting how inept the government is and how they kept the cure a secret, letting people die, so the government could keep the virus as a weapon.

When terrorist struck this country using aircraft to slam into buildings and the pentagon, the same thing happened post 9/11, movies from many production companies came to theaters and streaming services depicting building crashing down on top of people, and planes and helicopters crashing into buildings, and the audiences ate it up.

With the virus outbreak in many states and almost every school in the country closed, Netflix is sure to be a source of amusement for the kids. Even though today is a weekend, Outbreak is sure to be popular during the week when the kids don’t have to go to school, they can sit at home and watch rural America getting an airborne virus and have to imagine the same thing happening to them, even though the consequences are far less, the thought is still there.

With Barrack Obama on the board of Netflix and the platform being liberal biased you can be assured this was no accident. It is likely a play on the sub-conscious of the voter and have them asking questions like, is the government involved in the coronavirus, do they have a cure for it and don’t want to tell us? With the death rate of the coronavirus far less than the virus depicted in the movie the comparison is not even close, but the comparison is being done for you by Netflix when they, lacking all tact, placed this movie on the their platform in light of the recent events.

Written by Stephan Ball