Voters Registration for Many GOP Voters Changed, Criminally?

Oregon Lawmakers Consider Measure To Mandate Truthfulness In ...

With literally hundreds of people across Oregon complaining that their voter registration was being changed without their permissions. A few months ago, I began speaking with Republicans across Oregon and learned that many were discovering their registrations were changed to independent or non-affiliated. This can be done at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or manually requested through mail or online. There people all tell me that they never changed their voter status from GOP to NAV or Independent.

With Oregon being a closed primary state, only people of the party can choose who represents the respective parties in state and federal races. With this change, it pulls many people from being able to vote in the primary of their original choice, if done maliciously it would be a serious crime. If you believe you have been subjected to this crime report a violation to the Oregon Department of Justice at #503-378-4400.

This is so prevalent in Oregon that people created a Facebook group to support each other and report violations.

Make sure voters that you check your registrations, have your family and friends check theirs. Report any suspected criminal violations to the above number.

Written by Stephan Ball

Brown Taking Donations but Can’t be Re-elected. Why?

Gov. Kate Brown, meeting with Democratic Donors, even though she cannot be re-elected.

Speaking with one verified source, who has informed me that Kate Brown is mulling over a run for Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s seat, upon his rumored retirement at the end of his term in 2022. Wyden, who is considering a run for the Governor’s office at the same time, thus allowing the same ole same ole to run our state into the ground. When will people realize it is not the four year or eight year President’s who are the problem it is the 20 and 30 Senators and Representatives that are the problem in our political structure today? Kate Brown has more than 900k in her war chest of election money, even though she cannot run for re-election. She is taking donations to her compaign then in turn supporting other candidates and bill lobbying with that money, technically it is legal in Oregon, but essentially it is money laundering for the Democratic National Committee or even the Oregon Democratic Party.

With most of her donations coming from Nike, Bloomberg, and pro cap and trade entities and it is not hard to see why she is backing bills that includes raising the taxes on cigarettes yet again to pay for healthcare, and another bill that opposes limits on campaign donations (she wants more money.) She received donations from the states major utility companies, PacifiCorp, Portland General Electric, NW Natural and CenturyLink, who each in their own respects have a vested interest in the regulations Kate Brown may or may not put into place.

Kate Brown took 10k from Trillium Community Health Plan, which is a major Medicaid contract agency within the state and stands to make even more money with the bills Kate Brown is backing. The Motor Vehicle Services Corp, Also donated 10k, has been a contractor with the Oregon Department of Transportation, and as such directly benefits from any laws that increase funding for public projects that Brown signs. Oregon Health & Science University is another major donor, who directly benefits from both the future bills that Brown is endorsing and will sign into law if passed, but also the fact that illegal aliens are allowed to receive medical care in Oregon by order of the Governor through her sanctuary status quid pro quo.

With Brown essentially taking money from donors for her campaign, the acting as a bank and dolling out that money to her “worthy causes” which seems to be other donors or those linked to other donors, the system is rife with ethical conflict, and as a writer who has filed complaints with the state ethics board, it would appear on the surface that Brown may have a problem in the future with ethics, but as for now she is just acting as a sort bank for the Oregon Democratic Party.

Written by Stephan Ball

Paul Romero For Senate, Why he is the Choice for Oregon

Paul Romero, a U.S. Navy Veteran and an American is running against Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate.

Talk about a fun time! I had an interview with U.S. Senatorial Candidate Paul Romero and was floored by the energy he brings to the table. He is such a refreshing change to Jeff Merkley and his socialistic ideals for Oregon. Talking with Romero reminded me that being an American and an Oregonian is about being about being Oregon first and America first.

As Romero and I talked I learned that he had been a single Father of five and had immigrated to back to Oregon from Louisiana. Having once been a police officer in Louisiana we had much in common, talking about the experiences. I could sense a true love for Oregon coming from this man as he shared his vision for Oregon, which so contradicted the lackluster and plain socialistic ideals Merkley has, which is reflected in the current administration. Merkley, bought and paid for by the Democrats of New York and California has no idea what is coming for him in Romero. Romero reminds me of the whirlwind grassroots we saw in the Donald Trump campaign of 2016. Romero is pure grassroots and we need to support him.

I have kept tabs on Jeff Merkley and his Facebook presence for the last four years, and saw the hatred for our current President that Merkley espouses too. When I looked through the top 100 donors to Merkley’s campaign, more than half of his money comes from outside of Oregon, most of which comes from California and New York through Political Action Committees. So you see, Merkley is bought and paid for by the Democrats (Socialists) of other states. See for yourself:

When speaking with Romero he was clear that he agrees with Trump on issues like border control, the second amendment, immigration, and his handling of the Coronavirus, Romero saying that while Trump is not perfect, who among us is. Bringing up a good point that Oregonians cannot afford to be left by the wayside when it comes to the economy and our Governor. I have questioned Senator Ron Wyden who said that state issues here in Oregon like marijuana legalization needed to be handled at the state level of government, basically saying that he was not going to interfere, whereas Romero was clear that if it is in the best interest of Oregonians, he will give the Governor a call and let her know how she should be helping constituents.

With Abortion rights at the forefront of U.S. Politics, Romero was clear that late term abortions should only be allowed in cases of rape, incest, and medical needs for the survival of the Mother. That abortion in general should be illegal and that it is about “personal responsibility”. Birth control usage he said was left up to a personal choice issue, while he does not agree with all of the choices, Birth Control issues are personal choices each person has to make for themselves,, adding that a lack of discretion by any individual does not constitute a financial obligation to taxpayers.  Noting that these are two separate issues.  One of legality and under what conditions, and two, who pays for this.

Paul Romero told me he did not like the fact that the United States was considered and had the roll of “World’s Policeman.” It was a roll he said he did not like for us, but a role that he felt that we currently had to fill because of the situation with the United Nations, and China. With China asserting world dominance in so many areas, many of the countries of the world are looking for leadership from the United States. If the U.S. does not fill that roll then China or Russia will and their intent is not a benevolent one.

Romero spoke about being a “good example” in his everyday life, being a positive role model that others could emulate. Stating that he is a Christian and that those core values are important, he says that living that life and being the good example provides the testimony others need to be inspired by. Being 54 and a single Father of five, has inspired him to be the best man he can be. He said that he was from New Iberia Louisiana had been a cryptologic analyst in the Navy for ten years and finishing his Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education & Development from the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale.  He referred to his life as “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!” and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Paul with his dog”Scooby-dude”is an American Staffordshire Terrier and part Dogo Argentino

While having run for Congressional District 2 seat against Greg Walden in 2016 and 2018, and having faced defeat both times in the primary. He was optimistic that with the primary only 39 days away, he could win and move on to face Merkley. With Joe Rae Perkins, Robert Schwartz and John Verbeek as his competition in the primary, I like his chances, Romero has Oregon values at heart, and has been endorsed by the Women for Trump movement, and the United Liberty Coalition.  I truly see that Romero can “Bring Balance Back to Oregon” and secure the ear of the President for all Oregonians.

Written by Stephan Ball

Brown Orders Lockdown for Non-essential Personnel.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Monday Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown ordered through Executive Action that all “Non-essential” Oregon workers, those not shopping for food, or seeking medical attention, stay home or face arrest for a misdemeanor. Through consultation with Portland’s Mayor Ted Wheeler on Friday it was only an encouraged to state home request, but with the strong influx of persons coming to Oregon for what people think is “Spring Break” Brown took action to make it a crime to be out and about without one of the aforementioned reasons.

With the world’s COVID19 infection topping 360k and deaths running at about 3% of that number worldwide, people are fearful. Wuhan, China where the virus first originated has not reported a new case for a few days and has a sharp reduction of those infected. According to Chinese media they are beating the virus back, whereas in Italy the virus is 20% fatal and Doctors have stopped giving some assistance to patients with the virus who are over 60, saying that it is a waste of resources, given the high mortality rate of those in the age range who die.

With Non-essential businesses closing, and people staying home the Oregon economy could face collapse, The St. Louis Fed has said that Unemployment could top 30% and the GDP could be down 50% before this is all over. With Senate Democrats stalling for more abortion funding, and less protection for large corporations, and Republicans not wanting long term funding for Planned Parenthood stuck into a bill designed to protect the average American, they seem at an impasse.

Speaking with younger generations has opened my eyes, their need for social interaction has been overriding their basic survival instincts. Us older people, understand what it is like to spend time reading a book or to spend time with even our own thoughts as company, I think this will be painful for younger generations who are not used to being immediately satisfied by the steady stream of whatever they want apps and having everything done for them. This is a drawback to a long gone era, a time when people stayed home and spent time with each other because there was no internet, and we had go outside and turn the T.V. Antenna to get the best reception on the one of three stations we could watch. Where kids came home when the street lights came on, and not until then, where our lives were planned around whats on tonight? We are all home with each other again.

Written by Stephan Ball

James Cleavenger Running for Lane County District Attorney

James Cleavenger, candidate Lane County District Attorney.

I had the distinct honor of sitting down with James Cleavenger today for an interview I have known James for a few years and was pleased when he announced his candidacy for Lane County District Attorney last week. He plans on taking on incumbent Patricia W. Perlow. James said he is tired of the rural communities like Cottage Grove, Florence, Pleasant Hill, Creswell, Junction City, and Coburg, being taken for granted and overlooked. Many of the crimes occurring in those communities are not being prosecuted. James went on to say if he were elected he would change the culture at the DA’s office to make it an approachable place to work, where the community could approach DA’s and get their questions answered and have DA’s notify police when offenders are released from custody.

James registered as an independent rather than get involved in politics he just wants to fix what is broken, leaving the politics behind. James said he sees his priorities with the District Attorney’s Office in prosecuting repeat offenders, finding ways to avoid recidivism, and improving communications with the police departments within the county. Saying that the DA’s office needs to communicate when a person is released from jail back into the community to the local police, as many times the returning person is often times violent or even sometimes hostile to police.

James Cleavenger graduated the University of Oregon with a Law Degree in 2008, and has since practiced family law, employment law, and plaintiff law. He clerked for the Honorable Michael McShane while he was with the Circuit Court in Multnomah County and when he was made a District Court Judge for the District of Oregon, working on murder and other felony related trials. James is currently a police office with the City of Oakridge and has been previously employed by the University of Oregon.

Other issues that James felt were important to resolve in Lane County was finding a way to have the DA’s office cooperate with each city council on ways to remedy their homelessness, which seems to be an epidemic that affects all of Lane County. James told me he was also frustrated with nepotism in Lane County, how friends and family get preferential treatment when a more qualified person is often times overlooked.

James said he thinks Perlow may use his lack of criminal law experience against him, but he said the fact that she has been in there so long means she has lost touch with the small people, it has become an us vs. them mentality, whereas it needs to be an us and them mentality.

Written by Stephan Ball

Pacific Northwest sends Fire Fighters to Australia

Image result for australia fires

Fires that broke out first in August of 2019 are continuing to destroy Austrialia in New South Wales and Queensland. Extreme conditions due to an extended drought, hot temps and relative humidity in single digits continue to aid in fires continuation.

Pacific Northwest is sending four more firefighters to Australia to battle the extensive wildfires in Australia the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced today. Firefighters are coming from Vale Prineville and Burns. They will join 13 firefighters from Oregon and Washington that are already fighting with Australian firefighters.

BLM firefighters aiding fire give more than just extra hand and muscle they give expertise in air tactical support and leadership skills. The United States have had a harsh fire season on the West Coast and 138 firefighters from Australia and New Zealand came to the area for 30 days to help in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. The last time the US sent firemen and women to Australia was 2010.

Written By Marie

Looking back at 2019 Cannabis sales

New data from the State of Oregon sales of Cannabis rose 24.1% with new strength in 2019 despite the vape crisis that hit in the Fall. Decline in consumer prices continue to be below 2017 even though prices are rebounding. Low prices can reinvigorate sales. Oregon demand made up for prices changes.

2017 sales $452.4 million according to OLCC. 2018 rose slightly more than anticipated to $548.5 million and 2019 had amazing $725.8 million in sales. these numbers don’t even reflect state’s medical marijuana program. States MM program have had decline in numbers which steadily stay between $60-70 million over the last three years.

Oregon took in a $184.3 million in cannabis tax revenue, smashing the projected 2015 number of $62.4 million. All due to recreational sales. Oregon’s Marijuana tax is still below other states at 17% and many know that if we raise the tax to match other states we can significantly increase the Tax Revenue for Oregon.

Written by Marie

Oakridge on a path to healing

Mayor Holston swearing in.

With a petition delivered to Oakridge City Council by Mellisa Bjarnson Oakridge Mayor Kathy Holston questioned the validity of the actual number of Oakridge citizens among the more than 500 online signatures. Citizens were past the point of losing faith that anyone within the City of Oakridge would help them with the lack of Emergency Services leadership that plagued the town for more than a year.

Emergency Service failing the city on several occasions prompts the City of Oakridge to attempt to relieve itself of a simple contract with Mike Hansen LLC when a City of Oakridge employee who is duel employed with Mike Hansen LLC stopped the council with a point of order. The Mayor honored the point of order setting a new precedents for the city. The City has no history with allowing point of order from non board members or non city officials.

Finally Councilor Maxfield making the motion 4-18-2019 Councilor Hadley seconded the motion to have Interim City Administrator to negotiate the ending of Mike Hansen LLC contract. The council then sits eerily silent when Mayor Holston asks for discussion. The Mayor then begins with thanking new Attorneys for answers to councils questions but goes on to expressed disappointment of her citizens saying she was disappointed by citizens response to this, that they split themselves apart with evil intent in her opinion.

The citizen response to failures has been an ongoing battle for more than a year. So it’s no wonder the citizens would become so extremely vocal and frustrated with lack of movement on the issue. Oakridge City Council already had one Attorney group look at the issue, and waited again to hear from new Attorney Group Leahy Cox.

The frustration only continued when the LLC in control of the Fire Department let go of 15% of it’s highly trained volunteers with good certifications. Almost an unprecedented move since all Oregon small towns suffer from lack of volunteers. wrote an article about another Oregon town that suffered a huge loss of Fire Department volunteers that almost mimicked the exact statements from former Oakridge Fire volunteers like “toxic work environment, badmouthing of volunteers, and retribution for speaking out”. However in the Malin Department the volunteers resigned and told Malin City Council they would only return when Chief Virgil Jochim was replaced.

Oakridge  Council pulled together with only two City of Oakridge councilors voting to keep the failing system in place. Councilor Bobbie Whitney who has a brother who works for the City of Oakridge and a relative with another city employee voted nay. The second Oakridge councilor Stan Barenboim who Oakridge residents say almost never utters a word at meetings and public work sessions. One citizen noted he nodded off at recently held Council Retreat held at Oakridge Greenwaters building. This all day event was attended by citizens of Oakridge as well as City Council and Mayor.

It is no secret that citizens have been unhappy about wrongful terminations, failing to have ready EMT’s or Ambulance Service on occasions and a non working 911 call button to list few disappointing failures. The Mayor had denied to citizens that she was given, even if only verbally, a resignation from Mike Hansen LLC, if she had the opportunity to do so and did not is still unclear.

We reached out to the current Oakridge City Administrator on April 1st 2019 about Mayor Holston’s denial and she never returned our email. It is unknown if the Oakridge City Administrator or the new Attorney group Leahy Cox is aware of Mayor Holston’s actions, or the legality of them. Citizens shocked and dismayed at Mayor damaging comments of her own citizens. The evil intent citizens say comes from councilors that continue to support the failing system and risked citizens lives. Recently parents to a 18 month old child unconscious found out the hard way that no Ambulance or ready EMT’s could be found at the Oakridge Fire station even the 911 call button for emergencies was non functioning.

Even though Mayor Holston slammed the citizens as a group she still managed to vote to negotiate ending the Mike Hansen LLC contract for Fire and Ambulance Service in Oakridge. Mayor Holston breaking down to tears but also taking no responsibility as Mayor for the failing department. Mayor Holston was a councilor when the city realized the LLC was no longer not working but actually failing to perform basic duties for the City of Oakridge. Many citizens we spoke with believe the corruption still lingers at Oakridge City Hall and for the city to truly move on this is something Oakridge City Council and the CA must address.

Finding every citizen we could speak with on a busy Friday in Oakridge all of them in agreement this was the first big move to restore peace in the community but much more about safety to citizens than any other perk to this move. All saying they have been praying to bringing back terminated volunteers. Glad that councilors put citizens first, worried about the two hold outs and their intent with the City of Oakridge.

Citizens now discussing the dire financial situation facing the City of Oakridge. Naming retired citizens that still hold certifications in highly skilled fields that could volunteer time to some key paid positions to help elevate the huge financial budget burden that already loomed this small town. And hopeful to bring back the much needed non paid volunteers for the Fire Department. With highly skilled and certified volunteers picking up normally paid positions they might actually be able to pull it off without bankruptcy.

A haven for weekend tourist I myself am now drawn here. From the full lakes and outdoor paradise to the food I see so many positive things about Oakridge including the citizens. A diverse group of passionate people wanting the very best safe place to retire, work, raise families, do art, etc.. I see a city that needs a leap of faith. This move does seem to have a calming effect on citizen said many patrons of Stewart’s 58 diner. As I sit here and talk with folks I definitely will come back here, as I beg my editor to do a story just on the breakfast burrito alone. It’s a must have for anyone passing through! The Locals also wanting me to include that they hold an annual Tree Planting Festival that will occur this year May 3rd – May 5th so everyone can come and support this small friendly town nestled in the foothills of the Western Cascade Mountains.

Written by Marie

Three years since Finnicum’s death

Today marks the third anniversary of Lavoy Finnicum’s tragic death at the hands of law enforcement personnel.  Lavoy who was a “spokesman” for the people occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, was stopped at approximately 4:30 p.m. on January 26th 2016. According to the FBI, Lavoy took off from the initial stop and failed to stop for pursuing vehicles, then drove off the road prior to a roadblock where an Oregon State Trooper admitted to firing three times at Lavoy’s oncoming truck. Once the truck stopped and Lavoy exited the vehicle, two officers said they saw him reach into his coat where they had been told he carried a pistol. They each said they felt the need to use lethal force and fired, one with a pistol and one with a rifle. FBI Agent Astarita has already been acquitted of all charges concerning his lying about firing two rounds, he stated he never fired, yet one round hit the roof of the truck, and one round missed the vehicle all together. There has been no one held to account for those two rounds, and as to when and why they were actually fired. According to Oregon law enforcement training doctrine, roadblocks should never be used, “as they give the pursued person little choice.” Oregon seems to fail to cooperate with the federal enforcement during times when a Republican President is in power, when Lavoy was shot, President Obama was in power and we had a Democratic Governor, our state police cooperated with federal law enforcement, even as far as going directly against their own training doctrine. The Oregon State Police should remain true to Oregon and not to partisan politics, unfortunately the Superintendent of the Oregon State Police is appointed by the Governor and as such could be beholding. Lavoy was speaking out against the ever increasing federalization of public lands, the ever increasing presence and control of public lands by the federal government, and according to his family, he was killed for it. So whichever side of the fence you fall on this issue, one thing is for sure, is that this tragedy and will likely shape events in Oregon for many years to come. 

Written by Marie

Oregon Washington Measles outbreak

More than 30 cases of measles have been reported throughout Oregon and Washington. Measles can be caught through the air and is listed as one of the more contagious diseases out there by the CDC. Unvaccinated youth are listed as the primary cause of this outbreak, with a reported 76% of kindergarten kids in the 2017-2018 school year showing to have been vaccinated against the extremely rare disease. With tuberculosis and hepatitis on the rise, we have to ask ourselves where this is coming from. Is it a combination of failing to vaccinate and uncontrolled illegal unvetted illegal immigration? 

 The CDC has technical instructions for medical examination of prospective immigrants in their home countries before they are permitted to enter the U.S. They should be checked for infectious diseases such as TB, hepatitis, polio, mumps, HIV, malaria, and measles. Testing also for syphilis, gonorrhea and other STD’s. This is not done when people just stroll across the southern border, then claim sanctuary in states where immigration status enforcement is either illegal or not a priority. This compiled with our apparent aversion fo vaccination is a deadly combination. 

Written by Charles C.