Nancy Pelosi blocks Conservative media on Facebook violating the Constitution.

Blocks Conservative voices

Pointing out when Nancy lies to the public in social media posts gets the Politician to block comments even likes. Stifling Conservative voices is a typical Democrat go to.

However, it is illegal for Public Officials to block anyone on their social media, this includes Politicians like Nancy Pelosi. Read this article ACLU on social media and public officials.

Nancy is always outspoken when she feels Trump violates the Constitution, then does just that! When a public official blocks critics from the page because of their viewpoints, she violates the Constitution. Indeed, the right to criticize the government is at the heart of the First Amendment.

The court specifically recognized blocking as infringing on that right, noting that blocking someone in order to silence criticism of government work is itself evidence of government action.

So why are you denying us protection of the Constitution Nancy?

Written by Marie

Pelosi planning a Government Coup?

Nancy looking worried

Nancy Pelosi hosted a GodMother Facebook live where each of her guest misrepresented public information defaming the President. All this on the heels of independent polls showing Trump ahead by several points. Moments later Nancy Pelosi announces that she wants a commission to evaluate mental health of President which some are calling a coup. Frightened of a Trump victory in a month time Democrat Nancy Pelosi exceedingly desperate to scare voters and control the Government right now.

Democrats hoping that eluding to a deficit the American public could second guess a Trump Pence vote. Media outlets reporting on Factchecking the Vice Presidential debate showing Kamala Biden history of saying they wish to ban fracking damaged the reputation of Kamala who claims to be an open book. Polls have been showing a decline for Biden Kamala since debate aired.

Hillary Clinton also had a clear lead over Trump in the polls for almost the entire 2016 campaign. She ended up losing in the electoral college. Absolutely none of the polls showed Trump ahead. This information was completely disregarded in 2016 and has to be looming in the minds of the Biden 2020 Campaign. Polls and their inaccuracy is widely disputed, but Trump victory in 2016 was a complete shock to Democrats and Liberals, virtually none seen it coming. Is the same thing happening again? The Democrats actually ridiculed Ann Coulter and laughed when she predicted a Trump win. But, she was spot on.

Is this a desperate attempt to create a coup or desperation because every attempt they make like impeachment has miserably failed?

Written by Marie

Hypocrite Pelosi displays the “Do as I say and not as I do” attitude.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi goes to salon to get her hair done and claims she didn’t know it violated anything and was trusting the hair dresser. Her State has issued fines for the same exact same thing, and even having a salon open.

Typical Democrat style but she flipped the narrative on the salon saying “The salon owe’s me and apology.” and “It was clearly a setup,” she said. “I take responsibility for falling for a setup by a neighborhood salon I’ve gone to for many years.” Same flip in narrative they use daily on Trump.

Nancy is not alleviated of guilt because of her claims. She is still required to know her own States mandates regarding this crisis during a Pandemic that she has been so vocal about. She should receive the same discipline. She is so critical of Trump not wearing a mask and then she is caught in the video the only one without a mask.

“I just had my hair washed. I don’t wear a mask when I’m washing my hair. Do you wear a mask when you’re washing your hair?” Pelosi said. “And that picture is when I just came out of the bowl.” Oh Nancy the rest of America is following their State Ordinance and not getting a salon wash at all!

Hypocrisy and entitlement are ever so clear with career Politician Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is seen in the video at eSalon without a mask, Stylist has a mask and her personal assistant has a mask. Must be nice to be above the law. Must be nice to do what others are told not to do by YOU, Nancy.

The eSalon’s owner, Erica Kious, denied Pelosi’s claim. She said that her salon has been closed for months because of the pandemic and that she found Pelosi’s remarks “hurtful.” Salon owners rent out space or chairs to Stylist with own clientele. Across America Salon owners have been jailed, and or fined for doing what Nancy and her stylist did. So where is the justice? America knows Erica, we know her lies, we know the Democrat way. It is the reason for the Red Wave The Silent majority Red Kingdom.

Written by Marie

Pelosi says Joe should not debate leading to speculation his cognitive ability is continuing to diminish.

As politicians get closer to election day they spend many days preparing for interviews political ads and most of their prep is devoted to debates. Many tireless hours working on how best to address hard hitting questions with sometimes a panel of professionals who’s job it is to best work out the kinks that may arise during a debate. Intentionally polishing the politician. This isn’t new to Joe Biden former VP of Obama. Politicians must be on top of their mental abilities to do well under stressful pressure and someone with diminished capacity would fail miserably. Many believe that the Democrats have discussed it and are trying to slowly announce they wish their candidate NOT debate at all.

Nancy’s statements about Biden not debating include Trump could use Biden to belittle himself. Americans who this year however are watching a steadily decline of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. Many leftist media outlets have been using the term “gaffe” it’s meaning is: an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder. As America watches Joe Biden speak it is clearly confusion leading many hinting he may have Dementia.

His words to not seem unintentional. In fact many of his labeled “Gaffe’s” include him saying the same phrase over and over “I shouldn’t say this, but …” then rambling incoherent nonsense. His infamous “I got hairy legs” or “We can only re elect Donald Trump” or “I’m Joe Biden’s Husband Joe Biden” or not knowing his own location are hilariously used by the right as just a few examples of a very confused Biden. Videos show that these declining memory moments actually started with him as VP.

Sometimes however his labeled “giffe’s” are really thought out and very offensive such as his You ain’t blackcomments over any Black American voting for Trump. His offensive “Unlike Blacks Hispanics” His racist comments started while he was VP as well. Don’t forget his 7-11 comments about Indians. “Poor kids are just as talented as white kids” Joe Biden.

Like me, many Americans believe these are not gaffe’s but sometimes as his memory declines he lets racist remarks slip, unknowingly giving ammunition or as Nancy Pelosi calls it “Belittle” to the right. Shouldn’t someone call him out on this?

Americans have yet to really hear what Biden Campaign is really running on. Raising taxes is literally the only thing we know about Biden. Many believe the extremists of the Democrats are calling the shots for Biden. People are calling it “blunders or giffe” but it is only one thing mental decline and its really frightening that this is the Democrats best candidate.

I am going to predict only 3% of American Votes will go to Biden in the 2020 Election leading us to a Victory for Trump 2020. If you don’t think so then your a lying dog faced pony soldier ~ Joe Biden

Written by Marie

Impeachment of Trump Likely but not Popular

With leftist agenda pushing Mainstream Media impeachment looks likely

With the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announcing the articles of impeachment to be drawn up without so much as a shred of evidence put before the House Judiciary Committee, it looks like impeachment of President Trump is likely as a railroad job ensues, President Trump seems as usual un-phased by this in a tweet he said let’s get this to the Senate and get it over with.

President Trump did win more than 30 of the districts held by Democrats in the House in the 2016 election, and each one of them knows who they are. They all know that if they vote to impeach they will likely face a tough re-election bid. We have to also note that any of them voting against impeachment will face a stiff even more leftist challenger with money and likely the party line endorsement behind them. Even so, I have a feeling we will see a few cross lines and vote against impeachment, even the most moderate Republicans condemn the impeachment and at least three Democrats have wavered in the face of this political stunt.

With the House Judiciary calling forward four legal scholars of which only three said impeachment should go forward, which in a court of law would be reasonable doubt. All of the three that said the impeachment should be conducted were hardcore leftist and some had even contributed money to political campaigns of progressive candidates. The house Judiciary Committee nor the House Intelligence Committee did not hear from a single minority witness. Basically, no defense was allowed by the majority party, a sham which is pushed by mainstream media who are giddy as schoolgirls on the first day of school. With less than 25% of the American public wanting impeachment, it seems like another terrible idea in a long list of terrible Democrat ideas.

It will take 218 votes to impeach the President, and assuming all of the Republicans vote against impeachment, The Washington Post tallied the votes as they stand right now at 199 Democrats for impeachment, 1 Independent for it, and no Republicans, meaning that the Democrats will need to get 18 more Democrats to vote along impeachment, it looks likely but not yet a sure thing.

Written by Stephan Ball

Why Nancy Pelosi’s negative comments will cost any Democrat the 2020 Election

Nancy Pelosi has emboldened herself as Judge Jury and Executioner and it will cost the Democrats. Comments like the Trump family should have an intervention, and she worries for the well being of the President while also attacking him and pushing for impeachment.

What is confusing to most on the fence voters is why she would worry about him while also attacking his character. The American public feels like its a strategic strategy to break the people on the fence about which way they will vote. The Democrat strategy is to make comments that the President is less than because in their opinion has some emotional or mental struggles. The sad part is people 1 out of 6 Americans do suffer from some sort of mental illness and having an unskilled uneducated Pelosi diagnosing and then ridiculing the President does not sit well with millions of Americans.

“It’s not a joke and its not funny” say Independent voters. “It’s exactly what the Democrats accused Trump of doing making fun of handicap people, if that is in fact what he did, we now have to question what Democrats want us to feel.”

Many voters polled said they believe the hate that is coming from top Democrats will cost the 2020 Elections.

Written by Sheamus

America waits 3 weeks for Some sort of compromise

President Trump announced that there would be a temporary reprieve from the shutdown of the government as the Democrats and Republicans seem to try to come to an agreement over immigration and providing funding for the President’s cornerstone campaign promise, building a wall along the southern border of the United States. House Speaker Pelosi appeared to be gloating, saying that she had said there was going to be no wall, and there is no wall. While she affirmed the creation of a subcommittee to work over the next few weeks to come to an agreement both sides could live with. She really may have no choice though, according to President Trump who said if there is not agreement in the next few weeks, he may shut the government down again, or may use the powers afforded him under the Constitution and declare a national emergency, allowing him to build the wall with forces from the United States Military, using funds from the Department of Defense. 

Written by Charles

Trump closes gap with Democrats and extends DACA build the wall

Trump gave concessions on DACA in his speech from the White House today, offering more protections for the “Dreamers” if he can get funding for the wall. Stating the illegal immigration is at an epidemic level, with the government at it’s 29th day of being partially shutdown. 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed or working without pay as President Trump stands his ground on this issue. Nancy Pelosi stated the offer was not reasonable. Other sources say the offer would likely not pass the Senate. With Illegal immigration at an unprecedented level, and detention centers filled to overflowing, one this is clear; our immigration system is broken. With neither side budging at all, it appears we are in for a long wait, the winter could be cold for those employees who are without pay. Senator Dick Durbin (D) Illinois wants to start the government again then talk about the issues at hand. With illegal immigration costing 150 billion dollars a year, and a wall threatening to cut illegals crossings by up to 90%, it seems logical to fund the wall. Wall funding was approved in past on multiple occasions, the last time was in 2013. With more than 35,000 homeless persons just in California alone, it would seem we need to take care of our domestic issues before letting more people cross unvetted into our country. The total homeless population of the United States is around 114,000 with California having the vast majority. With the average education level of of the illegal immigrant being at just sixth grade. With the lack of education and a skilled labor force it could send the homeless number much higher, or reduce the number of jobs available to those who already have a hard time finding labor ready jobs, which are almost always the only jobs those with limited education levels can get. Conservative voices are all for immigration on a merit based system, bringing the educated, healthy, and those without a criminal background to our country to fill the places of the more than 250,000 visas extended each year. With illegal immigration, it is like line jumping, imagine waiting 20 minutes in like at Starbucks, and then at the last second the person walking through the door gets to order before you, because they want to avoid the line, except the line is the law and it is being broken, with many liberal havens giving haven to illegals through the guise of sanctuary cities. 

Written by Marie