Texas Files Suit Directly to Supreme Court

The State of Texas believes that the election has been stolen and is suing other states to stop the electoral process.

The State of Texas has filed suit directly with the Supreme Court of the United States that Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are in violation of the Electors Clause, vesting the legislatures with the authority regarding the appointment of electors. What Texas is saying is that all of the aforementioned states have failed to identify the fraud taking place in each of their states and rectify it themselves. Texas is asking for the Supreme Court of the United States to rectify this and force the states to answer for obvious and blatant voter fraud.

With each of the states involved using Dominion Voting machines, and Texas having shown that Dominion machines and can be easily hacked, programmed with ratio vote totals or even completely fraudulent vote totals. Texas is asking that the legislatures be forced to seat electors suited to each states legislature. They are also seeking redress on Dominion Voting, possibly forcing all Dominion counted votes in these states to be tossed out, again forcing the legislatures to seat electors in favor of the their legislatures again.

If successful this would bypass the electoral college and force the house into a state by state vote for the President, in which Donald Trump would be elected 26 to 23 under the 12th amendment, to serve his second term. The lawsuit is not considered a longshot, it is one of many avenues taken by those who believe the election fraud evidence which so many of us have seen during the testimonies given before the various hearings.

Written by Stephan Ball

Ginsburg Dead, as Democrats Threaten to “Burn it Down”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's dying wish: Not to have Donald Trump choose  replacement
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, dead at 87.

With the death of United States Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg Democrats across the country have threatened to “burn it down” if Trump tries to fill the vacancy before the election, even though Ginsburg said in 2016 that a President does not stop being a President in their last year in office. Reportedly, her Granddaughter has come forward that she had a last wish of not wanting to be replaced by Trump. So tensions are high, perhaps higher than they were in 2016 when Antonin Scalia died and Barrack Obama wanted to put a justice on the Supreme Court and was denied by a Republican Majority Senate until after the election, whereas Neil Gorsuch was appointed by Trump.

Democrats lose badly, and in this they have not done well, meltdowns of epic proportion are seen throughout Twitter, and Instagram, where people are calling for war, and to burn down the Supreme Court if Trump appoints a judge before the election. With Trump having already put forth a list of potential nominees of which Senators Ted Cruz, and Tom Cotton are members of, he has attracted the ire of many liberal leaders. Liberals are insisting that a liberal be nominated to replace Ginsburg, as she was seen as one of the most liberal judges on the court.

Ruth Ginsburg’s work on the bench was by liberal standards exemplary, she stood for LGBQT rights, and was pro-abortion, she was not viewed as a constitutional scholar but as a pioneer of progressive views. While her views were controversial, she was respected by both sides of the political spectrum for her service and her accomplishments.

Democrat Joe Biden has not put forward a list of potential picks as of yet, but one will be expected soon. With his campaign failing on the law and order front, and many seeing him as supporting riots across the country he will want to pick a law and order candidate to try and pull some of his base back after they have left in disgust over the support of the rioting and defunding of the police.

When President Trump was informed of Ginsburg’s passing he was very compassionate and said that she was a great jurist and she will be missed. Trump was very presidential and it was outstanding to see compassion and grace from a man who is seen by the left as having neither, proving them wrong. I have never been a fan of Ruth Ginsburgs, however I do respect her service and he selfless sacrifice toward her goals, she was one tough human, and I have to give her credit.

Written by Stephan Ball