People finally had enough of Facebook?

Published on 11/13/2020 @ 2:20pm PST

After a large group of Republican Campaign workers across the Nation had their Facebook Profiles completely deleted people started calling for a Facebook Exit. These workers without violating any standards or warning on November 4th, 2020 had been essentially locked out of showing support and having any freedom of speech. This many Political Annalists are calling an attempt to silence the voices of Conservatives about the Corruption in the 2020 election and in defense of Donald Trump. This blackout of Republican Campaign workers shows that Facebook very much a part of a coordinated coupe to take over the Government of the United States. Facebook and Twitter use Fact Checkers that they own and control to moderate what content they will allow but it is solely focused on Conservatives. Very few incidents of Liberals and Democrats being censored is not going unnoticed.

If they can moderate the major News Media outlets and control voices being able to be heard on Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook then they can essentially control Americans minds. They control what information gets to ordinary Americans. Twitter blocking Donald Trump posts has many calling for alternatives. is the new alternative to Twitter and will not delete or censor posts by the Leader of the Free World. As crazy as that sounds it is what is happening.

The exit is happening now and People for the Freedom of Speech are asking that anyone interested switch by the end of November. is the new Facebook alternative with the ability to create Groups and Pages. Facebook will continue to profit from removing freedom of speech until people delete their Facebooks. Activity on the site brings in revenue as does advertising. Deleted Facebooks can be restored once the site agrees to stop the censorship which is disguised as Fact Checking.

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Written by Marie

Writers Rant

As a writer I produce media, I do not debate it, this is not Social Media.

It seems that when Democrats tell you that all Conservatives get along, that is not true, this year in fact; I have lost more conservative friends to unreasonable actions than I ever did liberal ones. Perhaps that is because I was closer with the conservative ones or it was because I perhaps expected more out of them. I have discovered that some conservatives feel entitled, even in the older generations that complain about the the younger Millennial generations sense of entitlements, I have lost most of my older conservative friends because they think or seem to know they have a right to debate a produced media source such as this. I just simply say, this is not social media, debate is not an option, if you do not like what I write don’t read it. This is an opinion column, I am not going to lie to you, and I even don’t always like the stuff I write, but it is things I believe people have to hear.

The social media war was was originally between the left and the right almost exclusively, but with almost all their friends gone, the next enemy is truth no matter what side they find themselves on. Some issues in my life and in which I believe are a bit left leaning and others are very right leaning, I still consider myself a conservative. I will not be slave to either sides narrative to pit each other against the other, we have no problem doing that ourselves.

Many of today’s media is filled with a bias designed to gather a response of hate and anger, when truth and compassion are the things we should be seeking. Togetherness and openness with each other, and an overall sense of well being, enforcing all of those things called ” The Bill of Rights” for each and every American, no matter your color, religion, or sexual orientation, and especially if you do not agree with them. This country was founded by men and women who did not agree with each other, but they all agreed mostly on one thing, they certainly did not want to be ruled any longer by England. I tell you, we should be thinking the same thing, but not in regards to England, but instead to corporate media, and entitled people who believe the world owes them anything.

Written by Stephan Ball