Trump Rocks the State of the Union

On the 5th of February 2019, Trump was hitting on all cylinders as he rocked the State of the Union given in front of members of both houses of congress, his cabinet, and members of the U.S. Supreme Court.

He spoke of a great need to reunite in order to accomplish, a need to work together to get things that need to be done through the quagmire. He complained of 300 plus federal nominees that languish in committees amongst the senate confirmations process.

Trump made a passionate plea for immigration reforms, for a barrier along our southern border, and for no more needless obstruction. He received standing applause from Republicans many times throughout the speech, and from a few Democrats multiple times. There was one time during the speech when he talked about empowering women, that a portion of women all dressed in white all finally stood and applauded themselves.

Trump outlined that socialism has no place in America, and was critical of it’s repeated failures wherever it has been tried throughout the world. Trump recognized three veterans from World War II, a woman who had been released from prison after receiving a pardon from President Trump after it was shown she was spending the rest of her life in prison for a non-violent drug crime President Trump went on to tout record gains in the stock market, millions of jobs created through deregulation policies, and record unemployment amongst Black, Latino, and Women in the workforce today. President Trump was calmer than he usually is in speeches more reserved, but still had that forcefulness behind his speaking as he promoted his agenda and spoke to the need to unify in order to get anything done, saying that we can resist and obstruct or we can be truly great. 

Written by Marie j