Why the Democrat push that Biden has won 2020 is so crucial.

November 10, 2020 2:55pm PST

As the world sits and watches this Election it almost surreal to the perfect end to 2020 which has been catastrophic on so many levels. The left push is felt harder and harder each day. Celebrities and Politicians (who likely are wrong) posting congratulations on social media to Joe Biden as President elect when the votes are still being counted. The Left strongly denying any fact that proof is being given to Supreme Court. This move will likely backfire Political experts say. Moving the narrative that Biden has won takes some power from the current administration. This is why we feel the Democrats and their desperate pressure to claim victory for 2020 Elections.

The Left is removing anything with NEWS in it that hints that Trump might actually win the election when votes are tabulated and votes of the deceased are finally thrown out. Supreme Court is listening to evidence Rudy Giuliani  is presenting that clearly does show that the deceased only vote Democrat and other such voter fraud. When the law in each particular State say that Ballot watchers from Democrats and Republican be allowed to watch the counting and they are not allowed it is worrisome. Some of these cases Republicans got Court Orders allowing them access when previously denied, and still they are threatened and not allowed. Whenever the law is not followed you can expect lawsuits. The precedence that this sets should even upset the Democrats but sadly it does not.

You are not hearing Celebs and Politician calling for Ballots and counting centers to be following the law but actually the opposite. As videos on social media show many of these facilities have literally NO security. The counters and other volunteers are allowed large bags and coolers. Anyone who has ever worked retail will say this is a huge “NO NO” many retail stores only allow clear bags. Why? Because retail stores are trying to cut the loss of employee theft. If you are allowed large bags and coolers you can take in or out of the facility whatever you wish with no security looking in on any of it.

Even with 40+ people deceased in some Counties voting in this Election you see the Reporters on major tv news networks saying there is no evidence of voter fraud. Yeah, crazy that a Reporter would ever suggest such ridiculous statements. Same reporters that will not report on what sick illegal activities are on Hunter Biden’s Laptop.

The Left created the “FactCheck”. They are almost all solely owned by the Left. This is how they feel they can legally censor. The censorship is at it’s max with Facebook removing the entire profiles of Republican Campaign leaders. It is an unprecedented move for Facebook and Twitter to work so hard on behalf of the Democrats. They are deleting videos that contain evidence and banning the posters. They do not want Americans to see any such evidence, knowing is knowledge. The more educated you are the more upset you become the harder they censor.

They can have true and accurate posts labeled false or partially untrue even out of context, and have you ultimately removed. Putting out one narrative to the United States public. This is done gradually and we have seen this in World History before with Communist Countries and their regimes.

This is not the only thing that the Left is pushing that happens to be Communist. The open boarders activists are also activists for free services. Unlimited free stuff like College Healthcare and Abortions. That is right the Communist leaning Democrat Party push for Planned Parenthood and unlimited free Abortions for Americans and really anyone who can show up here illegally. They do not wish to discriminate when giving out free stuff.

Anyone who breaks the law and is here qualifies, taking necessary resources from Americans where will the Government get the money from to pay for all the free Communist stuff? You, hard working Americans will be footing the bill for those who would rather take the free stuff than earn it.

We are also inundated with false information from major news networks such as CNN CNBC ABC and Fox. One of them being Biden will be the next United States President. Legal experts are saying such claims are premature. In fact it’s likely that votes may be thrown out with some of Giuliani’s evidence and the counts still being tallied could also see a Trump second term.

Will Celebrities and Politicians appologize for spreading false information? Will, Facebook and Twitter finally censor the Left posting misinformation? Will “FactCheckers” who get it wrong be held accountable in any way for misleading the American Public?

Let’s Fight Back! Let’s call out cheating when we find it. Let’s call pollsters testify before congress why they were so far off. Let’s get Voter ID to end Voter Fraud. Let’s tell Facebook and Twitter to stop censoring us. The Democrats want to steal and Election, House and Senate and have a complete Government take over the largest attempted Coupe in American History folks. It’s crucial for them to succeed, and it’s crucial we fight back.

The Left are big on fighting to take away your rights, you have to be willing to fight equally as hard to keep them.

Written by Marie