Democrats Panic to Impeach Trump

The article of impeachment charges President Trump with “incitement of insurrection,” saying he is guilty of “inciting violence against the government of the United States.”
The only candidate to thoroughly embarrass Democrats time and time again is impeached in a show of panic and weakness.

With 2020 election fraud a foregone conclusion and Republicans in to much of a disorganized state to fight it, Democrats will likely take control of the White House on January 20th. With another impeachment passed in the House of Representatives, it will now go to the Senate where hopefully common sense will take root and it will again be defeated.

I have formally joined the Patriot Party and have been sending messages to every Republican Senator and informed them that if they want the Patriot Party vote in any election from here on out they will listen to us. The power of the vote and money are the only things they listen too, while I don’t have much of the latter I have my vote and the votes of my fellow Patriots that we can use to fight back against the tyranny of bloated government, usually Democrat, but below is a list of people we need out of Washington D.C., we need to primary them in 2022, and send them into retirement.

Ten Republicans crossed party lines to vote with Democrats on impeachment, No surprise anyone that Liz Cheney WY (R) voted for impeachment, she has long hated President Trump since he started draining the swamp where she resides, she is the Daughter of former Vice President and ultimate swamp dweller Dick Cheney. Representatives Adam Kinzinger Illinois (R), Dan Newhouse and Jamie Herrera Beutler from Washington State, both Republicans, Fred Upton (R), Michigan’s longest-serving current House member, Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio (R), Tom Rice (R) of South Carolina, and the tenth and finale betrayal of President Trump came from David Valadao of California (R).

The reason the Democrats gave was that President Trump incited a riot by causing the Capital Building breach on 01/06/2021 through his words. While none of the words the President said called for a riot or to invade the building, yet they blame him because mounting evidence of election fraud has started making Democrats nervous that Trump may enact martial law until a new election could be held with in person voting.

Written by Stephan Ball

Illegal Aliens Voted in NV, Did They Vote in Oregon?

An excerpt taken from the Trump Campaign’s lawsuit in Nevada.

President Donald Trump has evidence from Nevada’s Department of Motor Vehicles that almost 4k illegal aliens voted in the 2020 election. With Nevada very much like Oregon in that illegal aliens can get driver’s licenses there. Even though Oregon voters overwhelmingly said “no” to illegals having drivers licenses, Oregon Governor Kate Brown said “yes” and using her pen (fascist witch wand), waved it and now illegals having a need can get a drivers license in Oregon.

To register to vote in Oregon you need what ? A Drivers License and Identification, to lie on the application. I cannot imagine a Democrat lying, (dripping with sarcasm,) anyone who would vote for late term murder of a baby while being or close to being born is capable of lying on a voter application or cheating in an election.

People saying they were from “Livable World” tried to sign up my then 14 year old daughter to vote in Oregon, not sure if they had a way to get around the requirements, I told them get away from us, and promptly reported it to the Oregon Department of Justice, who told me it is not against the law to recruit voters, it is against the law if the voter lies, wow! So recruiting underage voters is okay, as long as you let them lie and use fraud to sign up, Hmmmm! Seems like the organizations signing up voters should be vetting them.

Perhaps the DMV should be vetting them, wait! the DMV or Secretary of States Office changed more than 450 peoples voter registrations from Republican to Non-affiliated or worse Democrat since 2016, trusting DMV is not the answer. Well the Secretary of State is not much help, as they told me the U.S. Department of Justice in investigating the switched voter identifications, ending their comment and communications with me, again Wow! Literally nothing further on the matter.

Written by Stephan Ball

More States Join Texas at Supreme Court


South Carolina
South Dakota

All join the Texas Supreme Court Equal Protection Clause lawsuit against the corrupt states of Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. If successful this would invalidate any electors the fraudulent votes seat, but instead seat electors according to the legislatures, which in each of those states is Republican and likely would vote Trump, giving him the votes needed to be President for another four years.

Written by Stephan Ball

Texas Files Suit Directly to Supreme Court

The State of Texas believes that the election has been stolen and is suing other states to stop the electoral process.

The State of Texas has filed suit directly with the Supreme Court of the United States that Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are in violation of the Electors Clause, vesting the legislatures with the authority regarding the appointment of electors. What Texas is saying is that all of the aforementioned states have failed to identify the fraud taking place in each of their states and rectify it themselves. Texas is asking for the Supreme Court of the United States to rectify this and force the states to answer for obvious and blatant voter fraud.

With each of the states involved using Dominion Voting machines, and Texas having shown that Dominion machines and can be easily hacked, programmed with ratio vote totals or even completely fraudulent vote totals. Texas is asking that the legislatures be forced to seat electors suited to each states legislature. They are also seeking redress on Dominion Voting, possibly forcing all Dominion counted votes in these states to be tossed out, again forcing the legislatures to seat electors in favor of the their legislatures again.

If successful this would bypass the electoral college and force the house into a state by state vote for the President, in which Donald Trump would be elected 26 to 23 under the 12th amendment, to serve his second term. The lawsuit is not considered a longshot, it is one of many avenues taken by those who believe the election fraud evidence which so many of us have seen during the testimonies given before the various hearings.

Written by Stephan Ball

Democrats Caught Red Handed Cheating in Pennsylvania.

Military Information Expert: These systems allow authorized and unauthorized users to cancel ...
Retired Col. Phillip Waldron testified in front of the Pennsylvania Senate.

As Retired Army Col. Phil Waldron testified in front of the Pennsylvania Senate, telling them that he has been working on voting machine manipulation for the last two years, saying that he started when in the Beto and Cruz race in Texas and the Georgia Governor’s race two years ago showed significant anomalies. His goal was to see what had caused the anomalies and see if it was the computers themselves or voter fraud at play.

Waldron was able to show that elections in Italy, Venezuela, Singapore, and Argentina were also tainted with voter fraud using the same election computers and software, he stated that the ” US voting system is made so you can manipulate it.” Waldron went on to show a relationship between Smartmatic and Dominion voting systems and that they use similar code and similar functions throughout. He listed that during the election the systems were connected to the internet during entire time the election was going on, he said that they were connected to servers outside of the United States at the time of the election, they are easily hackable and programable from offsite.

Col. Waldron went on to say that an election storage facility was robbed and more than 30 USB drives were stolen, some of which contained encrypted software that could be used in the hacking of vote machines used in the election. He said that 1.2 million votes could have been altered in the voter machines using these techniques. Waldron went on to talk about the real catch, where “spike anomalies occurred in the election, indicating that during the anomalies which ideally if occurring naturally should swing both ways almost equally.

Waldron said that the anomalies detected in Pennsylvania could not have occurred within normal parameters as the vote totals for the anomalies were 330k votes were pre-loaded for Biden prior to any counts even being started with none indicated for President Trump, a prime indicator of fraudulent votes. When Waldron was asked about how many votes occurred in the anomaly areas during the election and who they were for, he indicated that 570,000 for Biden and 3200 for Trump. With the given mathematical problems of anomalies it is impossible for that amount to be that far apart without voter fraud.

Col. Waldron showed today without a doubt that significant voter fraud occurred in favor of Joe Biden in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. 28 States use the same voting machines as PA, we need an immediate audit of all the machines in all 28 states that used the machines, and we need immediate prosecutions of all person(s) involved in voter fraud and treason.

Written by Stephan Ball

Evidence of Fraud in 2020 Election is Extensive Despite Leftist Media.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump legal team's batch of false vote claims claims Facts Hugo Chavez Donald ...
After outlining hundreds of affiant claims of Voter Fraud in 2020, media still either too dense to understand or to corrupt to report accurately.

With President Trump’s legal team making something similar to an opening statement to the American people, the media still insists there is no evidence. Despite lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin all ongoing at the present time, media still insisting that there was no fraud in the 2020 election. Despite reports of massive voter fraud in 28 states across the country, still no voter fraud and no journalism.

Reports of massive “glitches” in the Dominion and Smartamatic voting systems, uncounted votes for Trump, Trump votes switched to Biden, huge ballot dumps the next day without any date confirmation that the votes we even cast on election day. Reported in some of the claims were that votes for Biden as rare as they are were run many times over and over to stack or stuff the ballot box as it were, an age old Democrat tactic for cheating, with as many as 100k dead people voting in this election in all 50 states, with voter signatures absent of not matching and ballots being accepted, the team of lawyers laid out their case. The media asked where the evidence was, unaware or corrupted to the fact that they had just been shown the evidence. The rest will be laid out at trial, was a telling statement from one of the team, showing that they will present to a judge and jury evidence of widespread voter fraud in at least 28 states.

Main Stream Media hates Donald Trump, they have since he took office, even Fox News is no fan of the President. With a 40% reduction in their daytime viewership people are turning off Mainstream Media and going to places like Newsmax, and One America News Network for their daily fix of what is real and what is not.

With the divide between the liberals who represent the over educated white middle class, and the rest of us growing at an alarming rate, with media in the bag for Biden, and the Patriots in the bag for Trump the divide seems to be impassable. Where do we go as a people? Is war coming? Well we as conservatives need to fight against corruption wherever we see it, and Republicans have often failed to fight when their base has wanted them too, either too afraid or filled with self preservation, happy with the scraps tossed to them from the corrupt and violent left.

We need action, we need to be standing in front of events and locking ourselves together in solidarity for issues we believe in, we don’t because we work, we toil to pay a swollen tax base system that benefits those who don’t work sometimes better than we ourselves get. Do it on the weekends, or holidays then.

We need action by Patriots, we need people that will stand at polling stations and make sure no cheating happens, we need people to run for office, people who are not politicians but that have the interest of Oregon at heart, not the interest of CaliforniaNewYorkistan at heart.

Written by Stephan Ball

Biden Campaign Advisor Accused of Texas Ballot Harvesting.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Joe-Biden-and-Kamala-Harris-820x410.jpg

In two sworn statements from a retired FBI agent and a Retired Police Officer indicate that Dallas Jones, a senior campaign official in the Biden campaign was collecting ballots from nursing homes, and homeless people and then in turn was filling the ballots and sending them in.

Witnesses to the ballot harvesting said that Jones had solicited them for their ballots with money and promises and after collecting the ballots filled them out without being the person on the ballot. Main Stream Media was silent on this matter prior to the election, the Biden campaign had no comment when we reached out for a comment.

According to the affiants there were thousands of ballots being filled out by Biden campaign staffers, these ballots were absentee and mail in ballots the group had collected and were fraudulently filling out not being the persons named on the ballot. Jones who was hired by the Biden for President campaign was arrested, the investigation into others is still pending. When this story was initially put up on Facebook it was immediately flagged and pulled off, I will see if they do the same to me. Fact checking on Facebook and Twitter has been going crazy but we are showing you the Affidavit.

Two additional men in were arrested in Southern California for ballot harvesting among homeless and illegal aliens. They have been charged and are facing more than twenty years each in prison. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday that Carlos Antonio de Bourbon Montenegro is being arraigned on 18 felony counts of voter fraud and over 10 additional felony counts for allegedly submitting more than 8,000 invalid voter registration applications on nomination papers during a bid to run for mayor of Hawthorne, California.

Written by Stephan Ball

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Corporate HQ of Dominion Raided Connected to US Election Fraud

FBI Whistleblower Dominion Software Critical Insider Threat to Elections -
The corporate HQ for Dominion is in Frankfurt Germany. It is confirmed that Dominion has been raided and software seized in connection with election fraud in the US.

Sidney Powell, a lawyer for the Trump for President Campaign has confirmed that there was a raid in Frankfurt Germany by law enforcement officials, where Dominion Software was seized and is being analyzed for irregularities.

Dominion vote tabulation services are used in 11 U.S. States for vote tabulation and storage, with the Headquarters in Frankfurt, it looks like votes in our election were sent to Frankfurt and counted there and then returned to the states in question, in direct violation of US law.

As of now Powell confirmed that major fraud has been discovered that will assure Donald Trump of a second term. Powell said that the evidence they have will come up in discovery of a courtroom proceeding, she said that this is not a “glitch” but instead shows clear fraud and election tampering. A man by the name of Lord Mark Malloch Brown is one of the owners of Dominion Voting and has a direct connection with George Soros.

Dominion has had it’s problems over the years, “Dominion “got into trouble” with several subsidiaries it used over alleged cases of fraud. One subsidiary is Smartmatic, a company “that has played a significant role in the U.S. market over the last decade,” according to a reports published by UK-based AccessWire. Litigation over Smartmatic “glitches” alleges they impacted the 2010 and 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines, raising questions of cheating and fraud. An independent review of the source codes used in the machines found multiple problems.”

We have become a third world democracy people, where elections can be stolen and given to someone we all know could not surpass Barrack Obama in total votes. Wake up and tell President Trump you support him as he fights against this corruption. We as a country stand in peril, on the precipice of losing our very freedoms.

Written by Stephan Ball

Reports of Massive Voter Fraud.

A meme created to show the lack of respect for the institution of the “Vote” that Democrats apparently have, no Voter ID, Accepting Mail in Ballots up to two days late.

With the 2020 Presidential race being likely decided in the courts, multiple reports of voter fraud have been filed in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and some say even Oregon has some irregularities.

With the Covid 19 outbreak Democrats pushed for mail in ballots in states that had never used them on a widespread scale, perhaps not enough precautions were taken, perhaps it was all part of the plan to enable the fraud. Democrats insist that votes cast up to two days after the election be counted, on election night, counting was stopped in 11 states, then mysteriously massive influxes of votes for Democrats were suddenly found. Not saying they are cheating, but it rhymes with meeting and it ain’t the word beating that is going on. Trump was the apparent winner on election night if the vote had been counted like it has in the 200 plus years of the countries existence.

With Trump receiving massive increases in votes in the latino and black communities and Joe Biden all of a sudden getting more votes than Barrack Obama did. How does a demented pedophile socialist get more votes than an accomplished academic such as Barrack Obama? Simple! cheating, no other way, districts in Wisconsin show more than one hundred percent voter turn out, how does that happen, do people vote twice or three times? Of course that is how you get over 100%.

The Supreme Court will decide this mess, I am just glad we have Trump fighting against this corruption, and if there can be some prosecutions, AG William Barr needs to get off his ass and start sending people to jail or GITMO. Treason is still punishable by death in America.

On three different sites Oregon showed disparaging reports of how many voters were registered and how many votes were cast in the election, with a 90% return rate, the highest ever, is that because it is real or because there is cheating going on? With Democrats in charge we will likely never know, they are not exactly honest.

Written by Stephan Ball.

Voters Registration for Many GOP Voters Changed, Criminally?

Oregon Lawmakers Consider Measure To Mandate Truthfulness In ...

With literally hundreds of people across Oregon complaining that their voter registration was being changed without their permissions. A few months ago, I began speaking with Republicans across Oregon and learned that many were discovering their registrations were changed to independent or non-affiliated. This can be done at the Department of Motor Vehicles, or manually requested through mail or online. There people all tell me that they never changed their voter status from GOP to NAV or Independent.

With Oregon being a closed primary state, only people of the party can choose who represents the respective parties in state and federal races. With this change, it pulls many people from being able to vote in the primary of their original choice, if done maliciously it would be a serious crime. If you believe you have been subjected to this crime report a violation to the Oregon Department of Justice at #503-378-4400.

This is so prevalent in Oregon that people created a Facebook group to support each other and report violations.

Make sure voters that you check your registrations, have your family and friends check theirs. Report any suspected criminal violations to the above number.

Written by Stephan Ball